What is Quality Assurance? definition, principles and factors

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You may refer to Quality Assurance (QA) services as preventative strategies with the aim of improving both the productivity and quality of the products and services being produced. QA follows a process that emphasises product design and the procedures that are associated with it. With QA, you can closely follow up with product’s design based on how it should be such that the deviations are kept to a minimum, and it works to achieve this. 

The purpose of Quality Assurance is to primary:

  • Begin by determining the most critical factor contributing to non-compliance.
  • Next, eliminate as many factors contributing to the problem as possible.
  • Finally, take steps to prevent a repeat of the non-compliance in the future.

Quality Assurance process creates quality at the initial stage of production. So, during the product design, QA ensures that the product satisfies the required standards and customer specifications. 

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What Are the Factors That Affect Quality Assurance?

Organisations have their own ways of doing thing and when it comes to QA, there are different factors determine the efficiency and enhancement of the Quality Assurance procedures chosen and utilised by an organisation.

  • The level of difficulty of the final result.
  • A product must go through the recommended QA steps before it is finished.
  • The precision with which the procedures are carried out

Quality Control is a part of all processes. Instead, it is incorporated into the Total Quality Management (TQM), or quality management system.

The following are necessary at each stage of production.stages;

  • A system of internal controls
  • compliance audits, 
  • process controls, 
  • employee training, and worker engagement 

What Are the Key Functions of Quality Assurance, and Why Are They Important?

Quality Assurance (QA) methods act to resolve concerns involving the following three fundamental functions of quality assurance: 

  • Defining  quality
  • Assessing the level of quality
  • Enhancing the quality of

Defining Quality

When we talk about defining quality, what we are really talking about is the development of quality standards. With QA, it is very possible to set and create different standards. The standards include inputs, procedures and the outputs.

The standards might be administrative or  even clinical. The degree of performance that is considered acceptable for a person, an institution, or the whole healthcare system is outlined in the standards. A good standard is dependable, achievable, legitimate, transparent, and quantifiable.

Assessing the level of quality

There are different methods for assessment and improvement. These methods, when used in the right ays, can help in bridging any gaps that may exist between the current level of quality and the anticipated levels.

Methods of assessment and improvement include; issue resolution, process re-design, and re-engineering, are used throughout the Assessment Quality process 

Enhancing the quality

Quantifying the present level of performance or conformance with anticipated criteria is an essential part of measuring quality. To complete this process successfully, defining performance indicators, collecting data, and analysing information is necessary. 

The process of defining quality is closely connected with the process of measuring quality because the indicators for measuring quality are tied to the particular definition or standard of quality that is being investigated. If standards are used to define quality, then measuring quality means determining the extent to which something complies with those criteria. 

Because the indicators are directly derived from the expression of the standards, it is thus simpler to measure quality when there is a clear definition or standard. In a similar vein, assessing quality leads immediately to the identification of areas that may be improved or enhanced, which is the first step in the process of improving quality.

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What are the Quality Assurance Principles?

The First Principle: Customer attention

The first one, which is also the most significant, maintains that a company can’t continue operating without its clientele. As a result, businesses should have a deeper understanding of their existing and prospective customers to meet their requirements and expectations more effectively.

Increasing market share and increasing revenue are two of the most important benefits that come from building solid relationships with customers in mind. Another significant benefit is that it strengthens customer loyalty. Because your company’s success is virtually certain if you have a reputation for comprehending customers’ needs and appropriately responding to those needs, you must pay special attention to this idea.

The Second Principle: Leadership

This concept lauds the benefits of effective leadership, which is guided by a clear purpose and brings people together. It is the job of leaders to establish an atmosphere in the workplace that is productive and forward-thinking. In addition, it is also their responsibility to see to it that new employees uphold the same culture.

To put this principle into practice at your company, you must first have a clearly-defined vision for the company and the correct executives in place to communicate that vision to the rest of the team. Investing some effort now to ensure that you have everything under control will save you both time and stress in the long run.

