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Prometteur SolutionsTechnologies provides adaptable software and hardware services that can work in any setting. Our IoT Services for Industries are robust, cost-effective, and easy to implement. As a result, enterprise and consumer are being used by businesses of all sizes to boost productivity, get real-time insights from connected assets, save costs, and drive innovation via new business models.

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Our Internet of Things Consulting Services

Whether you are just starting your IoT journey or are well on your way, our IoT experts can assist you in making the most of
new technical possibilities and aligning them with your company plan.

Planning a strategy for high-value IoT adoption

  • Research on the target demographic, including interviews, personalities, and user stories.
  • Creating a wireframe and a prototype.
  • Usability testing.
  • Putting together a user interface kit that reflects the character of your brand.
  • Establishing a webshop

Prototyping IoT solutions

  • Finding the causes of inefficiencies that you have seen and that we have discovered throughout our analysis.
  • We provide the most compelling value case for IoT adoption.
  • Investigating your company setting, operations, and organizational structure extensively.
  • Investigating your company setting, operations, and organizational structure extensively.
  • Outlining a prospective IoT-enabled solution and explaining its usefulness in your unique company context.
  • Prototyping IoT solutions.

Hardware preparation

  • We assist you in selecting trustworthy technicians for hardware IoT components.
  • Identifying and organizing hardware needs while considering the use case and many environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, light, vibration, and so on.
  • Compiling a list of hardware to purchase based on the requirements specification.

Automation of data processing

  • Establishing large data governance protocols (big data filtering, quality assurance, security, etc.).
  • Making machine learning models
  • We automate the whole data collection, filtering, and analysis process from smart devices.
  • Developing a large data solution.
  • Data insights are shown in pre-defined dashboards.

IoT project management

  • We develop a realistic picture of the project's scope.
  • Estimating project duration and cost.
  • Identifying the skills and expertise required for project execution.
  • Identifying potential project hazards (budget changes, emergency expansion of the project scope, resistance in team adoption of new processes, more).
  • Developing a data security plan

IoT development throughout the lifecycle

  • Constructing an IoT gateway to transfer gathered data to a data storage location.
  • Creating a data storage facility
  • Creating algorithms to convey instructions to actuators in control applications.
  • Creating user application(s) to manage the performance of smart objects and get useful analytics findings.
  • We can manage your full Internet of Things project.
  • Installing IoT devices (sensors) to monitor the necessary conditions (of objects or environment).
  • Security auditing

Third Party Integration

A platform for integrating or connecting third-party solutions to Prometteur Solutions' IoT services and powering your company's app or online service. Platform development is one of our offerings. Creating proprietary, open-source, and customized IoT platforms Hands-on experience designing IoT apps on the HPEIoT platform is required.

Product Development

Full-stack design, development, and implementation services. Linked Products - Hands-on experience creating Embedded, Mobility, and Cloud applications IoT computing solutions - Experience designing products for industries such as Maritime, Healthcare, and Robotics.


How do you find Top IoT service providers in India?

IoT is a high-demand ability for a developer in the twenty-first century since it provides the creative power to link all gadgets digitally via the internet web service. Because of this connectedness, devices have a more remarkable ability to automate tasks remotely via seamless communication.

Finding a talented developer for your organization may be difficult since companies currently want experts with refined skill sets in IOT development. As a result, they know what talents to look for when hiring IoT developers is critical. We have provided a fantastic resource to help with the process.


What qualities should an IoT developer have? ?

IoT systems need the use of specialists who are familiar with the technology and understand what it takes to develop, install, and manage an IoT system. IoT developers should have the following abilities at the very least:

1. Deep knowledge of AI and machine learning
As activities get more complicated, AI is employed to handle them and make independent judgments. Machine learning techniques are utilized to construct intelligent appliances using data sensors. IoT developers should be able to analyze and collect large volumes of data to recognize trends and forecast consequences.

