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Prometteur Solutions is the go-to web development company where you can efficiently assemble your own development team with highly skilled IT professionals. We offer the finest resources and outsourcing services, spanning from prototype to full-scale development of desktop, mobile, or web apps, games, testing, and system administration, regardless of the project's complexity. Don't hesitate to reach out to us now!

Web Development Services

Our Web Development Services

A website is the face of a business, and if it doesn't look good, then no one will enjoy patronizing you. This is why our web development services are designed to serve as the backbone of your business. Our web development services encompass not only designing and developing a website but also maintaining and updating it. All of these involve the deployment of various technical skills, such as web design, web programming, internet marketing, and more.

Progressive Web Apps Development Services

Deliver the functionality and performance we expect from native applications to any web browser and device seamlessly, without interruption or performance lag.

Backend Development Services

Our software development experts craft robust backends to deliver scalability, integration flexibility, complex data structures, and cutting-edge security.

SaaS Apps Development Services

Our SaaS specialists will support you in creating multi-tenant, secure, and resilient SaaS solutions, enabling you to better serve your clients.

Front end Development Services

Build cutting-edge single-page online apps with the reusable, dynamic, component-driven design of React.js, Angular.js, and Vue.js.

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E-commerce Web Apps Development Services

Through Shopify, Magento, and bespoke frameworks, we aid in the development of B2B eCommerce portals and e-commerce stores that foster expansion.

Custom Web Apps Development for Enterprises

Create web-based applications, including inventory, transport, learning, and process management systems, to enhance the overall performance of your entire business.

Why Hire From Prometteur Solutions?


What exactly do you get out of hiring a web developer?

What steps can they take to make your corporate website more manageable, enhance its functionality, and ensure accessibility for all your users? Online developers, also known as software engineers or developers, design and optimize web and distributed system applications. Software engineers and developers are alternative terms for this profession.

Naturally, you have the option to hire a web developer or a team of web developers to work directly for your business. The number of web developers required will be contingent on the size of your company. You could choose to bring one of our highly skilled, reliable, and experienced website developers on board as an outsourcing web developer, given our extensive roster of web developers within our organization. Wouldn't this be a more advantageous setup for you?

Web development is imperative for any company seeking a secure, easily accessible, and highly manageable website. This enables you to allocate more attention to other aspects of running your business, underscoring its significance. For instance, should you entrust the management of your company's information technology to us, we will guarantee that you have an attractive and functional website, one that your customers will appreciate and find user-friendly.

A competent web developer for hire should possess the requisite education, training, and experience to deliver the necessary results and achieve optimal outcomes for an employer. A professional web developer should also stay current with the latest tools and industry practices in building online applications. This enables the web developer to ensure that the work performed remains aligned with the current state of the internet. Furthermore, this ensures that the customer receives a highly secure and exceptionally well-functioning website for their business.


Where can one discover web developers that are equally brilliant, knowledgeable and expert ?

Right here! Our company is your destination to secure a specialized web developer with such impressive credentials. Furthermore, we understand that this aspect may be one of your main concerns, but the rates we offer for hiring web developers are competitive. Given the work they will undertake for you and your business, the fees we charge for our web developers are reasonable, even though they may not be the cheapest investment.


When Is It Appropriate to Employ Dedicated Developers ?

When executed correctly, outsourcing the development of your software application to a team solely dedicated to software development can prove to be advantageous in several ways. A dedicated team is a streamlined outsourcing model explicitly tailored for those responsible for directly managing web developers. Nevertheless, development companies are increasingly adopting the concept of remote recruitment to expand their teams and fill any skill gaps. Their demand continues to grow as a result of the increasing number of high-growth organizations shifting to the use of specialized developer teams for building their software applications. In summary, by hiring a team of professionals, you not only gain better control but also have the flexibility to quickly scale the team up or down.

The following is a list of the numerous scenarios in which it may be beneficial to acquire the services of a group of committed developers:

  • When you strive for required capabilities in your team
  • When there are bills that need to be paid.
  • When you are unable to make efficient use of technology, When you are unable to fulfill the deadline for bringing your product to market when you are having trouble
  • projects with an inadequately defined scope
  • Maintenance of relationships throughout the long term
  • Managing long-term projects
  • There are several forthcoming projects.

We are seeking developers who have access to enterprise-level technologies and possess a high degree of expertise and dedication. Be sure to inquire about software development companies with a strong reputation.

