Case Study


Admin features in the web application

1. Admin control panel

An Admin can log into the app using the web. Allowing both the Super admin and sub-admin to easily manage.

2. Manage access control

The admin can have complete control over an online ordering system. Also, can enable and disable access certain access to the vendors.

3. Cuisines & Ingredients

You can easily manage cuisines and ingredients type from admin back end. Also, can keep track of each item.

4. Manage category

Admin can effectively manage the category and its sub-categories. You can filter out based on its availability.

5. Manage vendor

New vendors can be added to from the admin back end, as well as the vendor's item, orders, payments all can be managed.

6. Manage customers

Admin can effectively manage the orders of particular customers and get updates on their deliveries.

7. CMS & Activity log

Manage your complete online food ordering page with back-end CMS and also can keep track of the complete activity log.

8. General setting

SMTP info, site info, contact inquiry, banner, FAQ, currency, vouchers, manage address, newsletters can be managed.

Restaurant features in web and mobile application

1. Manage item

Vendors can update new items in vendor back end by adding and editing item description along with the picture uploaded.

2. Manage ingredients type

Vendors can easily manage ingredient type and list from the vendor back end. Ingredients can be filtered based on the availability.

3. Manage payments

Any options can be presented to the customer to pay cash-on-delivery, or through cards, or through payment gateways.

4. Manage orders

Vendors can effectively manage the orders of particular customers and make updates on their deliveries.

5. Manage reviews

The reviews and feedback given by customers can be managed, as well as necessary action will be taken upon by the restaurant's manager.

6. Assign delivery staff

Vendors can assign the task to delivery staff and can keep track of delivery status in real time from anywhere.

Customer features in web and mobile application

1. Customer sign up

Customers can signup using both the web and mobile app. He can maintain a user profile with the address.

2. Choose delivery type

The customer can choose their delivery type either pickup or delivery or both, along with the date, time and menu list.

3. Search restaurant

The customer can choose the location and look for nearby restaurants within the locality, providing a user-friendly interface.

4. Filter option

Our ordering application allows your customer to filter the order list based on the cuisine type, distance and price value.

5. Sort by

Your customers can easily sort out the order list based on the popularity of the menu, reviews & ratings, minimum value order.

6. Payment methods

The customer can choose to pay for the ordered food either through Cash On Delivery or through the use of debit/credit cards.

7. Notification

Your customer gets notified with Email or SMS notification on confirmation of every order status.

8. My orders

The past orders can be viewed, as well as can relook on the current selection, before making it final.

9. Reviews / Favourites

Your customer can write reviews and provide ratings for any restaurant. Also, they can mark favourites as a bookmark.

Delivery app features in the mobile application

1. Delivery app login

The delivery staff can log in with his respective username through his mobile device to check out that day's assigned orders.

2. Assigned orders

The delivery staff can view the respective orders that have been assigned to him with location & time.

3. My profile

The delivery staff can create a profile listing contact details as well as personal information including the name.

4. Order info

Delivery staff can view the order information, including the customer's name, ordered dish and the location.

5. Driver location

The current location of all delivery staff can be established through this feature to see who is closest.

6. Customer review

The reviews and feedback given by customers can be managed, as well as necessary action will be taken upon for quality service.

Mobile app screens