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We specialize in software development for agricultural and technology companies, with dedicated development teams creating software for agricultural ERP systems and more.

Information technology (IT) has revolutionized various facets of human activity, addressing a wide range of societal needs. Its impact on the agricultural sector has been notably positive. Here are a few notable effects to mention:

Improved decision-making

Better planning

Community involvement

Agricultural breakthroughs

Agriculture for everyone

What we have for Agriculture sector?

Agriculture is a rapidly evolving sector in the modern era. This primary sector of the economy is enhancing productivity and efficiency through the use of technology. It is estimated that the continuously growing global population will reach 9 billion by 2050. The demand for agricultural goods is substantial to meet this increasing need, but it is challenging to achieve this with limited arable land.

Information technology plays a pivotal role in the global development of the agriculture industry. IT applications are evident in both agricultural management and cultivation. Farmers are increasingly adopting ERP systems for resource management and forecasting, with these systems proving to be crucial pillars in crop planning and decision-making. Prometteur has developed a comprehensive greenhouse management system designed to oversee every activity within greenhouses. Our greenhouse ERP is widely embraced by greenhouse owners in India and abroad, offering an extensive array of reports to benefit farmers.

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The most famous modules from Greenhouse ERP are


Crop Management


Crop Cycle


Land Management


Disease Management




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