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Mobile app development services are a crucial part of any business strategy, and it is important to make sure that you get the best mobile app development team for your project. Prometteur Solutions has been providing mobile app development services for over 10 years. We have developed over hundreds of mobile apps and have a team of experts in all areas of mobile app development services including iOS and Android development services.

Prometteur Solutions provides excellent customer care and always strives to provide top- notch service to out customers. We work with startups, small businesses, large enterprises, and everything in between.

Web Development Services

Mobile App Development Services
For Various Platform

Our mobile app developers have quality experience, dating back more than a decade in developing solutions
that cater tothe requirements of the market, strengthen the brand identities of businesses,
and stimulate the development and expansion of businesses.

App Features
Development of Progressive Web Applications

By using Progressive Web Apps, we are able to provide features and installability that are comparable to those of native apps, all while using a single codebase to communicate with everyone, everywhere, and on any device.

wearable_technology features
Embedded software and wearable technology

We are able to develop companion applications for a wide variety of wearable gadgets, as well as interact with other smart devices or specialized peripherals.

android app features
Android app development

The Android operating system offers a wide range of advantages, but at the same time, it creates a number of unique challenges as a result of the proliferation of hardware. The senior developers at Prometteur Solutions are able to aid you in lowering the difficulty of app design, in addition to providing assistance for the production of apps at every stage of development and assisting you in elevating your app to the top of the rankings on Google Play.

ios app development
iOS app development

iOS works on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Each gadget offers unique characteristics. The developers that work with Prometteur Solutions have expertise in a wide range of industries, including gaming, finance, commercial applications, and many more.

hybrid app.

Avoiding the need for native development may help cut down on the amount of time it takes to bring a product to market; nonetheless, this strategy calls for top-tier talent and a disciplined approach. It is essential to practice effective user experience design that minimizes outside influences in order to retain people and fulfill their needs. If done correctly, developers may fully use native platforms while sharing business logic across them.

UX Design

Create visually attractive and dynamic user experiences by populating your mobile app development team with brilliant and experienced remote UI/UX designers and developers from all around the world.

Our Methodology for Developing Result-Oriented Mobile Apps

We create impactful mobile apps through a proven 6-step process:


What the invention of Prometteur Solutions accomplishes for you ?

You may easily increase your team by selecting developers from our worldwide pool of over 2 million developers with over 100 different abilities.

The Making of a Deep Profile
Utilizing our in-depth resumes, you may investigate the benefits and drawbacks of potential developers for your team.

We evaluate engineers according to the real talents they possess and provide you with the top one percent of remote software developers.

Onboarding in addition to Matchmaking
We provide a seamless onboarding process in addition to matching applicants to your specifications so that you may find the best possible fit.

Instruments for Collaborative Work
Automatic time monitoring and regular stand-up meetings will provide you with more insight into the work being done by your remote engineer.

We make management more efficient by facilitating foreign payments, providing insight into invoicing, and ensuring payment compliance.


How can Prometteur Solutions help you construct the team that will develop your mobile app?

Give us a rundown of the necessary abilities.
We'll set up a time to talk and get a better understanding of your needs.

We search for top-tier talent on your behalf.
Within days, you will get a candidate list that has already been screened.

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Our Expertise With Major
Mobile App Development Technologies

Your consumers will be blown away by the expressive and feature-rich native iOS or Android apps, cross-platform apps, or
Progressive Web Apps that we create for you by utilizing our considerable expertise dealing with all of the key technologies.

iOS App

We have all of the knowledge and experience that you need to develop fully-fledged, robust, and scalable mobile apps, including the following:

  • Swift\Objective-C
  • SwiftUI\CocoaPods
  • RxSwift\SwiftLint\CircleCI
  • iPhone App Development
  • iPad App Development
  • App Development for the Apple Watch
  • Apple TV App Development App Clips Development

Andriod App

We assist companies in establishing their presence on any contemporary gadget or platform, including the following by using the most recent technologies:

