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Nov 24
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Apple-iOS 10. What's New For iOS Developers!

At worldwide developers conference (WWDC)- San Francisco, Apple launched iOS 10. With enormous change apple brings a refreshed look to Apple Music, a redesigned Lock screen and Home screen experience for widgets, tons of iMessage features in Messages and News plus loads of new features to the platform.

This article gives an in depth overview on iOS developers perspective. Thus all iOS developers can understand the enormous changes and can start coding accordingly.  Xcode 8 is essential for building applications on iOS, 10 one also need to code making use of swift 3.

Features of iOS 10:

Mail swipe:

Now user can simply swipe mails to move them to particular folder eg. Work or personal. User need to activate "Move Message" option from setting/mail/swipe options. Mail will automatically start to ask destination folder to move particular mail.

The SiriKit :

Third party applications can use this service to help user in operations to be managed by siri

Developer is able to provide custom UI which can collaborate other information regarding the process of intent handling like time of start and complete duration of an occurring process.

Siri specifies an interactive object to link to desire information.

App Search:

With introduction of new Core Spotlight symbols, users can continue a search they began in Spotlight when they open app. This search feature is much faster than iOS 0 where APIs like web markup and NS Use Activity lets users search content by Safari and Spotlight search interfaces.

Speech Recognition

The iOS 10 is capable of supporting speech recognition; speech to text conversion app development is going to reach next level.


For all SSL/TLS connections RC4 symmetric cipher suite is disabled by default, and SSLv3 is not supported in the Secure Transports API.iOS experts recommended developers to stop using the SHA-1 and 3DES cryptographic algorithms

The SecKey API includes improvements for an asymmetric key generation. Developer should use the SecKey API instead of the deprecated Common Data Security Architecture (CDSA) APIs.

Notification enhancements:

iOS permits app which warns users about fraud caller.

Media can be attached in the form graphics like normal images, GIf's, audio and even video URLs.

The 3D touch allows users to expand their view thus it being in detail and larger than usual.

Notification content is limited to size 4kb.

New Deprecated API's:

Cloud Kit APIs

Several Notification Classes

Map integration's:

Now map can show more information for map in the form of digital cards like reviews, menu and reservation options. With 3D touch user is able to quickly share location from map with just a push on map icon and click on send my location.

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