Case Study

Lisungui Pharma


Lisungui Pharma is a Mobile App which help people to get information about: - Pharmacies on duty - Availability of medicines In pharmacies - Prices of medicines and order - Health tips - Treatment Monitoring


In Africa,whether you after consultation or if you are hospitalized, you must buy your medicines yourself in pharmacies in the city. Hospitals (Except some private clinics) never give medication to patients, hospital's pharmacies are empty. This system of being obliged to look for medicines oneself in pharmacies is the cause of death for many people. So with our application, we first want to facilitate access to pharmaceutical medicines.


The fonts were chosen with an eye to readability and classic elegance. The typefaces complement each other while providing a clear visual hierarchy.

For customers

1. Easy registrations

2. Look for nearby pharmacies

3. Search for medicine and place order

4. Get updates on orders

5. Monitor and track the medicines intake

6. Send prescription photo to pharmacy

7. Get health tips

Project screens for Pharmacy

1. Easy login for pharmacy

2. Dedicated dashboard to see new orders

3. Easy option to add pharmacy details

4. Option to see new requests accept and reject them

5. Option to maintain medicine inventory