Flipkart ecommerce marketplace

Flipkart ecommerce marketplace

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Flipkart, the well-known Indian eCommerce site, has finally launched its AI voice assistant function to aid consumers with a flawless purchasing experience. Few people are aware that Flipkart is a Walmart-owned company that was founded in India. Flipkart, which was founded in 2007, has always been one of the first eCommerce retailers for Indians to purchase gadgets and technology. 

Voice Assistant with Artificial Intelligence Now available on Flipkart Supermart. 

Flipkart’s food division is known as Supermart, where the company offers a wide range of groceries products to Indian consumers. Given the present epidemic crisis, purchasing food online has become both important and safe. Flipkart, a well-known Indian eCommerce business, has decided to make food buying easier for customers by introducing a voice assistant option. 

Extension in the Future 

Flipkart is going to implement a voice assistant option in its other retail sectors shortly, according to reports in the IT industry. The voice assistant grocery app, on the other hand, isn’t a brand-new function for online eCommerce retailers. Instead, I’d summarize it as one of the needed features for any online retailers or applications in 2020. 

Support & Language 

Flipkart Supermart’s current AI-based voice assistant functionality is available in two languages: Hindi and English. The company might soon broaden its appeal by adding regional language support. 

According to MSN, Flipkart’s AI-based voice assistant grocery shopping app functionality is said to be ready for Android mobile application platforms. The same platform will be available for iOS and Website creation in the near future. 

Flipkart is a grocery shopping app. 

In the middle of the epidemic, one of the most popular segments in India is online grocery delivery. Along with BigBasket, Amazon, and Grofers, the Flipkart Supermart Grocery app is one of the best grocery delivery applications in India. Because of the present epidemic, Amazon has entered the food delivery business in a few Indian cities. 

In 2020, there will be considerable growth in the development of grocery shopping apps. Because of the unique virus that has spread throughout several nations, including India, people’s tastes and preferences for food shopping have altered. Today, when people desire to purchase just online, Flipkart has gone one step further to make their consumers’ purchasing experience easier, taking into account the safety and safeguards of COVID-19. 

People around the nation may use the voice assistant function in two main languages to quickly and simply buy their favourite supermarket brands without having to go through the whole category. It’s one of the most useful things a grocery delivery app could offer! 

How Does the Voice Assistant Feature Help Grocery App Users? 

The AI-assisted Voice Assistant feature ensures that various internal purchasing procedures are carried out with the aid of registered users’ voice commands. Users may easily use their voice to search for their favourite or required grocery goods, search for bargains and offers, filter results, and add or remove things from the basket before proceeding to the final payment procedure. 

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Flipkart-Style eCommerce Shopping App? 

It’s a terrific idea if you’re intending to establish an eCommerce business in India. We believe the design is spot-on in terms of the present state of online grocery demand and its potential future influence. People are increasingly opting for online grocery delivery in order to purchase just their preferred brands. 

As an entrepreneur, you must form a strong collaboration with the most recent grocery manufacturing firms in order to make their products accessible on your online grocery app. After you’ve established relationships with the companies, you’ll need to find the ideal eCommerce application development firm to create a unique and fully working grocery delivery apps like Flipkart or BigBasket. 

Grocery Delivery App Features 

Its qualities make it a fantastic grocery delivery app. We at iCoderz are really interested in building the necessary pieces for the application to run well. The three most popular supermarket delivery applications contain the key elements of a grocery delivery app: 

Apps for Customers, Grocery Owners, and Drivers/Delivery Partners 

encoders Solutions can assist you with all three application development processes, as well as the admin dashboard. We also provide two sorts of leading apps for grocery shop owners: a mobile app dashboard and a website dashboard for controlling their company. 

You may obtain a quotation from encoders Solutions for an on-demand grocery delivery application by clicking here. 

A Grocery Delivery App’s Cost-Budget 

Finally, let’s discuss the budget for the full grocery delivery service, which includes all three applications as well as the website dashboard. We at iCoderz recognize that building a whole food delivery system from the ground up takes a lot of time and money. As a result, we provide our customers with on-demand grocery delivery solutions for managing their whole grocery delivery network of outlets. You may book a free consultation with our business head to learn more about it. 

