Case Study

Follow Your Own Wishes

Bloosh App wanted a platform that will be highly interactive to give freedom to its users. They wanted a platform that will display the profile of each user and show the details of their history and participation as well as their earnings from hosting or sharing these events. The Bloosh app needs to bridge this gap and make human interaction more interesting without hassle.

The Project Execution

Prometteur App developers got started and created the app using the IONIC platform to make it easy to create both an Android and IOS version. This gives the App wider coverage to capture users on both platforms.

Participant Image
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They then created a membership directory where the admin can login to see the dashboard. The dashboard captures details like the total number of users and the detail of each user. It displayed the total number of events added as well as the invoices and transactions carried out.

The Result

A highly interactive and easy to use Bloosh App that gives users the power to host and attend events while earning in the process. The App developers also made the app lightweight and fast to meet up with a large number of users. If you want to have an app like Bloosh App created for you, then talk to us at Prometteur by booking a FREE consultation today. Our highly experienced App developers will work with you to create unique and feature-rich apps for your business. We use the latest technology to develop apps that can compete with their peers in the industry. With the majority of internet users moving to mobile getting an app for your business is definitely worth looking into if you want to expand and grow.

Beyond the Events

Various features supplement the Bloosh experience.

Create Your Own Event

Create Your Own Event

Become a Bloosh host, organize events and get paid in the process. Our system is very secure, all the hosts will be verified by our team.

Join Events Worldwide

Join Events Worldwide

Become a Bloosh participant and find the most unique parties and exclusive locations.

Become An Affiliate

Become An Affiliate

Bloosh is the perfect tool to help you and/or your company organize any event in a professional way.

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Technology stack

Have a look at the technology stack we used to create a responsive and engaging bloosh app!