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The user experience of modern online applications should be comparable to native applications on the web. In this day and age of lightning-fast SPAs and PWAs, there is no place for slow load times or latency. When it comes to this market, your level of competitiveness will be directly proportional to the depth and responsiveness of the software you provide.

The quality of your online solutions can be improved with the help of the web application development services that we at Prometteur Solutions offer. We are a professional development and design business that creates growth-driven web applications using Agile and Scrum development methodologies.

Our web development experience encompasses single-page applications (SPAs), progressive web apps (PWAs), enterprise portals, e-commerce portals, custom web apps, large-scale websites, online tools, and SaaS solutions that suit end user and corporate goals.

Web Development Services

Our Web Application development services

Web App Design

It's possible that a one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf web solution won't work for your particular business. When this happens, having a website developed specifically for your business is very necessary if you want the most remarkable results. You may get assistance from Prometteur Solutions in creating a bespoke web application to meet the specific needs of your business. We construct contextual UI/UX for increased usability, choose the highest quality architecture for optimal performance, and write custom code to incorporate your complex and one-of-a-kind business logic into your website application.

Web for Ecommerce Business
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The shopping and business platform we provide via our e-commerce development is only the beginning. We are dedicated to designing retail store solutions that boost customers' engagement and their willingness to shop there again. You will get access to all of the most cutting-edge features your retailThe shopping and business platform we provide via our e-commerce development is only the beginning. We are dedicated to designing retail store solutions that boost customers' engagement and their willingness to shop there again. You will get access to all of the most cutting-edge features your retail e-commerce business necessitates, like visual try-on, personalized recommendations, push notifications, conversational marketing (live chat, chatbots), and an admin panel.

Backend Development
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Because we know the significance of a powerful and feature-packed back-end for a successful mobile application, the mobile back-ends that we create are high performing and have features that make it simpler to administer the application, we improved your mobile app's business logic, established unique APIs, and added administrative tools. Our back-end includes monitoring and analytics for app and corporate KPIs, mobile user management tools such as push notifications, surveys, app promotion, geolocation, and admin tools for managing content and data. Prometteur Solutions handles your mobile back-end so that you may concentrate on your business growth.

Web Development for Large Business
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Our web development team can create online web applications with high security, coding standards, effective project management, and scalable infrastructure. Prometteur Solutions builds enterprise-level web apps leveraging the web development technologies to improve project management. We also follow the Open Web Application Security Project's (OWASP) strictest security requirements and continuous integration, delivery, and automated testing. In addition, we installed auto-scaling and monitoring tools (Amazon CloudWatch) on AWS and Google servers to achieve high scalability and monitor applications.

Our Methodology for the Development of
Result-Oriented Websites

Predetermined project requirements?

For projects with a specified scope, our team employs an iterative waterfall, which is linear. This strategy has worked before. We prefer this technique over the conventional waterfall method because it gives you a clear overview of the result from the start while enabling flaws to be fixed afterward.

How does it work?

When you contact us and inform us about your project, our Business Analyst will deliver a high-level estimate within one to two business days. If you agree with the forecast, we'll develop a complete Statement of Work (SoW) that outlines the deliverables, the activities needed to fulfill them, a timeframe, and the cost associated with each task.


What should you do if it turns out that your project needs continuing adjustments and improvements?

We use the Agile development methodology in conjunction with the Scrum framework when your project needs incremental improvements, when the initial requirements are precise, but when they need to be redefined or updated during a later stage of development.

We start the project by developing product backlogs, which are essentially descriptions of the many features and capabilities of the project. After the backlogs have been formed, our team will collaborate to rank the features in order of importance and decide which ones will be the focus of future development before creating sprints. Establishing deliverables and the process through which they will be generated usually takes between two and three weeks as part of the sprint planning process.

After the sprints have been mapped out, we will move on to the development phase, where a particular part of the project will be crafted. At the end of each sprint, we provide a ready product. Following the completion of the analysis of the final product and the gathering of your feedback, we will next conduct a process retrospectively. After that, we begin preparations for the subsequent sprint, and this pattern will repeat itself until the final product is finished.

The web development technique offered by Prometteur Solutions takes an agile approach to produce online applications.


What if I have a general idea for a product?