The Third Principle: Participation of Individuals and Groups

One of the principles of Quality Assurance is to acknowledge and utilise different skills set to achieve the overall goal of creating quality products, set good standards and meet the users or customers’ needs. The principle aligns with the thoughts that a company or a business only goes far if it has teams comprising of people with different skills

As a matter of importance, employers should ensure they have a team who are always motivated and are happily involved in both completing their daily tasks and intentional about making sure their efforts contribute to the overall growth of the company.

To achieve this, the company can ensure that employees are knowledgeable about the importance of their various positions and how one individual efforts can affect the whole workflow. This will help them in giving their best on the job.

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The Fourth Principle: Taking a Methodical Approach

Companies can prevent logistical challenges by taking a process-driven approach. These problems frequently arise when employees need clarification on the best way to do things. It also helps your company prepare for the future by ensuring no moments of pure panic if a key team member leaves the company and everyone is left clueless about important aspects of their jobs. But, again, this is made possible by having well-defined processes.

Developing procedures for each aspect of your company, from sales to marketing, and from finance to human resources, will ensure that your resources are utilised most efficiently, leading to cost-effective and consistent outcomes. It also enables you to devote your time and attention to more challenging and interesting activities.

The Fifth principle: a methodical approach to management

This principle is connected to the one that came before it and asserts that recognizing, comprehending, and managing processes by utilizing a transparent system will assist in streamlining your company’s operations. As a result, you may boost your company’s productivity and reduce the time lost by ensuring that members of your team devote the appropriate amount of attention to essential responsibilities.

A methodical strategy also makes it possible for everyone to have access to every stage of specific procedures and to remain up to date with the progress being made. Additionally, when your company is organized, it gives off an excellent impression to potential new customers. Win-win.

The Sixth Principle: Continual improvement

If you aren’t progressing toward your goals, then assume that you are making them further away from you. Any company worth its salt should always be looking for ways to enhance its operations because if it doesn’t, you can bet that its rivals will be doing just that.

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The Quality Assurance principle says any successful organization should always strive to make continuous advancements toward their goals. If you look at the most successful companies in the world, you can be assured that each one of them has entire teams very committed to ensuring that they are continually moving on to the next thing. A dedication to betterment also makes it possible for you to take the lead in the market because you will be the one who determines the course of action rather than having to play catch-up with your rivals.

The Seventh Principle: Fact-based deliberation

According to this guiding principle, effective decisions are founded on the reasonable interpretation of data. While going with your instincts can be helpful in certain circumstances, it won’t cut it when you’re trying to explain to the board of investors why your company’s profits are down by 10% this year.

Ensure that you have all of the facts before making any business decisions, whether large or minor. In this way, if you are ever questioned about why you took a particular decision or if you are asked to justify how making that decision benefits your organization or product sales, you will have all of the facts at your disposal to provide as support. This notion is dependent, in addition, on access to reliable and accurate data, which is another essential component for a modern-day company and why they engage in Quality Assurance services.

The Eight Principle: Maintaining Supplier Relations That Are Win-Win for Both Parties

You’ve got a terrific management system, good customer relationships, and a detailed business plan, right? However, there is still something that needs to be added, and that is what it is that you provide to your clients.

Whether your company offers products or services to its clientele, there is a significant chance that it will rely on a third-party provider. According to this Quality Assurance principle, the relationships your firm maintains with any of its suppliers must be advantageous to both sides to be considered valuable to either party. If things are going smoothly and harmoniously between the two of you, not only will it be easier for you to negotiate prices, but it will also allow you to respond to consumer requests in a more timely and adaptable manner.

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What are the three primary functions of Quality Assurance?

  • Define quality
  • Assess Quality
  • Improve Quality

What are the Quality Assurance Principles?

There are about eight standard quality assurance principles. You can refer to the article above to learn about them.

Can I hire Prometteur for Quality Assurance Service?

Yes, you can reach out to us to discuss your QA needs, and we will offer you the best.

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