10 Must-Try Android App Testing Frameworks to Enhance App Quality

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Hello and welcome! Do you want to learn about Android App testing frameworks?

If your answer is yes then this blog is perfect for you.

Android app testing frameworks are some of the best tools that you can actually rely on for different types of android app testing services. One of their benefits is the automation powers and how fast they scale your testing and produce accurate results with little or no human inputs.

To blow the trumpet louder, some of the app testing frameworks for android in stores for you do not even require testers to know a single line of code before they can use them for their testing needs.

Today, we want to discuss the 10 best android app testing frameworks for you. We have designed this blog post to inform you of these amazing android app automation tools with useful tips on the benefits that they offer, their features and how they work.

We hope that by the end of the blog post, you will have a good knowledge of android app testing frameworks and how you can choose the best for your testing requirements.

Now let us go right into the main content, shall we?

Android app automation testing requires the best team. Let us help you hire the best teams.

What is an Android App Testing Framework?

Android testing is a crucial step in the application creation industry because it helps in ensuring that the app functions as originally designed and as intended. Android testing also ensures that an application is free of bugs, by identifying and offering the best recommendations to addressing them.

Android testing further does a good job to offer a smooth user experience which leads to increased trust and value for the final product in the minds of the customers or users.

Android testing can be facilitated by using android app testing frameworks to make it faster, easier and to meet the testing requirements.

Therefore, android app testing frameworks can be referred to as the tools that android app testers use in performing tests on the app before and after releasing to the users.

One of the most popular android app testing frameworks is Appium because of its features and functionalities, including the power of automation that it comes with which makes the whole testing process to be seamless, enjoyable and fast.

There are several android app testing frameworks, so much that you may sometimes be confused as per which particular framework to choose for your tests. In the next section, we will be highlighting and discussing the 10 best testing frameworks for android apps that you can always consider selecting from whenever the need arises.

Best Testing Framework for Android Apps

You do not need to have to deal with a long list of android app testing frameworks to choose from. Here are the 10 best testing frameworks for android app for you.

Appium Android App Testing Framework

Appium is an android app testing framework that is very suitable for automating mobile tests for native, hybrid, and web apps on iOS and Android.  It can interact with IOS and Android operating systems by internally using the Selenium WebDriver

Appium brings several benefits to the best android app testing framework seekers with its feature and functionalities, including allowing testers to write their test scripts in almost any major programming language, including Java, Objective-C, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, and C# are typical examples. 

Other benefits of this amazing testing framework for Android apps include freedom from having to choose tools, its compatibility with the two most important operating systems (Android and iOS), and freedom from having to install and maintain software.

Appium android app testing tool is like the favourite among testers’ favourite tools lists.

Detox Android App Testing Framework

Android app automation testing requires the best team. Let us help you hire the best teams.

Detox Android app testing framework is a JavaScript based testing framework that quickly performs a thorough app testing as soon as the app is launched. It is faster than many other android app test automations tools because it does not need third party integrations before it can deliver a mind blowing  android mobile app testing experience.

With the Detox android app testing framework, test execution is incredibly quick and reliable. Detox is not yet supported to run on actual iOS devices, which is like its major shortcoming, especially when you compare it to other android app automation testing tools. However, Bitbar supports Detox tests on Android-based devices.

The features of the app include

  • Test automation
  • you can integrate with react native written apps
  • It is way faster than Appium since it does not require external tools to execute test cases
  • With a good API documentation, it easily and quickly picks up to deliver a refreshing testing experience.

Espresso Android App Testing Framework

The Expresso android app automation testing framework ranks among the best for android app testers and we will tell you why.

First of all, the android app testing framework was created by Google. So you know you cant go wrong with this tool since it was built by the tech giant themselves.

Google developers are like the best in the world and they do not just build software solutions but backed by quality data which means the features and functionality of the Expresso android app testing framework have been designed to meet most of the tester’s requirements.

With this framework, developers and testers can create and improve their user interfaces. The tool has a portable, straightforward and easy to use API which can be used to create the best Android app UI tests.

Espresso Android app automation testing framework is supported by a strong community as well as a very good API level so there is really no need for testers to spend so much time performing android app tests.

And interestingly, because there is no need for sleeps, it is quite dependable, synchronising with the UI thread, and quick (tests run in the same millisecond as an app becomes idle). 

However, Expresso does not also support webviews.

Calabash Android App Testing Framework

If you have read a lot of literary works, especially African prose or drama, Calabash is like a local type of container in many African cultures, but this Calabash is very different. lol!

Calabash is one of the best android app testing frameworks that accommodates android, IOS and hybrid app testing.

It is one of the simplest android app testing frameworks in the market as it offers easy to use syntax, features, and functionalities that makes it easy for even beginners and non tech savvy people to utilize it for testing.

It is also a test automation tool for app testing and the language base test are Cucumber, which is converted to Robotium at runtime.

Many testers love working with this android app testing framework because about 80 different natural language commands (controllers) are supported, and new controllers can be added using the Ruby or Java programming languages.

There are also several Calabash resources online and on their official site which offer useful insights on how best to utilize the framework for your android app tests.

