Sencha touch development

Create high-performance, Native-looking HTML5 Apps using Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch development is a high-performance open mobile application development framework based on HTML5. In fact, it is the world′s first mobile application development framework developed specifically to control HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. HTML5 facilitates delivering components like audio and video while the CSS3 is used in and out with style sheets. Hardware acceleration is utilized for a breathtaking performance. Highly intuitive user interface design makes data navigation very simple. It is the only framework which supports rapid app development across iOS, Android, BlackBerry and much more.

The Smartphone market is currently split between industry giants like iOS, Android, Windows, etc. For any business, it is imperative to target all these major mobile platforms to facilitate growth and reach out globally. It is due to this reason that Sencha Touch hybrid mobile application development has gained significant popularity now-a-days. It offers the benefit of reaching out to a broader audience base by targeting all major mobile app platforms.


Key Features of Sencha Touch Mobile Framework

The Sencha Touch Development platform boasts of a variety of features like no other. Some ones are as under:

  • Mobile as well as desktop web applications can be developed fast
  • Developed applications are highly flexible, customized and scalable and compatible across different mobile platforms
  • Powered by the proven foundation of Ext JS
  • Offers applications with enhanced touch event management and GUI-based controls
  • Supports the latest web standards – HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
  • Fully compatible with all kinds of mobile operating systems including iOS, Android and Blackberry
  • Provides developer friendly building blocks like Grids, Trees, Toolbars for Consumers, Carousels, Nested Lists and enterprise applications
  • Offers ease in deployment without having to wait for approval in the native marketplaces
  • Highly flexible platform offering easy optimization tools
  • Supports PhoneGap, animation and enhanced touch events like tap, double tap, swipe, pinch and rotate
  • Themes can be easily differentiated and developed across devices
  • Provides pixel-perfect, cross-browser fidelity