The applicant should have machine learning and enormous data management abilities to create specific predictions based on detecting data patterns. Every business needs competent Internet of Things developers who can effectively collect data from sensors and linked devices.

2. In-depth knowledge of Sensors
In practically every automated solution, sensors exchange live data with a digitally linked system. IoT developers must have a solid grasp of how sensors function and integrate into IoT-powered infrastructure. Wireless solutions, embedded systems, and appropriate functions are required for developers.

3. Understanding of JavaScript and Python
Competent programming abilities help developers to seem like experts in the industry. When recruiting experts, search for people who excel at contemporary programming languages for devices like JavaScript or Python. JavaScript is a robust web-based scripting language to create scalable and secure back-end systems. While JavaScript is device-friendly, Python assists developers in producing error-free code.

4.Cloud computing expertise
Because of the networked nature of IoT, there is often a significant volume of data to manage. This would need dependable data storage, which might be a massive barrier for developers. An effective answer to this problem is using cloud computing technologies that allow for storing large amounts of data. As a result, you should have an open mind when employing people who are well-versed in or have prior experience working on cloud computing technologies for adequate analysis-ready data storage and management solutions.

5. Knowledge of the mobile hardware environment
Because hardware is at the heart of embedded systems, developers must know how it operates and what goes on within. Candidates for hiring should be aware of the proclivity of each component linked to the internet, their responsiveness to environmental conditions, and the amount of data flowing through those devices.

7. Understanding of the UI-centric approach
The user interface's design and influence on the user experience are inextricably linked. Therefore, it is critical to be UI-focused when developing an ideal application since it provides front control for all background activities and machine-to-machine interactions.

CRM consultation
Our CRM solutions are tailored to your company's requirements and simplify customer interactions. In addition, our experienced development team guarantees that your existing CRM customization and integration with corporate systems are booming.

The user interface should be designed such that even the most inept individual can manage and trigger complex actions with only a few buttons. In addition, the user interface is supposed to be developed so that users can navigate through anything that goes wrong. As a result, one of the essential developer abilities to look for is the ability to create fluid, intuitive, and complex UI with simple call-to-actions and interactive features.


Why Should You Use Prometteur Solutions Web Development Consulting Services?

CRM Consulting knowledge
We provide our customers with the best CRM consulting and development services available. In addition, we assist in maintaining ties with existing clients and engaging new customers by improving your current CRM or developing a new unique one.

Work on behalf of the client
We guarantee strong collaboration between our consulting staff and you, the client. We are willing to organize meetings at a client's office, regardless of location.

Unleash your company's potential
Our team creates whole new prospects for our customers' companies. We take your company to the next level by using innovative technology and 17+ years of expertise to help you increase client loyalty.

Expertise, dedication, and expansion
Prometteur Solutions USA Corporation was designated one of America's fastest-growing firms by the Financial Times in 2022. Prometteur Solutions has extensive expertise in developing and delivering appealing solutions for healthcare, banking, fleet management, trading, and retail industries. We commit to each project at every level, from advising to providing 24/7 support and solution maintenance.

Product excellence and consumer satisfaction
Our consultants provide the development strategy to create a best-in-class solution that may deliver commercial success to a client's firm based on ultimately collected, recorded, and processed needs.

We are using Technologies


JavaScript is the nucleus of every modern web application. It makes it possible to create web apps with snappy response time, real-time updating content, functional animations, smooth scrolls, reuse of codes and even scalable server-side applications. We here at Techuz help you to utilize the full potential of this programming language using the latest generation of frameworks and libraries. Ever since Techuz’s inception, JavaScript development has been our core. We have an in-house team of 40+ dedicated Angular, React, Vue.js and Node.js developers who are well versed with these tools and technology. And our experience of 7+ years in leveraging MEAN/MERN stack to develop Single Page Applications, PWAs and large-scale applications is what makes us the leader in the web development space.

