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Mobile App Development Cost : How Much Does It Cost To Build An App In 2024?

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Mobile app development cost is not something you can sit and conclude on. You must carefully do some reviews. This will help you to analyse different factors, features, app functions, competitors and users.

The cost of developing an app may range from $20,000 and $200,000. This means that the price of designing an app varies a lot. 

Are you curious and want to know why? 

The simplest answer is that mobile app development is influenced by several factors; from wireframing through UI/UX design and customization, there are several processes involved.

 So, how can you calculate how much it will cost to develop an app? 

Understanding everything that determines the total expenses of mobile app development is crucial in arriving at how to calculate the cost of mobile app development. When you get this right, you may look at each element separately.

Average Mobile App Development Cost Estimate

Even though mobile app development costs are differentiated by varying factors, they gulp tens of thousands of dollars. For example, to build an app, it may cost up to $24,000 to $150,000. In some cases, making an app cost up to a whopping $500,000 to $100,000.

In most cases, factors that determine how expensive it is to make an app may include; the skills of the developers, their location, their level of experience, features, functionalities and complexities.

Here is a comprehensive blog post on how much it costs to create an application.

For an app development contract with per-hour charges, you can easily answer the question “How much will it cost to make an app?”. Another reliable resource is to use our mobile app development cost calculator.

As we rightly mentioned in the previous section, one of the main contributing factors of mobile app development cost is the features. For example;


This is a leading social platform and the leading short video app in the world right now. It has the best video-sharing features, leading transformation in the world of entertainment.

With Tiktok, users can perform lip-sync, do duets, recreate scenes and connect with people. Users may also earn if they meet the required criteria.

Like Snapchat, TikTok enables users to use filters to enhance their videos and pictures on the app.

Would you like to guess the mobile app development cost for the TikTok app? It is between $60k to $100k


Snapchat is a live stream-short video app with over 300,000,000 users daily. One of its exceptional features is the use of Augmented Reality (AR) high filters.

These are very crucial for the user’s everyday interactivity on the app for messages and other fun-loving activities.

Snapchat enables its users to share messages in different forms, including pictures and videos with a self-destruct timer.

So, how much does it cost to build an app like Snapchat? We did some research and found that it may be between $45k to $100k for a single platform and up to $200k for cross-platform.


If you live in one of these fast cities, you should know the Uber app. In fact, in many countries and states, it is almost like a household name in the transportation industry.

The app offers users great convenience for booking rides to locations of their choice within their resident states.

It has two features worthy of mention, instant pick up and scheduled pick up.

Now to the usual question; how expensive is it to make an app like Uber? We will say it is between $30,000 to $1000 000


Netflix is the mobile app that has taken cinema to the digital level, delivering improved versions via mobile devices.

Their customers come from every location of the world and can easily stream to watch their favourite movies with their devices and internet connection.

It offers a lot of convenience too.

Wondering how much does it cost to build an app like Netflix right? The average mobile app development charges for such apps are between $25k to $200k.


This mobile app is very different from Netflix as it is focusing on online education and training services. But like Netflix, its customers are also global. It has so many online learning supporting features which ease learning.

It offers a lot of benefits; it is one of the world’s leading online platforms too and enjoys growing partnerships with government and learning institutions from different parts of the world.

If you are considering something like Coursera, making an app cost like it should be worth around $60k to $120k

See how you can create your learning apps.


Who does not know WhatsApp and its common features, use cases and success story? This is in summary, an instant messaging app for communication purposes.  

On average, Whatsapp-like software costs around $30k to $700

The mobile and desktop apps support voice and video calls. The app allows users to connect, communicate, chat and even have meetings.

The average app development cost of WhatsApp is between $30, 000 and $70,000

What Factors Affect the Mobile App Development Costs

When determining the cost of producing an app, there are three main factors to consider: 

1. Development Platform for Mobile Apps 

When it comes to choosing a platform for your app, there are two key factors to consider. Native apps and cross-platform apps are instances of this. Here’s how they differ and how they affect the cost of developing a mobile app. 

Native Apps Development 

Native apps are mobile apps that run only on a single platform, such as Android or iOS. Because they are built and optimised for a certain platform, they give a high level of performance.

Native programmes, on the other hand, are a bit more difficult to work with. If you want to build an app for both Android and iOS, you will need two separate development teams.

And it will almost certainly double in price. As a consequence, developing a native mobile app is expensive

Hybrid or cross-platform mobile app development 

These apps are built using a combination of native and non-native technologies, as the name indicates. If you want to launch an app for a larger audience, this is the best solution.

In addition, as compared to native apps, the cost of development and maintenance is low. 

2. The Design of Your Mobile App 

When determining mobile app development cost, the next important factor to consider is the design process. It is critical in deciding the ultimate cost while being a required part of the development process.

The cost estimate will be restricted if you choose a ready-to-use template, for example. If, on the other hand, you have higher expectations, 

Customizations will need more costs and effort to deliver a better user experience. Below are the top three design-related reasons for an increase in mobile app development expenses. 

Interaction with the user 

First and foremost, your app must be exceptional if you want it to succeed. In a nutshell, user experience relates to how your mobile app works. Colour psychology, button location, and even tracking the user’s eye pattern are all possibilities. 

