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Do you know how to offshore mobile app development? Would you like to outsource app development and bring your ideas to life? You are finally ready to build a Mobile App development or to redo your existing app. Congratulations!! You are in a store for the whole tour.

Today, multiples of applications are introduced daily. The rate at which everything and anything has an application for it is overwhelming. The world is gradually revolving around technology if you are not a part of it, then you are left behind the train.

 In 2009, Apple published an iPhone 3G commercial with a catchy slogan “There’s an app for that”, which was later trademarked in 2010.

According to information from both iOs and Android app stores, as of today, we have over 2 million apps in the world. Besides, there is a third growing category of applications – hybrid apps. The hybrid app caters to multiple operating systems such as iOS and android though it offers less functionality.

The slogan “there’s an app for that” has become a buzzword. It suggests that there’s an app that can serve as a solution to every problem. There are mobile apps for everything such as healthcare, finance, real estate, parenting, childbirth, insurance, etc. 

Also, many big companies are embracing cloud computing and migrating their ERPs and CRMs to the cloud. TechCrunch predicted that by 2021, there will be about 5 million apps in the world.

This may result in a shortage of app development companies in developed nations. The solution to this shortage is to outsource app development to offshore destinations. This article will serve as a guide to you when you have to choose a company offering offshore mobile app development services.

5 Steps To Choose Offshore Mobile Application Development Company Team

In this section, we’ll see how to select the right company that has offshore mobile app development services. Mobile app development is a big financial undertaking for companies of all sizes, and choosing the right mobile app development company to create your app just the way you want, is not easy. The following steps are designed for you to take to ensure you get value for your money.

  1. Have a clear idea of your app and set a budget: You need to define the purpose of your app and who you intend to serve. When you have clearly defined your target audience, it is easier to convey your requirements to an offshore development team. A business plan should be prepared.

Preparing a business plan will help you analyze your needs, evaluate your possibilities, and understand what you expect from your outsourcing company. The plan should also include your project requirements; such as your niche and your audience. 

A budget needs to be in place before the take-off of the project. Depending on the complexity of the project, you will need to be realistic with your budget. You also need to ensure that the budget is flexible and can be adjusted in case of any eventualities and price fluctuation.

  1. Pick the Right Development Option: Depending on the scope of your application, some choices may not suit you. For example, if you want to outsource iOS development, you need to look for experts with a deep understanding of the iOS operating system. If you are operating on a tight budget, you might not be able to afford a development agency. The ultimate guide is to choose an option that suits your budget. You also need to choose a country with a good reputation to outsource to. 
  2. Search for Developers:  It’s always challenging to find and hire the best outsourcing app development, vendor. You need to find a development company with a good reputation for you to outsource your mobile app development to; reviews can help you here. You need to make sure that you are dealing with professionals. Besides expertise, you need to assess developers in terms of geography. This is because time zones for meetings have to be considered. Offshore developers offer affordable pricing but require some sacrifice as you will have to adjust the time of virtual meetings.
  3. Evaluate their Expertise and Experience:  There are several things you need to consider during an initial assessment of any developer. They include:
  • Take a look at their portfolio. Look for similar projects they have successfully carried out. This will show you real expertise. Look for practical experience, not certificates. Look out for projects comparable to yours and the model used in carrying out such.
  • Technology stack. You need to ensure that the team you intend to outsource your app development to is sophisticated and well equipped with the tech skills to handle your project.
  • Reviews. It is of paramount importance to get reviews of past works accomplished. This will help in determining if the development partner is trustworthy and efficient. This can be done if you try to reach previous clients as some companies pay people to write reviews for them online. 
  1. Choose a Payment Method: There are two most commonly used methods of payment, they are:
  • Fixed Price:  This implies an agreed cost based on the predetermined technical specification and project scope. It’s usually used for simple, small app developments.
  • Time and Material: This model takes place when it is difficult to ascertain the amount of work or if the client intends to make some amendments while the project is ongoing. In this case, usually, the developer is paid on hourly rates.

Developing a mobile app is exciting!! The process can be overwhelming if you have never done this before. So, this is the perfect time to choose the right mobile app development company. There is a large number of mobile app development companies present across the globe who can fulfil your mobile app development needs and business goals right now.