Welcome to CodeIgniter


PHP has been the undisputable backend programming language for the past two decades. Although the introduction of Node.js has disrupted its monopoly, it is still the ideal choice for developing web applications that require high CPU consumption, speedy development and cost-effectiveness. At Techuz we have been hitting every key of PHP’s ecosystem: Laravel, Yii, Codeigniter, Megento and WordPress. Depending on the scope, features, time and budget of the solution we utilize these frameworks for optimal results. We have been doing it all - from developing fully customized web applications using Yii, Laravel and Codeigniter to feature-rich CMS and e-commerce portals using Magento and even huge multi-page Wordpress website development.


Aesthetic designs are no more than a mere piece of images if they can’t be translated into the functional frontend. The structure of the page, header, footer, lead forms and even the the call to action button - every element of the page must manifest the decided UI/UX. And our skilled frontend designers help you to build those pixel perfect user interface.Techuz offers front-end design using HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap that complies to the needs of the modern web applications and websites. One of the things that really elevates your web solutions is that we optimize the designs for a variety of devices, OS and browsers. Starting from big screens - desktop, Macs, laptops to tablets, iPads and smartphones. This ensures that your web app or website is visually appealing and intuitive equally across all devices.

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Cloud computing is a new paradigm that is reshaping the IT infrastructure and is getting enormously popular. The reason being - it comes with baggage full of benefits. Just to name a few: low infrastructure cost, scalability, better performance and ease of use. Techuz helps you to strategically deploy or migrate your web application to the cloud that provides high performance, scalability and efficiency. The list of cloud computing service we are expert at includes - cloud migration, cloud configuration and cloud app deployment on some of the most popular cloud computing providers - AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Heroku.

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Improve Workflow And Productivity With Prometteur Solutions' Internet of Things (IoT) Services.

Prometteur Solutions' end-to-end Internet of Things services assists you in gaining a sustainable competitive edge by addressing the issues of integrating wearables, sensors, networks, cloud, and apps while maintaining security. In addition, we help you change your company via informed choices based on solid data analytics by using our industry-specific knowledge and technology capabilities in Firmware Development, Mobility, Cloud Computing, and Data Analytics.

Prometteur Solutions offers innovative IoT Services to assist businesses in establishing an effective, secure, and dependable connection with devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

The two-week no-risk trial period is intended to begin working with the developers and integrate them into the team. If you are pleased with the developers, continue to work with them and pay their wages for the first two weeks. However, you will not be charged if you are not pleased during the trial.

Prometteur Solutions provides high-quality, cost-effective, and highly productive IoT developers who are among the top remote developers worldwide. Prometteur SolutionsIoT developers are only chosen after passing rigorous examinations in which their talents are appraised for a Silicon Valley bar. Daily standups are required for all Prometteur Solutions developers to keep the developer and the client on track with the specified objective. For your convenience, all Prometteur Solutions remote IoT engineers work for at least 4 hours in your time zone.

Prometteur Solutions' automated seniority assessment exam, algorithm coding interview, and vetting procedure enable businesses to recruit remote engineers in only a few days. In addition, prometteur Solutions' Intelligent Talent Cloud connects most businesses with developers within three days.

Prometteur Solutions evaluates developers' actual abilities rather than self-reported expertise from conventional resumes or job interviews. Therefore, every Prometteur Solutions developer must pass our exams for programming languages, data structures, algorithms, system architectures, software specialization, frameworks, and other areas. In addition, each Prometteur Solutions developer must pass our automated seniority evaluation exam, which consists of 57 calibrated questions across five categories: project impact, technical quality, communication, people, and direction.

Prometteur Solutions allows you to employ the top remote developers for over 100 talents, including React, Node, Python, Angular, Swift, React Native, Android, Java, Rails, Golang, PHP, Vue, DevOps, Machine Learning, and more. Prometteur Solutions also provides developers depending on their technology stack and seniority.

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