UI Automator Android App Testing Framework

Android app automation testing requires the best team. Let us help you hire the best teams.

UI Automator is one of the best Android App Testing Frameworks you can find today. The tool allows testers to perform android app tests and android game tests.

This takes the testing experience to a new level because the UIAutomator comes with special features and functions that allow users to test the user interface (UI) of native Android apps on one or more devices using Google’s test framework. 

But that is not all about this app testing framework for Android, Another benefit of UI Automator is that it executes JUnit test cases with special permissions, allowing test cases to run concurrently across multiple processes. Additionally, it offers five distinct classes for programmers to use.

UIAutomator only functions on Android devices with an API level of 16 or higher, just like when it was created. 

However, it has its own shortcomings, like other test automation tools. The UI Automator’s lack of support for Webview and inability to directly access Android objects is another drawback.

Robotium Android App Testing Framework

If none of the above android app testing frameworks suit or entice you, look towards the Robotium framework. It is undoubtedly the most popular Android testing framework in the beginning of the Android era.

Robotium is an open-source library that adds many practical methods to JUnit for testing the Android UI. It offers strong and reliable automatic black-box test cases for web testing and native and hybrid Android apps. You can use the tool to create function, system, and acceptance test scenarios as well as test applications with available source codes.

Selendroid Robotium Android App Testing Framework

The Selendroid android app testing framework is a free and open-source tool that offers testers several benefits, especially when it comes to performing automation testing on android apps with Selenium 2 API.

Selendroid works by communicating with different devices, simulators or emulators and still offers strong support for both native and hybrid apps. It comes with a powerful feature that allows it to work with different languages including major ones like Java, Ruby and Python.

Selendroid can inspect and interact with several UI elements during testing. This is one of its major features and what sets it apart from other best android app testing frameworks.

Like Calabash, Appium and others, it is very easy to use as it offers easier ways of writing complex test scripts.

From all that we have said about this tool so far, it is only right to say that the Selendroid android app automation framework is a well-liked option for Android app testing for developers and businesses looking to deliver high-quality applications.

Kobiton Robotium Android App Testing Framework

The next best mobile app testing tool on our list is the Kobiton framework. It is a cloud-based android mobile app testing platform that offers  full support for android and iOS. 

Kobiton is a framework that allows developers and even Quality assurance experts to use different operating systems and devices to optimally perform the best mobile app testing.

It enables for fast and reliable process that detects eros and vulnerabilities as well as helping to properly address them for better quality.

What then is its key advantage? We would say compatibility. Kobiton has a very high level of compatibility, allowing popular automation testing frameworks such as Appium and the Espresso to integrate with the technology for better and enhanced functions. Additionally, Kobiton offers thorough test reports, analytics, and collaboration features that enable teams to quickly resolve problems.

AWS Farm Android App Testing Framework

Android app automation testing requires the best team. Let us help you hire the best teams.

Have you heard of the AWS farm android app testing framework? It is one of the best in the market and like a lot of other good app frameworks, it offers amazing benefits to testers and developers. It is a mobile app testing platform for the cloud that Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers.

In order to quickly and effectively identify and fix problems, it enables developers to test their Android applications on a variety of real devices hosted in the cloud.

AWS farm offers scalability, a feature which many android app testing frameworks do not have, and allows testers to perform their tests on different devices using configurations.

This is like one of its key selling points over other tools. and there is no faking the hype. AWS farm is a fantastic tool for testing.

Other benefits of the tool include allowing testers to perform cloud based testing and increase speed and accuracy. other benefits are;

  • Enables scaling
  • The incorporation of well-known testing frameworks.
  • Options for testing are numerous.

MonkeyRunner Android App Testing Framework

The MonkeyRunner Android App Testing Framework is like an offspring from Google and it is used for android app automation testing services with some amazing benefits.

Both native and hybrid apps can be tested using it, and it enables developers to build robust automated tests for their Android applications.

MonkeyRunner’s major benefit to testers it on its powerful scripting API. The API is built in way that allows developers and testers to easily create and execute complex test cases.

Also, the framework supports other testing like performance testing, load testing, stress testing and even functional testing on android applications.

MonkeRunner android app testing framework has some challenges though. A typical example is that it needs testers who are tech savvy to work with it.

In order word, it can be a very frustrating tool in the hands of non technical testers or beginners. Another flaw is that the tool isn’t actively maintained, which could lead to compatibility issues with future Android updates.


As you continue your journey into android app testing, the future of mobile app testing looks even more promising as many business owners are paying more attention to QA services as well as using mobile app solutions to ease the stress of doing business.

Offering the best android app testing services to them at the software development life cycle level will certainly help in ensuring that the final product meet user requirements.

So there you have it. The best automation mobile app testing tools for your android app tests.

As experts in the field of android app testing, we know how difficult it can be to trim down your list of most preferred testing tools and other needs that would help you to get the best result.

This is one of the reasons we have decided to write this blog post. To keep you informed, and to help you have a comprehensive list that will serve as a guide and will help you in getting the best insights of android app testing frameworks to select from.

Let us help you select the best testing framework for Android apps. We can also help you to perform your android tests..Reach out to us now.

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