Mobile Application Maintenance

Revamp Your Application and Increase App Downloads
Debugging and issue fixing

Your first impression makes the long-lasting impact on your audience, make it bold and convert every visitor to prominent customer. Design and speed are major factors that define the success of your mobile application. Primary goal following the development of the mobile app is to make the project live as early as possible, but after a while, it puts a limit on the customer base to the needy category only. Eventually, your app downloads stop and you start losing customers. The visitors do not show any interest in your app and you continue to lose probable customers and visitors if you are not upgrading your mobile application. If your number of downloads are not growing then it is the time for improvement.

Why mobile application needs regular checkups?

A constant improvement happens every day in technology sectors, the development platforms, the system application and software databases, social media releases new updates for their customers. If you are not making your platform compatible to these changes, you may lose the game and be thrown out of the market in no time.

Apart from everyday technological changes, a regular maintenance check-up is crucial in order to prevent future losses. A precaution is better than cure and hence preventive maintenance can save you from a breakdown.


What We Do?

We offer our shoulder to share the burden of your responsibilities and let you keep focusing on your core activity. We work irrespective the size of your organisation from junkyard startups to corporate giants, we strive to provide the best maintenance service in websites and web applications that stand unique among a galaxy of competitors.

Mobile Application Maintenance

  • Error Identification
  • Error Detection
  • Error Analysis
  • Fixing the Error
  • Validate the solution


  • Requirement gathering
  • Requirement feasibility check
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Validation and delivery

Application Design

  • Design and Flow Analysis
  • Design requirements
  • Design samples
  • Implementation
  • Validating Design

Testing and Support

  • Black/White box Testing
  • Testing Report
  • Error Fixation
  • Project Submission
  • Free support for six months
Prometteur’s Maintenance Process
NDA and Service Level Agreement

We value your confidentiality by signing NDA we assure you that your data will remain confidential and secure with us.

Asset and Knowledge Transfer

We request for the files once NDA is signed, Our expertise analyses the application and discuss related doubts in order to work flawlessly on your project.

Architecture & Environment Setup

Developers then make architectural and environmental setup ready to work and test your application without harming the structure of the project.

Work Execution

We allocate expert resource who works for your project dedicatedly, We ensure the deadline to be followed for every single milestone discussed.


When all tasks assigned are marked as completed, our expertise will handover the project. In case you need our help for project deployment on the live server, we are available on your time.

Review and Continuous Improvement

We guarantee you for our free post delivery service. It is free for every customer, unlimited no of corrections and free support for six long months.