  • Kotlin
  • Java\Gradle
  • Dagger2\JetPack\sCoroutines
  • Fastlane
  • Android Mobile App Development
  • Android TV App Development
  • Android Tablet App Development
  • Android Wear App Development

App Development
for Multiple

Get high-quality mobile applications that are compatible with several platforms at a low cost and provide your clients OS-specific software.Utilize this option to cut down on expenses and time-to-market, as well as to increase the number of consumers you can serve without sacrificing quality, including the following
Mobile application development with

  • React Native,
  • Flutter Native,
  • Native Script,
  • Java Script,
  • and TypeScript

Development of
Progressive Web

Progressive Online Apps that incorporate the best technical solutions used in mobile and online apps may help your firm build and distribute new software more easily, among other advantages.

  • React
  • Angular
  • Redux
  • Polymer\Workbox
  • Lighthouse
  • Development of Web Apps Compatible with Multiple Browsers
  • Development of Responsive Web Applications
  • Offline Web App Development

Mobile Application Solutions For Verticals

We have extensive expertise in providing cutting-edge digital solutions to a diverse spectrum of customers in a variety of markets,
having worked with clients ranging from startups to large companies. Construction Innovative ideas for mobile apps that bring construction
into the modern era of construction mHealth refers to mobile software that is user-friendly for patients and gives employees in the healthcare profession more control.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is a significant need for mobile app developers who are responsible for the design, development, and maintenance of mobile applications. With the assistance of the Prometteur Solutions deep jobs platform, you will be able to construct mobile app development teams consisting of the best remote mobile app developers from all over the world.

When you use Prometteur Solutions, you can employ mobile app developers in a matter of three to five business days. It is a comprehensive employment platform where candidates from all around the globe who are available to work in your time zone may be found. The mobile app developers for a Silicon Valley bar are put through Prometteur Solutions's rigorous screening process. We conduct tests covering more than one hundred different abilities, including data structures, algorithm design, system design, software specializations, and frameworks.

Try Prometteur Solutions if you are thinking about expanding the technical staff working on your mobile app. It simplifies the recruiting process for businesses by providing screened and verified mobile app developers located remotely at a cost that is one half of what a Silicon Valley bar would charge.

Generally, our mobile app development services include: 1) Tailored app creation for iOS and Android; 2) Development of progressive web applications; and 3) Development for many platforms 3) UI/UX design services 4) Mobile app porting 5) Services in the fields of consulting and prototype development. 6) Services of automated quality assurance 7) Services in the areas of power management, notifications, and geofencing 8) Customizations for Embedded Android and the AOSP 9) Support and maintenance on a continuing basis

Because hybrid and cross-platform mobile app development come to aid business flows that require a different approach to mobile development, they are frequently confused as being similar methods, which is accurate when comparing them to native builds. This is because hybrid and cross-platform mobile app development come to aid business flows that require a different approach to mobile development. On the other hand, when contrasted with one another, there is a great deal that may be discussed.

We help people establish their careers here at Prometteur Solutions. The vast majority of software engineers who apply to work at Prometteur Solutions are looking for permanent, full-time employment. At this time, there are not many opportunities for part-time developers at Prometteur Solutions. The firm Talent Cloud is dedicated to finding and hiring only the very best remote developers for full-time positions and goes through a rigorous screening process to do so. Prometteur Solutions helps software professionals find jobs that are a good fit for their talents, career objectives, and long-term ambitions. Prometteur Solutions is able to assist all developers in achieving quick career progress thanks to a proactive strategy and a variety of activities including mentoring, upskilling, and a thriving developer community. These activities are provided by Prometteur Solutions.

Yes, Prometteur Solutions is able to compile a list of qualified individuals hailing from a certain area for your review. On Prometteur Solutions's Intelligent Talent Cloud, there are many developers from over 140 different nations that have signed up. Simply provide your choices, and Prometteur Solutions's Matching Engine will locate the most qualified developers in that particular location who are able to fulfill your exact criteria.

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