If you have an app idea and want the best technology to build it in the best price then an option is – outsource to an offshore app development company. The biggest challenge is finding the right mobile app development company. The best way to identify the right partner is to look for a company who puts complete efforts into understanding your requirements and develop the app accordingly. Here, we have discussed top 5 ways to choose an offshore mobile app development company which will help you to bring many business benefits.

1. Industry and Technology Experience :

It is always necessary to check if an offshore development company has a knowledge of your industry. If it has an experience in web services for the similar niche then it is well and good. You should always check the technical expertise of the offshore development company in terms of the ideal technology, programming language, the framework for your project.

2. Portfolio :

The portfolio is the most important thing for every professional from Actor to Models. In the same way, the portfolio of the mobile application developer will inform you about your competence and area of an expert. It shows the best jobs and the most challenging tasks the company has faced or the developer has done. Therefore, with an initial plan reach out to offshore app development companies, which offer the kind of app development service you look. Review the portfolios of different companies or developers and make a list of potential partners for your business accordingly.

3. Communication and Language Proficiency :

Excellent communication both with clients and within a team is one of the major criteria between you and your offshore partners. There must be a smooth communication between you and your partner company. It helps to establish better coordination, on the other hand, poor communication causes confusion that can lead to financial losses.

4. Cost Effectiveness :

Make a list of 05-10 offshore companies and then compare rates of all listed down top mobile application development companies. The price shared with the mobile application development partner must be negotiated.

5. Company Timezone :

It is great to realize that while you are sleeping the work is being done. Thus the difference in time between you and your offshore development company can be advantageous.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Mobile App Development

When it comes to how to offshore your mobile app development, there are many benefits that come with it. Offshore app development is one of the fastest-growing phenomena in today’s economy. There is a significant number of enterprises wanting to outsource mobile app development. 

This is because of the lower cost, faster turnaround time, and considerable level of the talent pool that can be tapped. There are various reasons why it is beneficial to outsource mobile app development. Below are a few most important ones.

World-Class Expertise: Companies have the opportunity to work with world-class experts that make up the offshore mobile app team. These world-class experts have gained experience working with several companies in business domains and the tech world. 

They have provided solutions to problems in the tech world and have a better understanding of the app requirements, primary goals, and priority app features. They are also conversant with how to address common issues with popular technologies.

Highly experienced outsourcing teams can seamlessly execute in-house projects by bringing in knowledge and experience that would have been time-consuming and expensive to attain. Moreover, offshore outsourcing teams with vast experience could have a broad view of industry trends and could act as business consultants to guide your project development.

Faster Results: This is one of the benefits you enjoy when you Outsource app development for your business. When a company decides to outsource mobile app development to experts, it means a lot of time is saved in recruiting your staff for the project from the scratch. There is no need for hiring, training, or retraining of staff. 

The project will kick off immediately and this will allow the company to move to focus on business development and operating processes while outsourcing teams handle the project. 

Support: It is necessary to have a support team behind you. The success of your mobile app lies in having a formidable support team. Should any problem arise with your mobile app, your support team is available24/7 and can get issues resolved within the shortest possible time. 

In some cases, offshore development centers provide support for maintaining, operating, and sometimes even upgrading the app.

Quality Results: Most offshore mobile app development services tend to use sophisticated software development technologies available. This may not be the case with in-house software developers. Using the latest software can lead to higher productivity levels, improved performance, and reliability.

Wide Talent Pool and Scalability: The outsourcing company has a talent pool of IT professionals under its whims. These on-demand specialists could be easily accessed and hired for a limited period. The provider can decide to scale up or down the size of the team to match the product’s need. An outsourcing team member can easily be fired or replaced; this could be just staff rotation, unlike in-house teams.

Cost-effectiveness: Highly skilled developers in offshore regions like Eastern Europe or India cost less. This is especially beneficial for companies with offices in Silicon Valley, New York, or other places that are expensive to live in. Besides, due to the high demand for talent in such areas, it is not always easy to find such developers therefore hiring takes a lot of time and money.

