Case Study


RBN Africa is an organization that offers freight forwarders the unique opportunity to boost their visibility with prospective customers. The primary focus of the company is on freight forwarders with the smallest specialists in groupage.


The mission of this brand is to provide secure, flexible as well as tracked transport solutions at an affordable price. This includes the ability to handle customs clearance internally on the internet efficiently. Moreover, the organization aims to introduce the best practices within the Transport Sector that connects Italy with West Africa and also facilitate access to multiple shipping channels. This is a service that promises to be helpful and highly lucrative and these potentials led RBN Africa to reach out to Prometteur; the platform wanted Prometteur to create a mobile application. This will enable the platform to reach out even more to freight forwarders and help them to increase their visibility with new customers. The mobile app will be available at all times and deployed by users for secure and flexible tracking of transport solutions.

The Project Execution

Prometteur took on this challenge as it has always done with other projects. We understood that RBN Africa offered maritime, road and air transport with just a few steps, including online payment. We knew the custom mobile app was also going to be used for processing proprietary online custom duty processes as well as a wide range of other services such as Home Collection, Home Delivery and Insurance. We had to find a way to incorporate all these into the mobile app yet light enough to be easily downloaded and installed. Our team of mobile app developers took on this project after determining RBN Africa's most critical business goals and has elicited their expectations and constraints. We conducted a business analysis and carried out architecture and UI/UX research. We built a product roadmap, created the product development backlog as well as carried out the initial setup of the entire communication and development processes.

Then, we implemented the design and architecture plans prepared previously while testing every piece of code. Our project manager was always on hand, ensuring that we meet deadlines and budget constraints as well as managing routines and much more And a fully customized RBN Africa mobile app was developed within a few weeks. We delivered the software iteratively, ensuring we stuck to the plan while providing regular feedback on how the development went. We also made backups of the stable version of the product and checked to make sure all servers are working efficiently and correctly.

The Result

The RBN Africa mobile app performed as expected. Although our development team is always on standby to stabilize or improve the app after it went live, the RBN Africa mobile app had very few glitches or bugs.

Users of the RBN Africa mobile app have access to the services provided by this innovative brand at their fingertips and on-the-go. They can search for the most fitting shipping service, provide the required details and purchase the service online using the highly secured payment options and checkout process.

Users can even print shipping documents, cancel or modify orders, track deliveries until they collect their packages.

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Technology stack

Have a look at the technology stack we used to create a responsive and engaging RBN app solution!