Case Study


CTRL Tool is a SaaS company that sells supplier management tools. Their goal is to help businesses manage their supplies effectively with the help of a simple, flexible and user-friendly tool.

Businesses find it difficult to manage supplies effectively but with the solution CTRL Tool had it will help them stay in control and be in charge of the situation. The challenge was now how to bring that tool to live from inception to actualization.

They wanted a supplier management tool that had a central dashboard where all project related information would be displayed. It also needed to display action plans that could easily be visualized and monitored.

Finally, it had to be a system that would not only allow users to generate real-time reports but also make collaboration possible with a cloud-based solution.

The Project Execution

Our team of developers had a brief about the project and determined the best line of action for the execution. They devised a plan that was meant to deliver what the client wanted and even much more.Bespoke software was created that captured all the requirements as described by the client. It was an integrated system that does not require any software installation by users. It was built on a platform that allowed it to be readily available across all popular channels via responsive web des The tool featured an all-encompign. It was an encrypted cloud-based web application Assign dashboard that displays various information such as the progress of supply, the changes made to the timings and the milestones reached as well. An alert function was also incorporated to send out notifications on issues that required prompt attention.

The Result

CTRL Tool now has a fully functional supply management web-based application. Its feature-rich functionality makes it unique and highly reliable.

Users now have an effective platform that will help them manage supplies effectively and efficiently. The platform is easy to use and can be used to generate real-time reports to show progress or milestone covered.

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Technology stack

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