Windows Application Testing Checklist: Here is What You Need to Know

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Hello curios one. Welcome to our blog post on the Windows application testing checklist.

If you look at the evolution of software testing in app development, you will find that it is gaining momentum recently because of its role in ensuring quality and user satisfaction. Software testing has also proven to be very instrumental in ensuring the safety of users and software products.

In recent years, many organisations and software development experts have come to the realisation; how to use software testing as a reliable method and step in boosting quality throughout the entire development process.

What is a Tester’s Job in Performing Essential tests for Windows software?

The best software testers and the ones you need to handle your testing needs should be highly skilled. They also need to be experienced in the field of testing including knowing how different software system work.

Moreso, these professional testers need to understand windows software testing and how it works. This means they also need to understand the “ins and outs” of applying windows application testing checklist for best results.

According to Testbytes, windows app testers need to perform their tests on “a variety of devices that are being used at present and are still emerging in the market”.

The tech giant further posits that Windows App Testing focuses primarily on some major areas. These areas are areas that need to be well evaluated for best results.

According to them, the six major areas are;

1. Functionality

2. GUI/User Interface Testing

3. Performance

4. Security

5. Compatibility

6. Regression

7. Usability

Functional testing checklist for Windows

Every app has a design in different areas including its functions. During testing, the apps are put to test by professionals against the design to see whether or not they meet the functional requirements.

There are several important functional testing checklists for Windows that must be part of the design for this to be a success. They also form critical part of the window application testing checklists.

What are the functional testing checklists?

·  Test the forms: applications have forms for contacting relevant authorities, filling out newsletter during signups and others. They play very important roles as most times; app users make suggestions and try to contact customer support through these forms. So, they must be in order and to ensure this, they must be put to a functional test.

Experts for this windows application testing checklist is for the testers to test all the field areas of the form. This requires checking field types like numeric settings, dates entry, email specific entry, the pop ups and others.

Also, this functional testing practice for windows app requires that all the form’s mandatory fields are marked with asterisks. They are programmed to return an error in red colours if the user fails to fill them correctly or as required.

·  Test the Message Confirmation: Having fixed the issues with the form fields, you need you to also perform a test on message confirmation.

This is important because sometimes, the user expects the app to tell them the status of sending their messages; did it go through or did it fail?

If your app communicates well, users have higher chances of getting satisfaction with the product. You can also check for features in this area. Features like delete, update and close are good options.

Also, form fields are tested not to ensure that they have character limits.

All of these are to guide the user to do the right thing and enter useful details or information.

·  Test other functions: Other functions include aspects of time out, responsiveness, emails, easy entry like date or sorting. You can use different performance testing tools to do all of these or hire manual testers.

With these in place, you can pat yourself in the back, the functional testing checklist is a goal! But there are other important windows application testing checklists.

User interface/GUI testing checklists

User interface plays important roles in windows application because they connect the user to the backend of the program. Through the user interface, users are able to interact with the program and achieve their goals.

However, if not thoroughly tested, the user interface or GUI may misbehave and the user will abandon the app.  GUI testing experts affirm that if you want to ensure friendliness with your application, you must tick all the user interface/GUI testing checklist.

What are the Interface/GUI Testing Checklists?

·  Test the colours: Windows applications, like other software products have the need for special colours and colouring.

A typical example is when there is a failed entry and the app returns an error to the user. In what colours should this be?

In most cases, this needs to be in RED. Not because red is usually associated with danger but because it flashes a message that tells the user “Fix this ASAP”. Colours testing is also important in backgrounds and other warning messages.

·  Test the Graphics: This needs to be at least okay for users, no wonder it is among the top windows application testing checklist. Windows app will need to display images, not just any image but images that are properly displays. The testers job in this case is to check for every image alignment, sizes and how they fit into screens.

·  Test for Texts: Your windows app will have written contents and errors with all content will not be good. It may displease or mislead the user. Also, contents with errors do not drive the right messages to users and so may affect the goal of the app.

Ensure that all texts are free of errors. You may need to use automation tools for Grammarly checks like Grammarly or other AI tools for content.  These tools are important because they can help you to tone down or tone up the voice in the content. They can also check and fix issues with grammar, spellings.

Other Important GUI/Interface windows application testing checklist

·  Test all Instructions: Apps play pivotal role in the user journey and this is why it must put the user first. Many apps are already seeing the need to put some important features that direct users to the right path.

For example, a user may want to go back up to the top of the page but doesn’t want to scroll. You can have a button that helps them achieve with one click. Also, there are apps with the need for “info” markers.

These are areas that when the user hovers over, pop up useful information. Another important instructional aspect of the user interface is the “help” button.

Your ideal tester must be able to ensure that all these instructions are working well for the user.

·  Perform Usability Tests: Usability testing on your user interface is very important as well. Here, your testers check various areas like navigation to ensure it does not lag or break while the user uses the app. Usability should also ensure that the loading time is correct, the display sequence works well and that there are no broken pages.

Regression Testing Checklist

Regression testing is one of the most important among the windows application testing checklists. It enables developers to make certain confirmations on if and how changes and modifications affect the software.

You know throughout the software development process, there will be need for code revamping, editing or changing to accommodate certain needs. It may even be as result for the need to add new features and functions. After all changes have been implemented and the code has been modified by the developers, it is important to think of regression testing.

