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Case Study


Charme Caractere Luxury is a premium brand in the travel industry with a strong presence for luxury destinations. The boast of amazing holiday destinations, homes and hotel bookings for customer's from all over the world.

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The travel industry attracts a huge number of people and has its peak and off-peak seasons. To capture the market during peak seasons, they needed to have a strong online presence. With customer's spanning locations from all over the world, there was a need to be active online 24/7 as well.

Charme Caractere Luxury also needed to have a website developed that will display beautiful and large images of the destinations they had without slowing down the loading time of the website. The website needed to have a search feature to bring up detailed information to suit each customer's query.

The website for Charme Caractere Luxury was built using html5 and css3 to enable features like offline browsing, higher page ranks, geolocation and consistency across multiple web browsers. Bootstrap 4 was also used to create a lightweight yet responsive and stylish website. The gallery has a bold display without increasing the loading time of the website.

The Project Execution

An Android and IOS App was also developed by the capable web app developers at Prometteur to capture customer's who prefer to use their mobile apps.

A chatbot set up to respond automatically to potential customer's was also put in place to give the brand and online presence irrespective of the time of the day. This makes it possible to accommodate customer's from different time zones.


Technology Used



Bootstrap 4




Charme-Caractere Admin

Charme Caractere Luxury now has a beautiful layout enhanced by the web developers to display beautifully the luxury locations listed on the website. A search enabled to interface with multiple filters to help customer's narrow down their search for their dream destinations. The developers ensured that the website was responsive to allow for proper display on mobile without the App. Its database was built using MySQL to cater for large data without compromising sensitive customer information.

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