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Healthcare Software Development Services

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Healthcare is undergoing a drastic and rapid transformation. With increasing healthcare costs, the demands of globalization, increased competition, and physician shortages, the industry needs to find innovative ways to satisfy consumers' rising expectations for better quality, value, and outcomes.

To enhance the Patient-Centered care system, proposed solutions may include:

  • Ensuring patient access to adequate and high-quality resources requires streamlined communication among institutions, transportation, admissions, and other related aspects. Additionally, reducing wait times can be achieved by implementing automation within the system.
  • Integrating a care team centered on patient wellness involves the management of a comprehensive record for each individual, accessible to any physician with a simple click. This centralized system offers complete medical history access to anyone, anywhere, and anytime.
  • Appointment booking system: To ensure the proper scheduling of appointments for patients, allowing them to know the specific time for their appointments and arrive promptly, thus reducing wait times and hospital congestion.
  • Hospital Management System: A comprehensive automated system that ensures the seamless flow of medication for every individual, from admission to discharge. This system should also ensure:
Healthcare Solutions

Easy access to ancillary services like physiotherapists, pharmacists, radiology etc.

Streamlined admission and discharge process

Alert system for nurse call especially that support ‘Silent Hospitals’

Proper feedback system to ensure care team will ensure quality care every time

Healthcare Solutions
Our Approach:

Prometteur offers integrated solutions to ensure and enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare institutions. This includes services that address training requirements, provide consultations, offer technology guidance, and deliver support, among other services.

Healthcare Services are built upon three major perspectives:
  • Improving patient care systems
  • Centralized management of Patient history for easy accessibility
  • Controlling expenses and generating profits
Range of solutions we offer:

Hospital & Clinic Management Solutions

Scheduling & Appointment

Admission, Discharge & Transfer Records

Patient Record Access

Insights & Analytics

Staff Management

Billing & Invoice

Pharmacy & Lab Management Solutions


Stores & Inventory

Lab & Radiology Test, Reports

Doctor-Patient Engagement Platform

Appointment Booking

e-Consultation Solutions

Consultation Reports

Patient Self Care system

Monitor Health conditions