Fake Sports Betting Apps: Identifying and Avoiding Them

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As a user of betting apps, you must gain a deep understanding of deep understanding of the risks associated with fake sports betting apps. Also, you must learn how to identify and avoid them.

In this blog post, we will be discussing some very critical aspects and ways of identifying and avoiding fake betting apps. The blog also includes high-level info and great tips as well as guidance on avoiding free sports betting app scams.

What are Fake Sports Betting Apps?

In our blog on betting app scams and how to avoid them, we defined fake sports betting apps as; sham sportsbooks designed and operated to intentionally scam users.

These apps may have a great design, and be visually appealing but operate in very dishonest ways. For example, in such betting apps, the site may vanish after the user makes deposits.

Fake fantasy sports app is designed to look like legitimate betting apps; however, they only want to run away with your money.

Understanding the Risks of Using Fake Sports Betting Apps

Let us see some of the potential risks that you face when you use fake betting apps;

Fake Sports Betting Apps Lead to Financial Loss

  • Risks of Stolen Funds

When you sign up on a fake app, your deposit can disappear just after you do it. Also, the betting site may even charge you additional deposit fees or even drain your bank account without your consent.

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  • Odds May Be Rigged or Altered

Scam betting apps are rigged to prevent users from winning any bets on the platform. Such an act will only leave you depositing and never withdrawing into your account because you will never win.

  • There Maybe Some Annoying Hidden Fees

You may eventually win one or two bets but then you will be greeted by hidden fees. Such fees are unbelievably too high and will affect your earnings from the fake app.

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Fake Sports Betting Apps Lead to Security Threats

  • Phishing Scams

Operators and managers of fake sports betting apps may be using the platform to lure their victims for advanced fraud. They will launch an attack on your finances once you insert your financial details for deposits.

  • Data Breach

It is very risky to enter your personal information on any fake Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) betting app as your info may get stolen and shared on the dark web. This can lead to a lot of threats, attacks and even damages, including physical attacks.

  • Malware Attacks

Many fake betting app platforms are host to malware that can easily steal your financial information and personal data. These can be used for carrying out various attacks and other illegal activities.

  • Poor or No Dispute Resolution

In fake sports betting applications, there is nothing like dispute resolution for users. There is no legal path to victory for you and also on recovering all that has been stolen from you.

  • Illegal Gambling Activities

Since fake betting app platforms are unregistered, unlicensed and unregulated by authorities, it is illegal for them to operate. This can lead to heavy consequences in form of fines and other penalties.

Therefore, fake sports betting apps only present you with high risks and losses. The rewards are also very low and user satisfaction is unlikely to happen. Among other negative outcomes, they can bring you financial losses, put you in a problem with the law and even get you to serve your term in jail.

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Common Signs of Fake Sports Betting Apps

There are some signs that you can look out for to identify fake virtual sports betting apps. Let us check them out.

Unverified developers and app stores

Unlike legitimate betting apps, fake betting app developers hide their identities and portfolios from the public. This is because they are out to use the betting platform to steal from users and avoid getting punished for their crimes. Also, you may not find them on app stores or even on Google Play Store.

Poor user reviews and ratings

Because many users have been scammed on these fake sporting apps, users rate them very low and their reviews are all about their bad experience with the app.

Lack of official licensing and regulation

When trying to identify fake betting apps, try to verify their licensing and regulation status. You will come to see that they lack all of these and that’s why they go about freely, scamming their users.

The site has unrealistic bonuses or promotions

Scam bookmakers use bonuses and promotions that are too good to be true to lure their victims. You can compare with other betting apps to see the clear differences and make the best decision for your safety.

The site uses insecure methods of payment

Fake betting sites do not have a reliable security posture their security is poor and users’ data and financial details can easily get stolen. This also means it is very easy for hackers to gain unauthorised access and steal user data.

The site has poor customer service

Another important and very common way of identifying fake sports betting apps is through their customer service. The legitimate betting apps prioritise their customer services with robust responses while the fake ones will either ignore customer complaints or do not even have active customer service.

How to Identify and Avoid Fake Sports Betting Apps

Let us take a look at ways that you can easily identify and avoid fake betting apps

1. Researching the app developers and official app stores

One of the best ways is to verify the betting app developers. This entails looking up their website, company contact and their portfolios to see the projects that they have worked on.

You may also check to see if the developers include the sports betting app among their executed projects and if they offer post-launch support.

Also, perform good research on the existence of betting apps in reliable stores – App Store and Google Play Store.

Check for the following;

For official app store research

  • App store availability
  • App Store reviews
  • The sports betting app category

For app developer research do the following;

  • Check for the developer’s background
  • Look at the contact information and verify them
  • Privacy policy

2. Reading user reviews and ratings

Pay attention to reader reviews. Scrutinise everything they are saying and check their ratings for the sports betting app. You may even go further by asking them certain questions to seek clarity. See how other users are rating the apps. If all these are full of so much negativity and scam allegations, it’s a sports betting simulator for pulling scams.

3. Verifying licensing and regulation information

First of all, read reliable content on sports betting app compliance regulations and licensing.

Here are some top important questions to ask;

  • Is the app licensed by a reputable gaming commission?
  • Can you verify the license number?
  • Where is the app based? What is the app’s payout history?
  • What security measures does the app use?


4.Using reputable and trusted betting platforms

If you want to avoid fake sports betting app scams, you need to;

  • Use only licensed and regulated operators
  • Verify their licensing from time to time
  • Only bet on established betting app platforms with secure payment methods for deposits
  • Do not go after bonuses and promotions that are too good to be true.

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Practical Tips for Ensuring a Safe and Secure Betting Experience

Here are some important practical tips for you to ensure your safety and use secure-only sports betting apps;

Ensure to only download and install reliable antivirus and antimalware software

Do your best to avoid sideloading apps from unofficial sources

Always keep your sports betting apps and devices updated

Be cautious of phishing attempts and suspicious links

Do not fall for to-good to-be true promotions and bonuses

Explore 2-factor authentication method

Do not share your passwords with anyone

If you implement these steps, you will enjoy a safe and secure betting app experience.

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Conclusion on Fake Sports Betting Apps Scams

From our blog post so far, you can see that there is greater importance of thorough research and vigilance in app selection. As you gain knowledge on identifying fake sports betting apps, try to spread the word to other betters.

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