Case Study


RaisePronos is a sports betting advice and analysis website that gives out daily forecasts that are safe to follow. The website is run under professional management and a versatile team of sports betting experts.

Punters or bettors can get free and premium tips every single day as released from some of the best tipsters on the platform. However, they had a problem they needed a simple mobile application that will put this exclusive service in the hands of millions of sports enthusiasts around the world And they reached out to the 1 mobile app development firm that could create a unique mobile application that will run on IOS and Android platforms Prometteur. Raise Pronos needed the mobile app so that users will have access to the betting platform on-the-go. They believe that if the mobile app is in the hands of enough users, it will significantly reduce the amount of money that punters lose every week when they bet on their favorite pastimes such as horse racing, Premier League football, dog races and others. This implies that users or bettors will be able to make informed decisions when placing bets and since they can get free and premium advice from sports experts, they will place more bets with peace of mind and record more wins, week in, week out.

The Project Execution

At Prometteur, we analyzed the needs of the client and our mobile app developers got to work. It took a few weeks, but we came up with a well-tested and intuitive mobile app for Raise Pronos. The eye-catching app was built using a combination of the latest mobile app development technologies. It runs smoothly on both IOS and Android platforms and it is one of the most user-friendly mobile apps today. Our Quality Assurance specialists ran several tests to ensure no glitches will be encountered And our professionals are always on hand to fix any bugs that may be experienced by users.

The Result

When deployed, bettors can conveniently download and install the app on their tablets and smartphones. If such users are already registered on the official website, they can enter their login details on the app and gain access to their personal accounts.

First-time users may register via the mobile app and log in to the platform. They can go through the free information shared on the platform by experts.

And if they need more premium information, users can make payment via the several payment options provided within the mobile app. All payment options are certified safe and cannot be hacked, meaning that no one will have access to users banking details.

The interface of the RaisePronos mobile app is intuitive and user-friendly. Punters can navigate from one sports category to another within a split second and there is a community where users can share their thoughts, leave feedback or rub minds as regards the latest games with the most promising wins every day, even on weekends.

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