Testing a Game Like PUBG: What to Consider?

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) games rank among the most common multiplayer games in the gaming industry and, when testing a game like PUBG, among other important things to consider, you will need to have an intricate attention to detail to pull up the best testing results.

Game players want a great experience while playing their favourite computer games. It gives a chilling feeling with refreshing excitement. but improving game play experience is no easy job for game testers and developers. Testing a game like PUBG requires you to keep a variety of factors in mind. Therefore, choosing the appropriate strategy is essential to resolving its intricate and crucial aspects. 

PUBG game testing, which has millions of gamers around the world, needs a thorough strategy to guarantee a seamless gameplay experience for the gamers. This is why when you are testing a game like PUBG, it will be best to consider every important aspect that goes from functional testing to compatibility testing. 

Doing this helps you to address and fix key user experience issues that are in the critical parts of the game. In order to properly tailor the gameplay testing approach, it is very important to consider the target audience which requires you to perform your  gameplay testing that will result in an outcome with guarantee that the game runs without any hitch or glitches. 

When drafting out your strategies in testing a game like PUBG, you must also take into account a number of potential difficulties and challenges that you are likely to encounter and will need to overcome. There are several such occurrences when performing multiplayer player testing and as you may already know, your PUBG needs to function as required/intended even when there is  high network traffic and load. 

We have carefully put up this blog post on the important things to consider when testing a game like PUBG. Learning from this blog post will therefore, help in guaranteeing that the game is stable and free of significant bugs to provide a fun experience.

What is (PUBG) Game Testing?

Game testing is a very important aspect of any game development process. It follows critical processes of evaluating different features of the game as well as the functionalities with the aim of ensuring that the final product meets user requirement and quality standards of gaming softwares.

Gameplay testing experts are the best testers to handle game testing as they can spot rare issues and bugs with the app and help put up a comprehensive report or recommendation for the best solutions to addressing them before the game is finally launched.

Game testing requires knowledge of both gaming software and software development. It also requires the testers to have an eye for details and the dev team to have strong problem solving skills. 

There are basically three important things to aim at achieving in game testing; meeting standards, great gaming quality and fun. Besides, what is even a gaming experience that is not entertaining, and enjoyable? 

Game testing activities involve gameplay testing, multiplayer game testing, usability testing, bug tracking, performance analysis, and more. It is by carefully performing these activities that the game developers can identify and address the issues with the game before they are released to the real users.

Therefore, in testing a game like PUBG, all of the aforementioned under game testing are given serious considerations including multiplayer testing, UI testing and other functionalities of the game design. The gameplay testing helps create a comprehensive report that is very helpful to the development team in meeting their goals of creating the best gaming software for best user experience that offers fun, quality and good standards.

Is Testing A Game Like PUBG Different from Regular Testing?

Oh super yes! PUBG game testing is very different from regular testing. According to Testbites, when it comes to testing a game likePUBG, “it is essential to be precise and follow up every single detail.”

Some important aspects where testing a game like PUBG is different is tied to the user behaviours, user requirements, game features and the multiplayer nature of the game. Most importantly, the highly unpredictable nature of PUBG, like every other mobile game, makes its testing more difficult, making the testing type stand out from regular testing types.

In  any multiplayer game testing, user behaviours are like the major impacts of the test designs, testing goals and when these are not in their best, can cause variations in the bounce rate. 

Sometimes, game testing challenges leave the testers with little or no good knowledge of the boundaries and so, testing game testing considerations need to be very thorough to guarantee that every player has a positive and seamless experience. 

Game testing considerations and challenges may also revolve around the user devices and their software versions because they can have adverse impacts on the user gaming experience. 

In testing a game like PUBG, make sure you do all it takes to keep the user experience at the best level. on no account should that be compromised and this is irrespective of the user devices -be it laptops or mobile devices.

What are the Differences Between Regular Testing and Mobile Game Testing?

In regular testing, testers verify the software to ensure it meets the set requirements.

In game testing, game testers use a specialised form of software testing designed specifically for mobile games. 

In regular testing, there is a focus on the functionality, usability, compatibility, security, and performance, while when testing a game like PUBG, the game testers prioritise user experience. By this we mean game testers pay keen attention to graphics, sound effects, controls, gameplay mechanics and other aspects related to the gaming experience. 

While there are differences between regular testing and game testing, testing is very important in ensuring that the game and software meets the user and QA requirement for excellent user experience.

What are the Different PUBG Game Testing Considerations

Here are some important considerations when testing your game like PUBG.

Consider the PUBG Game’s Graphics

When testing a game like PUBG, one of the most important considerations is to ensure that the graphics are of the highest qualities. Research has shown that it is best for excellent user experience and you know that when it comes to PUBG, the plates operate in real time, so graphics must be top notch. 

There would be several challenges with ensuring your game has the best graphic quality  but you must ensure that as your game graphic is high and excellent, it has no negative effect on the interactivity and responsiveness of the game.

PUBG game testing with graphics in mind, involves processes that ensures the final product of the game does not experience frequent lagging, glitches or crashes. Considering these goals, game testers deploy the use of stress testing.

