Case Study


Fabriqueen is a France based e-Commerce website that sells jewelry and accessories for your events or decoration. Their products are suitable for different types of occasions and events. They offer their customers custom made pieces that have that traditional feel and look. Fabriqueen aims to provide an array of choices that will embellish the memories of its customers and make their events unique. The signature French style was their strong point and they needed customers to feel that.

To help them achieve this, they wanted a website that could display a large collection of the products so customers can match and mix what they like to create unique collections. As an e-Commerce platform, they also wanted to have a platform where users can signup and add items selected to their cart without losing track of their purchase.

Since they had a huge collection, for different occasions, they also wanted to be able to organize the items by category. They wanted their customers to have a real feel of the pieces to be able to decide if they like it or not without physically viewing it.

The Project Execution

The team at Prometteur solutions then got started with the project. First, a selection of the right theme was made. It had a picture display feature that presented a beautiful gallery for customers to view. The product images are stored in different categories depending on event type or occasion for easy navigation. A shopping cart was integrated to make payment after the selection of items easy for customers. The shopping cart is a secured platform that gives customers peace of mind as they check out with their card or sensitive information.

A section to capture the need of customers who haven't found what they want was also added and called wishlist. This is to enable Fabriqueen to determine the new line of products to add to their new products for customers. The theme used was responsive to enable the website display correctly when viewed on mobile. The rendering on mobile was checked to ensure that all the details and proportions were well aligned. This feature is important as research has shown that a majority of buyers make their purchase via their mobile devices. Since the website has a huge collection and data, the latest version of the MySQL database was installed to cater for that. This was also crucial to support the future growth of the website and data volume as they expand.

The Result

Fabriqueen now has an online presence with a website that can display the array of products available.

Customers can now mix and match suitable designs and accessories for their special occasions without stress. They also get to log in and follow up on their order or previous purchases.

Our team of developers at Prometteur used the latest technology to make this happen. They tested everything to make sure that there were no glitches before handing over to the client.

We also offer ongoing support even after project delivery so you can rest assured that we will stand by you from project idea to delivery and beyond.

Whether you want an e-commerce solution or something different in another niche or industry, we can handle it.

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Technology stack

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