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Stylegreen is an online store that sells wall decoration on a green wall. It is a creative form of wall art that highlights an interest in green technology, which might be connected to nature. It has several benefits: saving electricity, producing zero pollution, and consuming tiny amounts of wood or concrete. Stylegreen is an online shop that sells green wall designs for home, interior and outdoor uses. It has different product categories in which various products are displayed with their pictures on the website.

Stylegreen is a German online shop that sells green walls and design products. We are dedicated to the growth of green urban walls in Germany, which helps to make green environments safer and more comfortable. Besides the grand design of your wall products, they are dedicated to the growth of green urban walls. Over the last six years, the company has been working on the design and construction of 47 such green walls, which they sell through their website.

Stylegreen products are unique because they encourage green urban walls, including several other benefits. They reduce air pollution, help create more exciting and safe places in the cities, help fight the rise of diseases, are eco-friendly, and help protect our environment.


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Why Choose Stylegreen?

Stylegreen offers you a wide range of designs and materials for green wall decorations in interior areas. Whether you are interested in custom made or standard designs, you can find them all in the stylegreen online shop. The materials found on the website are helpful for both interior and exterior green wall designs.

The website has multiple categories with specific products to make your shopping experience easier. You can shop online by having your favourite material on the wall and have the website pull it up with credible payments gateways and delivery services.

Features of Stylegreen

Stylegreen shopping platform is built to allow customers to explore different products on the web page and make seamless purchases quickly. Let us look at some of the best features of the web app.

1.Shopping Cart

Stylegreen website has a shopping cart integrated into the web app to collect selected products on the website easily. With this feature, customers don't have to bother about calculating the numbers of selected products on the web app or how much they will be paying for all selected products. The shopping cart handles all these automatically and within splits of seconds.

The shopping cart is active 24/7, and customers can always visit their shopping cart to see the products they have collected and saved from previous shopping on the website. It is undoubtedly a fantastic feature for any online store.

2.Search Bar

You may have a particular product or service in mind, and you want to go straight to the product and make your purchase order. Don't you worry, there is a search bar feature in the web app that allows you to search for any item on the website, and the results are returned within splits of seconds.

The search feature makes many searches and finds easier, and it also saves customers much time, as long as they know what they want. Nobody likes to spend so much time trying to find the product to buy on a site; it is always nice to do a quick search and see what they want.


Another excellent feature is the filter. It is integrated on the stylegreen website for the precision of search. The filter feature has columns for price, size, colour and other essential search aspects that allows your search results to return the best options on the website.

This is a fantastic search enhancing feature that users are happy to use on web stores. The stores usually feature many products with so many similarities that may confuse the user. In cases like this, the filter feature becomes very useful for easy navigation and excellent search results.


Stylegreen website has a simple navigation bar design that corresponds to the website layout's aesthetics and helps users navigate through the website easily. It is built to be very responsive and works very well on mobile, tablets and desktop screens.

Again, the navigation bar increases the smooth layout and adds beauty to the website's user interface. You would be pleased with the way the navbar is built.

5.Payment Gateway

Payment gateway is one crucial feature that every online store needs for easy and quick processing of payments. Customers use the feature to make payments for the collection of products in their carts, which comes with a price. The payment gateway integration on stylegreen website includes, but not limited to, Amazon Pay, PayPal, and several others.

The payment gateways are a mix of the most common payment gateways globally, which gives the web app some credibility and guarantee of safety to customers.

Payment gates allow for smooth payment and issuance of payment receipts to customers in an automated process that is very fast and easy. No ques, no delays and no scams.


Stylegreen shops are where you will find all the fantastic categories of products with their pictures arranged in chronological order. The arrangement of these categories makes it very easy to scroll through while checking out different products and even when collecting and saving certain products to buy later.

Also, the products displayed on the shops section show the prices for every product, so customers are aware of the prices of the products as they check them out.

7.Contact Us

The contact us page has all the information that customers and visitors need to get in touch with staff at the office. It also has a physical office address, and an email address should be in case the need for mails arises.

Contact us pages are helpful for credibility as no one will trust a company without a verifiable address and other channels to contact.

Also, people like to feel like they are dealing with humans and not robots or some machines. The contact us page is meant to answer questions raised in those areas and much more.


One of the best ways to provide enhanced support to your customers is by providing a FAQ page on your website with answers to some questions, particularly the reoccurring ones. The web development team that handled the Stylegreen project understands the need for a reliable FAQ and provided an amazing one. It contains relevant answers to essential questions about stylegreen as a company.

9.Social Media

The website has Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn social media tools at the footer section of the website. These are tools meant for easy connection with customers and social media engagement, which may involve customer support services, inquiries, marketing campaigns, and other relevant content to a niche audience on social media.

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How to Order

Placing an order on stylegreen is very quick and easy. After creating a search query on the website, you can order the desired products according to their requirements. The customer can also contact the customer care team if they have any queries related to the online shop.

Stylegreen is a service provider of green wall designs, growing trees to decorate the walls in your home, making it pollution free and easier to maintain the house. To know more, visit

Suppose you wish to create a green wall in your room or anywhere inside your house, or you only want to install a small terrarium that looks appealing. In that case, you can choose green wall treatment products from Stylegreen. The company has many kinds of green wall treatments in different colours and styles that suit the various rooms. Stylegreen is available for delivery from all over Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK and the US. The product is fast and easy to install and does not require much space.

If you want a similar product like stylegreen for your business or try to put together an idea, please reach out to Prometteur Solutions. We will offer you the best of the best. We may even connect you with an internal consultant to help you shape your business idea and the right website for your business. We did it for stylegreen, and we can also do it for you.


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We have worked with some of the best innovative ideas and brands in the world across industries.
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