We are using Technologies


JavaScript serves as the cornerstone of every modern web application. It enables the creation of web apps with rapid response times, real-time content updates, functional animations, seamless scrolling, code reusability, and even scalable server-side applications. At Techuz, we empower you to harness the full potential of this programming language through the latest generation of frameworks and libraries. Since our inception, JavaScript development has been at the core of our expertise. We maintain an in-house team of over 40 dedicated Angular, React, Vue.js, and Node.js developers who possess deep knowledge of these tools and technologies. With over 7 years of experience in utilizing the MEAN/MERN stack to build Single Page Applications, PWAs, and large-scale applications, we proudly lead the way in web development.

Welcome to CodeIgniter


For the past two decades, PHP has reigned as the undisputed backend programming language. Although the emergence of Node.js has disrupted its dominance, it still remains the preferred choice for developing web applications that demand high CPU utilization, rapid development, and cost-effectiveness. At Techuz, we've been well-versed in every facet of PHP's ecosystem, including Laravel, Yii, Codeigniter, Magento, and WordPress. Depending on the project's scope, features, timeline, and budget, we leverage these frameworks to deliver optimal results. Our expertise ranges from developing fully customized web applications using Yii, Laravel, and Codeigniter to creating feature-rich CMS and e-commerce platforms with Magento, and even extensive multi-page WordPress websites.


Aesthetic designs are more than just images; they need to be translated into functional frontend experiences. Every aspect of a page, from the page structure to the header, footer, lead forms, and call-to-action buttons, must reflect the agreed-upon UI/UX. Our skilled frontend designers excel at creating pixel-perfect user interfaces. Techuz provides front-end design using HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap that aligns with the demands of modern web applications and websites. What sets us apart is our commitment to optimizing designs for a variety of devices, operating systems, and browsers. Whether it's large screens like desktops and Macs, laptops, tablets, iPads, or smartphones, we ensure that your web app or website maintains its visual appeal and intuitive functionality across all devices.

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Cloud computing represents a revolutionary paradigm that is reshaping IT infrastructure and gaining immense popularity. The appeal lies in its myriad advantages, including low infrastructure costs, scalability, improved performance, and user-friendliness, to name just a few. Techuz is here to assist you in strategically deploying or migrating your web application to the cloud, ensuring high performance, scalability, and efficiency. Our expertise covers a range of cloud computing services, including cloud migration, cloud configuration, and deploying cloud applications on some of the most renowned cloud computing providers, such as AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Heroku.

Advantages of Dedicated
Web Development Team Model

The dedicated team model has gained immense popularity due to the following advantages:

Our happy clients are
our Ambassadors

Hire professional web developers who are efficient and cost-effective in developing a high-quality product.

Prometteur assists businesses in hiring skilled and thoroughly screened dedicated web developers. We assess the expertise of remote programmers in various web development skills and soft skills, including efficient coding, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Oracle, server-side frameworks such as Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, ASP, ASP.NET, as well as written and verbal communication. Based on this evaluation, we determine their qualification to work with us. With Prometteur, businesses can efficiently build highly effective development teams by recruiting top dedicated web programmers.

Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of the risk-free two-week trial is to kickstart collaboration with the developers and integrate them into your team. If you are satisfied with the developers, you can continue working with them and pay their full wages, which also includes the first two weeks of work. However, if you choose to cancel your subscription before the trial ends, there will be no charge to your credit card.

Prometteur offers the highest quality, most cost-effective, and most productive dedicated web developers in the industry. These developers rank among the top 1% of remote developers worldwide. To become a Prometteur engineer, candidates must pass a battery of challenging examinations and demonstrate expertise on par with the standards expected in Silicon Valley. Daily stand-up meetings are a requirement for every Prometteur developer, ensuring that both the developer and the client are aligned towards the agreed-upon objectives. Furthermore, Prometteur's remote dedicated web developers work for at least four hours each day within your time zone to provide you with better service.

With the help of Prometteur, hiring specialized web developers for your business is a breeze. Feel free to reach out to us to hire a developer who will work within your time zone and won't strain your financial resources in the process.

The Prometteur assessment evaluates software engineers based on their actual capabilities rather than solely relying on self-reported experience found on traditional resumes or shared during job interviews. Consequently, every developer at Prometteur must successfully pass comprehensive exams that cover a range of topics, including programming languages, data structures, algorithms, system architectures, software specialization, and frameworks. Furthermore, every Prometteur developer is required to complete our fully automated seniority evaluation exam, which encompasses questions on various aspects, such as project impact, technical quality, communication, people skills, and direction.

When you utilize Prometteur, you can hire top-notch remote developers with expertise in over one hundred different capabilities, including React, Node, Python, Angular, Swift, React Native, Android, Java, Rails, Golang, PHP, Vue, DevOps, and Machine Learning, among others. Furthermore, Prometteur offers engineers opportunities based on their seniority and technology stack.

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