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Hubtosport is an app for fitness enthusiasts looking for sports-related groups to join around their vicinity. It can be lonely having to spend time exercising on your own but in the midst of like-minded people, you become more motivated to keep on.

About Hubtosport

Hubtosport aims to connect people who are interested in group sporting activities with each other. The app needed to showcase different sporting events taking place and the timing for each one. They also needed it to give exact locations for each sporting activity based on the search query of the user.

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The Project Execution

Prometteur app development experts got started with the project and created a highly interactive app using IONIC. This allowed the app to be duplicated for both Android and IOS users to reach a wider audience.
The layout was also user friendly with search integrations that allowed users to look for sporting activities that were closest to them. The app also had a feature that indicated the number of spots left for each group. The admin has a dashboard that displays the total number of enrolments and the participants for each activity and their location too.
A GPS tracker was incorporated to show live locations of available sporting events so users can see what close to them at a glance. They also get to log in to view past events or activities and give ratings based on their view.
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The Result

A beautiful Hubtosport app that was available for both Android and IOS users. An app that brings sports enthusiasts together and allows them to achieve their goals together. People looking for sport-related groups to join now have the perfect solution for their pleasure.
Prometteur has the experience and has handled so many apps in different industries in the past. If you would like to have an app developed for you as well, you can reach out for a FREE consultation to get started.
Apps have been proven to have a wider reach for business and help to increase your customer base. We’ll work with you and develop your app idea into a solution you will be proud of! Our app developers use the latest technology to create unique apps that will serve to improve your business.
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