What are the Regression Testing Checklists?

The regression testing checklist enables testers and developers to thoroughly evaluate the impact of the changes.

·  Review all code changes, modification and updates

·  Thoroughly test the software product to know which areas are affected by the changes.

·  All test cases must be prioritised based on areas affected by changes or modifications

·  Check to see if you need to create new test cases that will allow you to any new changes. You will also need to update your tool to be able handle to handle all changes

·  Pay attention to details during tests and reports. This is important because you may need to use the results for various updates

·  Generate all reports and share them within the right teams and stakeholders.

It has been proven over time that the best testing method for regression testing is automation techniques. This is because the test has to be very thorough and repetitive in nature. If manually done, it will be too expensive, slow and time consuming.

Other Important Windows Application Testing Checklist

Performance Testing Checklist

Every user loves an app with enhanced. People run out of patient and dump your app if it is not giving them all the performance vibes that they need.

Performance testing checklist is also very important because it plays crucial roles in ensuring that the final outcome of a product complies with the originally designed and desired performance.

What are the performance testing checklist?

·  Begin with a risk assessment: This will help you in understanding the whole system architecture as well identify critical aspects of the windows app. It will also enable you to identify different components of the app and their impacts in user engagement, repulsiveness and user satisfaction.

·  Have a Performance Testing Plan:

Your performance testing checklist must have a comprehensive test plan if it must be successful. The plan should encompass crucial elements like timing, data gathering, the test data approached and the environment for testing.

Also, the plan should cover the required testing tools and other important monitoring and non-monitoring tools.

·  Create your test script

Now you need to generate your test script for your performance testing. The test scripts should cover the necessary parameters including the windows app workload. This will enable the tester to do a clean job.

·  Implement your test cases

This is the moment when you need to execute your test cases. Here, you must ensure that it covers the following; test data creation, test result and smoke test among others. It is important that you communicate with your team during this process, especially on the result and findings. After your findings on issues, defects or weakness, write a comprehensive report and recommendation for resolution.

·  Report

After you must have gone through all the performance checklist for software testing on Windows, you need a report. The report needs to be attached to the respective section and shared with your team for best decisions. Reports also include recommendation on the findings which will guide the decision on the way forward.

Security testing checklist

This is simply the processes that every tester must follow to find out what may be wrong with the security of the windows app. It is very important because applications handle a lot of user data and other sensitive information. These are supposed to be kept private, safe and protected from hackers. However, you will ned an app that is not vulnerable to keep information safe.

What are the Security Windows application testing checklist?

According to Testbytes; these are authentication, access permissions, session management, data transmission and malicious command injection. The tech giant also posit the following security windows application testing best practices.

Authentication: By restricting access to only registered users, authentication helps to prevent data breaches. Request a secure username and password. The alert mechanisms ought to be activated by repeated login failures. It should not be possible to log in using an outdated password.

Access permissions – It should be possible to edit all the stored data, especially those specific to the software. By doing this you can easily avoid accidental security threats or data loss. You can try disabling the “view source code” option. This is highly recommended.

Session administration – Make sure that all authentications only use session IDs that are randomly generated and properly expired.

Compatibility Testing Checklist

It is important for your windows app to be compatible with the ideal hardware, software and other systems. You do not want to deal with issues of incompatibility at the user level as this will not be good.


What are the Compatibility Testing Checklists?

Windows application testing checklist requires that right from the app development stage, design your app to be compatible with all operating systems and hardware that it should work on.

Also, the windows application testing checklist enable you to perform testing on different user profiles and their access levels.

Furthermore, it is Windows application testing best practices that you perform comprehensive compatibility testing with different web browsers. This best practices also requires you to test your app with different web browsers.

Perform testing with different screen resolutions for best results.

Other compatibility checklist for software testing on Windows include;

·  Test with different local/languages

·  Test with different network qualities and network environments

·  Perform compatibility testing with different security settings

·  You may also test with different third-party applications to see the level of compatibility

·  Very importantly too, you need to test with different versions of data bases

Window Software Testing Best Practices Checklist

Here are the major best practices for window app testing;

The Benefits of Windows Application testing?

When you invest in windows application testing, there are several benefits for you. We listed the most commons below.

·  Windows application testing helps in improving quality

·  windows application testing enhances user experience

·  By performing essential tests for Windows software, you can reduce cost in the long run.

·  Following the steps of quality assurance checklist for Windows apps will lead to an increase in productivity.

·  Software testing is important and helps in compliance with standards

·  Testing puts your business in the right track and gives it a competitive advantage over others.

What are the Windows Application Testing Best Practices?

There are some important best practices for windows application that you need to observe to reap the full benefits of the practice. We have summarised them below;

Make sure you have a good plan for your testing activity.

Do not test on one system as users have different devices, hardware and systems. So also test on a variety of systems. This should be part of your compatibility testing.

Consider performance testing to ensure your app does not have issues

Know when to use automation and manual testing. Do not use a one size fits all approach.

While testing, use real-world scenarios for best result.

You may also need to perform other types of window testing, like regression, usability, security, interface and other testing.

Lastly, always document your test results and write reliable recommendations for improvement and fixes.


Windows application testing checklist is important for the success of your windows app. It plays several roles in ensuring top quality, reliability, security and enhanced performance of your app. However, you must follow the best practices in other to reap the full benefits of the tests.

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