These are some of the advantages you enjoy when you outsource app development.

When Is Outsourcing Mobile App Development Right?

There are certain things to consider before outsourcing mobile app development. They include:

  • If there is limited time: Outsourced teams usually have access to a larger pool of resources, and skills. When you are saddled with the responsibility of sourcing, hiring, and training employees to carry out the project, it will slow you down and cause a significant delay in project delivery.
  • If you intend to save cost: Outsourcing usually reduces a lot of costs. This gives you leverage over your competitors as you can focus on company growth, while the outsourcing company prioritizes your company’s development. 

Furthermore, outsourcing companies have custom libraries, IT solutions, and credible IT infrastructures that upgrade the development velocity and save time and money.

  • If you need niche expertise: Some projects require certain skills which you can easily find amongst outsourcing companies, such as AI, ML, VR, AR, or even Salesforce that require on-off configuration or maintenance. It might not be a wise idea to hire staff for such special skills especially if the timeframe for the project is limited period. 
  • If IT is not your core competence: Most outsourcing companies will use industry-standard best practices to ensure an efficient software development process or build and expand IT ecosystem performance and project scalability. Gaining IT expertise might prove difficult and you know you need to reach out for offshore mobile app development services.

Options For Outsourcing Mobile App Development

If you have decided to get offshore mobile app development services, you have a few options to choose from. They include:

  1. Freelance Developers: They usually offer attractive hourly rates and have a wealth of experience, but lack of guarantee and client protection issues could arise. 

When you hire a freelance developer, you have hired a skilled developer but the management issue may arise. When you need a simple app, a freelance developer will come in handy. 

If the features you need match the developer’s area and level of expertise, there is a possibility to get great results in terms of saving costs.

  1. Off-the-Shelf Solutions: These are usually the cheapest option. They are easy to launch and are meant for simple apps that do not require updates frequently. If the desired task is to make an app for an existing business that doesn’t require any complexities, an off-the-shelf solution might be the best.
  2. Development Company: Building an app with a development company provides you with greater flexibility than off-the-shelf solutions, better productivity, and fewer risks in comparison to freelance developers. 

If you need to create a custom app or one with a greater level of sophistication, a development company is your go-to target. They are usually more expensive than off-the-shelf or freelancers, but the cost is usually worth it. 

Challenges When Outsourcing App Development 

When you decide to opt for offshore mobile app development services, There are a couple of challenges that you might face. These include:

  • Cultural Differences: One of the challenges that may arise when outsourcing offshore mobile app development services are miscommunication. What may be acceptable in your culture may not be in theirs especially regarding communication or work ethics. This can have a tremendous impact on workflow.
  • Scheduling Difficulties: As earlier mentioned, the time zone may affect the productivity of work. Meetings might not be very productive if the timing is not favorable to one party.
  • Lack of Leadership: Some mobile app development companies don’t have a team leader. This may prove difficult to give instructions to a particular person or have someone to hold responsible if something goes wrong.

How To Overcome Challenges With Offshore Outsourcing Mobile App Development

Here we’ll take a look at how you can overcome the challenges associated with outsourcing offshore mobile app development services. These include:

  • Document Requirements and Functions: It is a great idea to write down all requirements in a document. Expectations of the end product should also be included. This will help in aiding communication and reducing the risk of translators.
  • Define Meeting Schedule: Meeting schedules that will accommodate both time zones should be greatly considered. At the start of the project, spell out the parameters for meetings, including the frequency.
  • Ask for a Project Manager: The presence of a project manager will assist in the smooth running of the project. The project manager will be responsible for delivering reports and timelines to you directly.
  • Allow Enough Time for Mobile App Testing: For you to have a successful mobile app, you need to provide enough time for testing. This process ensures that your app is the best and can withstand the test of time.

Now that you understand how to offshore your mobile app development, you can go ahead and select the right company to handle your project from start to finish. So, far we have seen some effective ways to select the best offshore mobile app development company to whom you can outsource your mobile app development projects successfully. Take time to know the purpose of your mobile app, choose the right company and set proper milestones to complete the project efficiently. Good Luck!! mobile app development

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