Is not it true that your goal is to make the app as easy as possible to use for the end user? 

As a consequence, creating an experience like this requires a detailed understanding of your market, audience, goals, and objectives, among other things. The cost of establishing an app varies depending on the app’s design, which has an impact on the amount of interaction. 

Designing a User Interface 

The interface design, which is related to experience, impacts the cost of producing your programme. The user interface (UI) is the appearance of software to its users.

It involves the use of several visual elements. While the level of personalization may be expanded to any degree, the basic concepts remain the same: 

Colours in Typography for Screen Layout Shapes, Elements, and Items 

The components you choose are mostly dictated by your goals. What features do you want in a business app? It might be in data, sales, or engagement—obviously, the more sophisticated the design, the more money your programme will cost to produce. 


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words: Apple, Twitter, Instagram, Audi, Nike and McDonald’s?

Certainly, their stunning logo designs, above every other thing, grab your attention almost immediately.

These well-known businesses have all developed strong brands. They have invested in branding. Spending a lot of money on branding is a fantastic idea if you want to stand out in app development for the industry. 

3. App development for mobile devices Functionality Level 

The cost of building your app is proportional to the complexity of the features. The smaller and more straightforward the programme is, the less time and money it will take to develop.

So, how many features do you need to launch your product? As the number of features, panels, buttons, and other items in your app grows, so will the complexity and cost of designing it.

In addition, certain hidden expenditures will affect the price of designing an app. Let us look at them in the next section. 

What are the Invisible Mobile App Development Costs or Charges?

Not every mobile application development company offers very transparent costs or charges. In some cases, some charges are hidden as you cannot do without the services that attract those charges. Let us see them below.

Support fees: 

These are the costs of keeping your app up to date, fixing bugs, and making future improvements. It typically accounts for 20% of the total development cost (per year). 

Quality assurance

There are cases whereby the app development needs the services of QA specialists as well as project managers. In most cases, these are required when the apps are for big projects. In big projects, the services of business analysts may be employed to keep the mobile app development cost low.

Read more about Quality Assurance and its importance for business.

Infrastructure costs

Building mobile apps also requires storage, data safety, data delivery, etc., which incur extra expenses.

In big projects, these tools and services come with backend servers, storage facilities, different libraries and mobile app development tools that are purchased.

These all influence how expensive is it to make an app today.

IT support costs

IT support services are very crucial for the success of mobile apps. They offer special and expert security services against threats and vulnerabilities. And while their services are exceptionally good and required, they can be expensive.

App publishing costs

Another factor influencing hidden mobile app development costs is the app publishing cost. Remember that your app needs to be published, visible and downloadable from trusted platforms like the app stores.

This adds to the cost of developing the mobile app.

App security

Let us also add the app security services and charges that you need for a safe and secure app. Security is today a major concern with tech tools and software as hackers and internet fraud are on the increase.

Your app users need some sought of sense of safety before they can trust you and your business. This makes it important to ensure safety and security.

This also impacts how much to build apps for customers and businesses.

Admin fees: 

You may be charged for the content manager’s salary by certain mobile app development businesses. 

Infrastructural Charges:

Payments for your server, CDN, and other comparable services are included in infrastructure charges. 

Prometteur Solutions has the right solution for you. For an exact quote, get in touch with our experts as soon as possible.

How Can You Reduce Your Mobile App Development Costs?

Sometimes, how much it costs to create an app can be ridiculously high, however, you can reduce it.  In this section, we will be showing you some useful tricks to reduce your app making charges.

Prioritize features early on

If you are creating an app, ensure to know the much-needed features. What are those features that your app cannot function without? What are the features that define your app?

Knowing the right answers to the questions will help you to make smart decisions for reducing mobile app development costs.

Involve quality assurance early on

In our other blogs on mobile app testing, we stress the need to always test early.

Testing early helps in detecting bugs and vulnerabilities at an early stage, therefore, eliminating or reducing the risks of spending too much in the later stages of the app. To this end, QA should do their job as the app development is ongoing.

Plan for the future

What are your plans for the mobile app? This will help you understand which features to focus on and at which time.

For example, do you want to introduce premium packages in the future? If you know this early enough, you can save or reduce how expensive it is to make an app.

In-house or outsourcing

App development expenses can be impacted by the development staffing type. For example, the cost of using in-house, offshore or hybrid teams may vary and attract different costs of mobile app development.

They all have their pros and cons and depending on the situation, their advantages are considerably enticing. You may want to consider the in-house or outsourced option to reduce the mobile app development charges.

See an extensive blog on outsourced mobile app development teams.

Consider cross-platform development

Android app development charges are different from iOS app development charges. But if you do have the resources, go for the hybrid mobile app development. This is better as it works on both platforms and targets larger users/customers.

See our blog on hybrid app development frameworks.

Can Prometteur Reduce Your Mobile App Development Charge?

We are professionals with empathy and a high-level understanding of businesses and customers. We understand the challenges and need to cut the mobile app development cost, to this end, we are always happy to help.

Meanwhile, you can begin by checking our app cost calculator to get an idea of our prices based on your app’s complexities.

so, yes, we can help to reduce your mobile app charges and do what it takes to make you and your customers happy with the best app experience.

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