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The Homeless Plus Association is a non-profit but recognized general interest. The organization was created in order to assist as many homeless individuals as possible. And to this end, the Homeless Plus app 1.0 was developed. This free mobile application allows the geolocation of homeless persons so that they can receive help directly.

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About Homeless Plus

The principle behind the goal is to get closer to a homeless individual and geolocate them with their consent. This enables those in that individual's surroundings – including the traders, the associations and even the community – to support the person. But there was a need to help many more people and the Homeless Plus 1.0 could not handle the workload. Therefore, it became imperative to build a Homeless Plus 2.0 i.e. version 2. Our team of developers captured the requirement needed and evaluated the project to understand fully what needs to be done. The project was then assigned to Prometteur Solutions after many deliberations. And when the association shared what they had in mind and their expectations for the second version of the app, Prometteur Solutions focused on the task.

The Project Execution

The goal was to develop a mobile application that will handle the workload of the Homeless Plus association And since users of the mobile app would likely use two of the most popular platforms, i.e. Android and IOS we decided that a hybrid app will be the solution And our mobile app development team is versatile with every framework for mobile app development. The top 5 frameworks for building hybrid mobile apps include Xamarin, React Native, Adobe PhoneGap, Ionic and Sencha.
Our mobile app development team picked one of these frameworks to build a custom Homeless Plus mobile application, Version 2.0. Since it was meant to be free and used by mostly non-techies, our mobile app development team made the Homeless Plus app very user-friendly. After developing the mobile app, our Quality Assurance team ran multiple tests to ensure the absence of bugs or glitches. The entire project took a few days of intense hard work, including research, the actual development and test-running the app.

The Results

Finally, Homeless Plus 2.0 was ready and launched. Bear in mind that the aim of this second version of the app was to assist a greater number of homeless individuals. It also aims to bring together a well-knit community of carers in France and other countries. This is because the association has many more volunteers in France and abroad. The Homeless Plus 2.0 has enjoyed massive usage as it is used to assist the homeless, offer unique services, marauding circuits and creating solidarity events. It also makes visible some very handy points such as changing rooms, accommodation centers, laundries, shower, water etc. The Homeless Plus 2.0 app has been downloaded over 14,000 times from the respective app stores And the good news is that it has enabled the geolocation of more than 7,000 homeless individuals. Each of these individuals has been assisted in one way or the other in France as well as in approximately 20 different countries. Do you need a custom mobile app for your business? Members of our mobile app development team are experts at different frameworks used to build native apps, web apps and even hybrid mobile applications.

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