If you have an idea but are uncertain about the criteria and scope of the project, we will aid you in uncovering it and confirming your concept so that you can go forward with it. To begin, we will investigate the particulars of your idea, become familiar with your intended audience, assess the current business climate, examine the existing competition, ascertain the initial scope, establish the technical requirements, and formulate a hypothesis regarding your concept.

As soon as we have a working hypothesis, we will start developing prototypes based on your idea while keeping you informed of our progress. You will find that verifying your hypothesis, determining the breadth of your notion, and concretizing it is all made easier with the assistance of this prototype. Finally, based on the scale of the project, we pick either waterfall or agile development. Waterfall development is used when all the needs can be stated at once, whereas agile development is used when the initial scope is clear but future updates and alterations are required.

We are using Technologies


The use of JavaScript is a core tool for our software development services for your business. We use the most efficient JavaScript web development frameworks and libraries to build dynamic and functional websites and mobile apps. We have specialized custom JavaScript development team that is well-versed in both front-end and back-end JavaScript programming To utilise the full potentials of JavaScript in providing excellent web development services, we explore the use of Node.js, Vue js, Node.js, Angular, React, etc. Our expert web developers have at least 5years development experience and are well versed in using JavaScript tools. Because our strategy is unique to each project, we will always collaborate with your team to identify the technologies that are most suited to your requirements. We excel in mobile, web, and cloud platform development and can apply our knowledge to your product at every stage of the web app development lifespan.

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When it comes to developing or updating your website, custom PHP web development is critical. It not only improves the appearance and feel of your website, but it also improves its operations. Our custom PHP development services may assist your website in reaching the top of search engine rankings. Our PHP web developers design and build web app solutions based on our clients; expectations and needs; thus, our PHP developers thoroughly grasp the requirements and strive to achieve them. Our PHP Custom Web Development services adhere to industry standards and use the finest PHP solutions to scale your online business.


Our custom HTML5 software development services will help you establish a visually appealing website that attracts, engages and delights your users. Our HTML5 web app development team can provide an exceptional appearance and feel for your HTML5 project by customizing the best HTML5 design for your web app. Prometteur Solutions’ software development services may include web apps that runs on any device or software platform. We have the tools and skills to assist you in making your website to have a flawless flow of function. Our HTML5 web developers are exceptional with website designs that are practical as well as scalable. As your company grows, so will the site. It will not only expand, but it will also be fast and responsive, with excellent load times.

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At Prometteur Solutions, we are constantly improving our cloud solutions to fit the particular needs of our customers. We've designed public cloud solutions, private cloud solutions, hybrid solutions, multi-cloud vendor solutions, and custom cloud services with excellent benefits to our clients. Our cloud engineers have been properly trained and accredited to work on a variety of cloud platforms, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and IBM Softlayer. We have developed, implemented, and now operate unique cloud systems for a variety of clients, and we can create one of the best for you as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To put it simply, web development is the process of creating and maintaining websites; it entails all the work behind the scenes to ensure that a website provides a pleasant experience for its users. Web developers, sometimes known as "devs," accomplish this goal using a wide range of programming languages. Language choice is contextual, based on the nature of the job and the system used. At Prometteur Solutions, we provide both front-end and back-end web development services.

Based on the information you provide, our Business Development Associate (BDA), in conjunction with the head of the technical team, will generate an excel file containing a rough estimate. We believe that more precise pricing may be achieved by inviting a technical expert to participate in calculating costs. If you think the calculations are accurate, we will create a comprehensive project SoW (Statement of Work) that outlines the deliverables, timetable, and development activities. After that, the design and development team will begin putting the project into action.

How we accept money is pretty flexible. For example, During the first two months, maintenance and help are provided for free. After that, you can choose a maintenance plan according to your needs, which may include major or small-scale updates and alterations.

Our group uses teamwork to facilitate communication and collaboration, while different tools are used for project management (specifically for Agile projects). For example, BeanStalk App, Bitbucket, GitLab, and GitHub are some of our team's version control systems.

Based on the requirements of your project, we will choose the most appropriate technological solution. Because many components and attributes need to be considered, we research and investigate your project on more granular levels to select the most appropriate technology. For example, we evaluate scalability and maintainability, cost, security, time to market, application performance, database structure (relational vs. non-relational versus graph database), ecosystem, and other relevant variables.

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