Case Study


Customer ticketing solutions for small business


ITPRO is an innovative startup with one mission: to be the best customer ticketing solution for small businesses. However, to be the best in this field, they had to surmount some challenges. First of all, they had to tackle some issues that customers faced, including having no option to place a service request. Customers had no option to track the warranty of the products they purchased or track a request. Customers also had no dedicated channel to buy authorized sub-products for ITPRO’s services. ITPRO also needed to solve the problem of multiple follow-ups from the customers end. And so after a little research to find a suitable agency or firm to help them solve these problems, they came up with Prometteur Solutions. After laying out the challenges they had with the team at Prometteur Solutions, the stage was set.

Project Execution

At Prometteur, we analyzed our client's needs and discussed them extensively with our developers. We needed to provide a solution that ITPRO will be able to manage on their own after we are done with the project.

And we also wanted a solution that ensured ITPRO would be able to handle most of the issues with little or no assistance. Of course, our support team will always be on hand to take care of any glitches or abnormalities that may arise. So, our development team got to work, keeping the goal of ITPRO at the forefront while ensuring we solve every single one of the issues the startup had regarding their customers.

The Result

At the end of the ITPRO project, we were able to solve the problems. The project consisted of 2 applications: one for ITPRO Technicians and the other for the customers. The Customer app allows users to access subscription plans and add service requests to the purchased products providers. The mobile application allows the customer to track their product warranties. After a little deliberation, we decided to leave out the part where there would be a need for follow-up on the user’s end. We wrote the program in such a way that any customer can see each step in the app. And we also dedicated enough space for users to purchase products. On the Technician's app, the tech guys will be able to view their appointments as well as the services they are going to provide to customers. They also have access to a highly dedicated Admin panel for service providers to see and conveniently manage every service request from ITPRO’s numerous clients. The ITPRO app was launched on Google Play Store and the reviews that pour in are astounding. Every user of the ITPRO app has left nothing less than 5 stars with glowing reviews. If you are looking for a custom solution to your IT issues or the development of custom software or mobile application, feel free to get in touch with our support team.


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