Android Tablet Application Development

Developing customizable applications for all devices

Android OS have conquered the mobile device market ever since its arrival. With increasing sale of Android devices, the demand for Android apps has also increased proportionally. Our developers are deeply engaged in providing the best in class Android Tablet App Development services to all our clients.

Our team equipped with state-of-the-art technology to customize the Android Tablet application as per the business requirements.

Prometteur Solutions, based in India, provides Android tablet apps development services to its clients ranging in different domains from travel to education, corporate to retail, telecommunications to real estate.

Prometteur’s Android Tablet Application Development Process

Web app redesign documentation

NDA and Service Level Agreement

We value your confidentiality by signing NDA we assure you that your data will remain confidential and secure with us.


Asset and Knowledge Transfer

We request for the files once NDA is signed, Our expertise analyses the application requirements and discuss related doubts in order to work flawlessly on your project.


Architecture & Environment Setup

Developers then make architectural and environmental setup ready to work and test your application without harming the structure of the project.


Work Execution

We allocate expert resource who works for your project dedicatedly, We ensure the deadline to be followed for every single milestone discussed.


Verification and Validation

Our developers will everyday report you the progress of the work with project management software. It helps both the party to avoid the mistake and achieve goals in a shorter span. After your confirmation, the work is marked as done.



When all tasks assigned are marked as completed, our expertise will handover the project. In case you need our help for project deployment on the live server, we are available on your time.


Review and Continuous Improvement

We guarantee you for our free post delivery service. It is free for every customer, unlimited no of corrections and free support for six long months.

Prometteur’s Android Tablet Maintenance Program

Debugging And Issue Fixing

  • Error Identification
  • Error Detection
  • Error Analysis
  • Fixing the Error
  • Validate the solution


  • Requirement gathering
  • Requirement feasibility check
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Validation and delivery

Application Design

  • Design and Flow Analysis
  • Design requirements
  • Design samples
  • Implementation
  • Validating Design

Testing and Support

  • Black/White box Testing
  • Testing Report
  • Error Fixation
  • Project Submission
  • Free support for six months