Case Study


StyleGreen is an e-Commerce business in the decoration niche that brings the beauty of nature indoors for its customers. Their aim is to create a natural ambiance and reduce noise levels. With focused attention to detail, they produce tiny plants and mosses as masterpieces which can be displayed on walls, walkways, or any other location as required by the customer.

StyleGreen wanted a platform that could display a full gallery of the designs they have. They wanted to be able to showcase their products to potential customers and have them get a feel of the real picture as much as possible.

The website also needed to have a place where customers can easily add their selected designs to a shopping cart and make payment seamlessly. Bold pictures needed to be displayed to help the client imagine what the piece will look like in their own space as well. Users also needed to be able to create a profile and have access to view all previous purchases.

The Project Execution

The developers at Prometteur solution then set to work. With a detailed meeting to understand all the details that they needed to capture. A brief with the team then followed and the execution plan was created. All the requirements as stated by the client were added to the plan. A suitable theme that will have bold pictures displayed was needed for the project. The theme had an excellent gallery display to highlight the features of each piece they had. The theme used was also responsive and displayed excellently on mobile. It had all the configurations set to fit mobile perfectly.

Care was also taken to maintain the brand profile of StyleGreen while developing and adding all other details. Shopping cart integration was added to make it easy for customers to select their choice and make payment seamlessly. A form was added to enable StyleGreen to collect the emails of customers and potential customers so they can reach out to them with their newsletters or new designs. MySQL database was integrated to help with the management of the website data and this is one of the most important features every website should have. The subscription form on the website also makes it possible to collect emails and follow up can be done to keep potential customers coming back. The website was created on the Flutter platform to make it easy for further development of app versions in the future. Flutter makes it easy to migrate to either the android or iOS platform.

The Result

StyleGreen now has a beautiful and highly interactive web site that will save as their storefront 24/7. The gallery holds bold pictures of different pieces and this gives a nice layout of the designs available.

Their customers can explore, select, and easily make payment for a piece they like directly on the website.

The website is a simple yet feature-rich platform that will enhance the growth and sales at StyleGreen.

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Technology stack

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