You must understand the full process of an eCommerce application, from the order placing to delivery, in order to design an eCommerce application like Flipkart, BigBasket, or Amazon. Also, before you construct an app, you should have all of your supermarket brand deals on hand to ensure that you have enough items to sell on your future grocery delivery app.

What’s all the fuss about Flipkart’s mobile app? Actually, quite a bit. This exclusive advice will show you which advantages will give you the most power. Put your cares aside and enjoy yourself! 

1. Discounts available exclusively via the app 

The Flipkart mobile app is your best choice for greater and better savings, whether you’re a real addict or a bargain shopper. Customers who buy using the Flipkart app may take advantage of a variety of exclusive incentives. Save money, take advantage of fantastic offers, and learn about new ones. Does this seem appealing to you? 

2. Go shopping wherever you are. 

You’re at the gym and realize you need a pair of wireless headphones, or you’re in a café and realize you need that fantastic tea steeper—with the app, you don’t have to wait until you get home to purchase it, and you won’t forget what you need. It’s always the correct location and time to shop because it’s always the right place and time! 

3. Be well-informed 

Don’t want to depend on your mother’s or friends’ frantic phone calls any longer? Then don’t do it. The Flipkart mobile app notifies you of upcoming deals, new goods that may interest you, and special offers. As an app user, you’ll receive all of your notifications on your phone and won’t miss out on any opportunities, sales, or discounts. Yay! 

4. Make better purchasing decisions 

Are you one of those persons who need to look at a thousand comparable things before deciding which one is the best? You may be as picky as you want using the Flipkart mobile app. With millions of goods and over 3,000 brands to choose from, the app provides a quick and easy method to compare products so you can choose one that meets your demands and is also less expensive. Alright! 

5. Listen to others’ suggestions and be motivated. 

There’s no better way to make wise shopping selections than to run them past your friends or family beforehand. Ping, a Flipkart mobile app feature, enables you to remain connected as you shop, allowing you to share your favourite goods and pages with your friends directly from the app. What if you see the ideal shoe or a leather briefcase on your way to work or while jogging around the park and know you have to have it? The Image Search feature allows you to snap a photo on the app, upload it, and search for the same or comparable items without having to type a thousand words to explain it. Double the enjoyment with two additional features! 

6. Create a wish list 

At first look, you can only adore a few things. A wishlist is there for anything else! Wishlist is a Flipkart mobile app feature that allows you to save all of the products you might like but want to think about (or share with friends and make a list of pros and cons). Wishlist allows you to come back at your leisure to view all of your potential selections without having to go through the trouble of searching for them all over again. Are you looking for a new handbag but aren’t sure whether you’re ready to make the purchase? Add it to your Wishlist and return to look at it when you’re ready. It’s as simple as pie! 

7. Make a backup of your files and memory. 

The software not only takes less than a minute to download, but it also consumes very little data and phone memory, making it far simpler on your phone than purchasing online. You can shop quicker with immediate access and ideal speed, and you won’t have to wait long for your order to be completed. What could be better than that? 

8. Make it simple to pay 

It’s never been easier to pay for your online purchases. You have the choice of choosing the convenient cash-on-delivery option or saving your payment details on the app and receiving confirmation emails and texts on the same device. This helps a lot since you don’t have to juggle several devices to keep track of your purchases, and you don’t have to waste time taking out your debit or credit card from your wallet or remembering your net banking id. 

9. Simple returns 

Not satisfied with your current situation? If you need to return or replace a product, you may do it right away, no matter where you are. If you suddenly realize you need to cancel a purchase but don’t have access to a computer or the time to go on to the website, you may do so using the app and get your request handled right away. That’s another thing you don’t have to be concerned about. 

10. On-the-fly tracking 

Have you chosen your heart’s desire, enlisted the help of your pals, and placed your order? The only thing left to do now is to wait. If you can’t stand waiting, the app will provide you with real-time updates on packing and shipping, as well as a timeline for when your item will arrive. Even if you’re not a control freak, it’s kind of cool.

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