With the proper testing methodologies in place for your PUBG game testing, it is possible to determine the actual speed or performance of a game on a mobile device and it is found to not up to the requirement, it needs to be fixed by the development teams.

A game’s stress level or graphics can be checked using a variety of tools. This will help you understand a game’s shortcomings and analyse how it functions in a real-world setting. You will also get a sense of how busy the traffic will be and how it will function under pressure.

Multi Player Function

When testing a game like PUBG, you must consider performing multiplayer game testing because the game itself is a multiplayer game that takes place in a live setting. It uses a single platform to allow players to compete against other players in real time.

These multi players could be close friends, family members, strangers, etc. You can picture the disappointment on the user end, if the multiplayer player function fails while the players are having their moments in real time. 

Therefore, if you are testing a game like PUBG, multiplayer game testing  must be taken into consideration. It helps in overcoming the challenges of multiplayer set up on devices as well as how well the data is transferred or interacts with the server without having any negative effects on the user experience.

Multiplayer game testing when testing a game like PUBG would be best performed by experienced game testers – those who understand how the game should function and how the best multiplayer features and functions should perform for enhanced user experience. Also, you will need expert multiplayer game testers because the process can be complex and requires detailed reports just as it requires detailed understanding from the testers.

Another good reason to use experienced game testers for the multiplayer game testing is because such testers need to understand other critical and potential bugs or glitches that are very common in multiplayer features and functions during game plays so that they can help you in identifying these challenges and adequately addressing them.

With multiplayer the functionality in mind, when testing a game like PUBG, you will easily ensure that the final product meets user requirements and is enjoyable by two or more players.

Social Media Integration

Another important thing to consider when testing a game like PUBG is its social media integration.vBy doing this, you are broadening the game appeal and improving its social aspect. 

Social media integration testing requires testers to perform important tests that would ensure that the game is well integrated witht important social media platforms and all performance issues are avoided. 

Also, the role of social media testing when testing a game like PUBG ensure that user data will not be compromised and that the feature works without having negative effects on other aspects of the gaming experience.

Remember that we are in the age of social media as a lot of people are on social platforms for many reasons. Considering social media intergations are intact when testing your game like PUBG will go a long way ensuring the success of your game.

Furthermore, social media integration may be tested and ensure that it is good to go as a powerful promotion technique for your game on different social media platforms.

User Interface

User interface is one of the best components of any gaming software and contributes greatly to ensuring user interactivity is smooth while using the game software. This is why it is very important to consider the user interface when testing a game like PUBG.

User interfaces deserve all the attention because they are capable of drawing or chasing users away. Also, it determines how well the game or user responds

When testing a game like PUBG, consider asking and answering these questions for the best user interface testing outcomes.

  • Is a game’s resolution perfect?
  • Do you believe these features will satisfy gamers who play games?
  • Are all the features to be marked regardless of the player’s actions?

Important Types of  PUBG Game Testing That You Need to Kno

Aside from the important consideration when testing a game like PUBG, you need to also know the important types of testing. Here are some of the top best.

Functional Testing Type

Functional testing is one of the most important types of testing to deploy when testing a game like PUBG. It is designed and implemented with the aim of verifying the effectiveness and product type by carefully testing and even validating the game’s function, including the user interface, graphics, and features. 

Functional testing in game testing is a process that enables testers to gather insightful information about the performance of the game and spot problems that require fixing. then go ahead to address the problems so that the final users can have the required user experience.

Testing for compliance or conformance

Do not just focus on the most attractive aspects of your game and forget to test for compliance. This is very crucial when testing a game like PUBG.

When designing or implementing this type of testing in your PUBG software, you must keep an eye out for information that may violate any conforming criteria. To simply put it, the main purpose and goal of this type of testing is to guarantee that any incorrect content does not have an impact on a website’s ranking.

Sound Testing

You must test for sound when testing a game like PUBG. Remember that the game players want to have fun with their friends and families and sound will definitely play an important role in ensuring that they get the best sound quality. 

The role of sounds in the gaming sector is very important as they can serve to offer cues, maintain suspense, offer situational awareness, etc to the players. As a result, an expert tester needs to be well-versed in a variety of audio topics, including colour commentary, file loading, CC profilers, etc. 

Sound testing is however, not so easy or cheap. It requires skilled testers with the right sound tools, knowledge about trending sounds or music, corresponding colours and much more. Remember that in your game, the choice of sounds need to correspond with the situation that is about to happen or is already happening.

Performance Testing

As you think of your sounds, so should you think of the game’s function and performance. 

This is very important when testing a game like PUBG because the game is a multiplayer game and users will step up on real time platforms to compete or just have fun. You must test the performance aspect to ensure that everything is working as they should and your users are not in any potential fall for performance failures.

Performance testing in game play testing may involve response time testing, response time, transaction time, network coverage, peak load performance, low battery, memory leakage, lifespan, application download, low memory, and so on. 

Lastly,  performance testing is useful when testing a game like PUBG because it will help you in finding and addressing network connectivity, memory and processor restrictions, graphics use, among many others..


As you think of the best considerations when testing a game like PUBG, ensure you follow the best processes, and put everything we have mentioned in the blog post into use and you will have a good result.

If you need any help or assistance in testing your game like PUBG, feel free toreach out ot us.

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