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Building mobile applications is currently a necessity for most companies that want to go far in their respective industries. And for this reason, many brands are always looking for smart, cost-effective ways to leverage existing technologies, which has resulted in the popularity of react native app development companies built with the React Native framework.

Mobile application development is one of the major concerns of modern sales and marketing experts these days. The number of people that interact with mobile applications is staggering.

For instance, users in the United States spend nothing less than two hours and 15 minutes every day using mobile apps. Cumulatively, that is more than one month every year. In places like Mexico, South Korea, and Brazil, for instance, individuals living in these countries can spend up to 3 hours per day interacting with the various applications on their mobile devices.

This is probably why about 77 percent of people prefer using a smartphone or other mobile devices over a PC.

And since data from Google indicates that over 58 percent of users affirm that they use their mobile devices for shopping-related activities and 66 percent do that every week, it makes sense that companies will go all out to invest in developing quality mobile applications to showcase their presence on mobile.

React Native Development vs. Pure Native Development

The best – and most intuitive – method to build a mobile application is by developing it using native technology such as Kotlin and Java on Android and Objective-C and Swift for iOS. But these two dominant operating systems will require the development of two parallel mobile applications which can be cumbersome.

Developers had to start looking for ways to simplify their presence on these dominating platforms, and that is when the React Native framework came into play.

How React Native Apps Work

React Native Framework allows a react native mobile app developer to use JavaScript to build quality applications that work seamlessly on both platforms. React Native is a real mobile app, making it pretty difficult to distinguish it from native applications.

The React Native framework is also highly flexible, making it possible for developers to incorporate native codes into the application and integrate it seamlessly. If there is any need to solve a challenge with the native code – whether it is integrating with exotic or unsupported API or leveraging a device-specific function – using React Native development or JavaScript will never be a hindrance.

React Native was developed by the King of Social Media, Facebook, and is presently used by Bloomberg, Discord, Instagram, and other huge brands around the world.

React Native works by generating a JavaScript thread that interprets JavaScript code that communicates with native components under the table. The interpreted JavaScript code will be converted into an Android TextView.

Similarly, if a developer creates a button in React Native, it will internally create an Android view. And when the Android view is clicked, it dramatically forwards the click from native code to Javascript.

Benefits of React Native Apps

react native app development company

Optimal Performance

React Native is a genuine asset when it comes to enhancing performances through modules and native control. The React Native connects to the native components for both operating systems and then generates a code to the native APIs freely and upfront. Performance improves based on the simple fact that it utilizes a different thread from the native APIs and user interface (UI).

Speeds up Development, thereby Saving a Lot of Money

What makes React Native so appealing in the world of app development is that building your app can be done once using one programming language such as JavaScript.

Purely native approaches require developers to use separate codes for building two different applications – i.e. one for Android and one for iOS from scratch.

And since only one code will be written, React Native implies at least two times reduced costs for both the building and maintenance of applications since only one small team of app developers will get the job done successfully.

And of course, the developers must possess in-depth knowledge and experience at establishing better communication with others.

Furthermore, for people that built their websites using React, React Native can easily reuse the existing code. Approximately 90 percent of the codebase can be utilized across both platforms. Therefore, it is easy to conclude that React Native saves up to 30 percent of costs compared to purely native technologies. However, the exact amount you save will depend on the complexity and number of platform-specific features you want.

Minimized Debugging Headache

The delivery of one application on two significant platforms significantly reduces the effort and time with optimization and debugging. Moreover, this implies that a single application build will entail only the monitoring of only one backlog, one set of bugs to fix, and one version to update.

What’s more, JavaScript is an easy programming language for most app developers. Tracing bugs does not require much effort even though the process is not as automated as Java in which the compiler is quick to spot any bugs.react native app development company

Large Corporations Use React Native

Facebook developed React Native in 2015, and three years later, the tool had grown to be fully recognized and predominantly utilized by Fortune 500 organizations including Skype, Airbnb, Instagram, Tesla, Walmart, Pinterest, Adidas Glitch, and so much more.

Facebook has shown outstanding commitment to the React Native project, and therefore invests substantial resources and time to enhance the framework and release updates from time to time. Support from Facebook is top-notch, making React Native a future-proof and highly stable choice.

User-friendly Interface

React Native offers a user-friendly and highly simplified mobile User Interface. This is why the tool is often referred to as an open-source Javascript library, instead of just a react native framework.

In other words, React Native is the best choice for those who want to develop apps without missing the sequence. The tool significantly reduces loading time while offering highly responsive UI designs.

Supports Third-party Plugins

React Native actively supports third-party plugins that offer several options which include JavaScript modules as well as native modules. This is because there are no components in the react native framework.

For example, if a user implements any Map in their application, React Native allows the user to do so by connecting the plugin with a third-party or native module.

React Native Apps are More Stable

One of the unique features of React Native is the ability to simplify the process of data binding. This results in making your applications more stable while boosting the level of reliability.

React Native only allows the updating of permitted components. If you need to make some modifications, just change and then apply the updates.

Live Reload

One cool feature that React Native app exhibits is live reloading. Once you save a JavaScript file, React speedily repackages the JavaScript bundle and transports it to the device, displaying the change in real-time without the need to recompile the apk.

The iteration loop in React Native is incredibly faster than native applications. Building user interfaces in Android is, in most cases, a non-stop loop of experiments or trial and error, tweaking values very slightly.

Changes appear almost instantly instead of waiting for at least 10 seconds or more for your apk to recompile.

react native app development company

Large Community of App Developers

React Native is an open-source JavaScript platform that gives room for every developer that knows his/her onions to freely contribute to the framework, thus allowing users to take total advantage of this community-driven innovative technology.

Any developer that gets stuck in the process of developing a react mobile application can ask for help from members of the community. And the individual will receive the assistance that is required.

This incredibly large community of developers is an excellent place for budding developers to learn from other developers that share their experiences and portfolios. And as time goes on, newbie developers honing their skills every day will eventually become professionals themselves.

Example of React Native Apps

The following are examples of companies who are experimenting with React Native apps and sticking with them for the long run. They include:

  • Facebook Ads Manager
  • Bloomberg
  • UberEATS
  • Townske
  • Gyroscope
  • Instagram
  • Airbnb
  • Discord
  • Myntra
  • 2048
  • Walmart
  • Discovery VR
  • Skype
  • Wix
  • Tesla

Engaging the Best React Native App Development Company For Projects

There are myriads of react native app development companies out there today. Getting the right company with the right team of React Native mobile app developers that will meet your expectations can be challenging.

If you have ever asked yourself the question of how to get the best React Native app developer that will capture your unique ideas and vision for a future application, the following tips will help you out:

Reviews and Portfolio

The first thing you should do before you even shortlist a React Native mobile app developer is to check out the company’s reviews and work portfolio. The work portfolio of the company will give you an excellent idea of the skillset, capabilities as well as advantages of the team.

You will also get to know the level of the corporate expertise of the team of react mobile developers.

Customer reviews shed a different light on the expertise of an app development company. Most of the reviews are usually given by individuals that have worked with the app development company in the past.

And they will be able to provide unbiased feedback on the service, expertise, and commitment of the React Native app development team.react native app development company

Technologies are fast evolving almost at the speed of light, and so any React Native mobile app developer you want to work with must keep abreast of the latest discoveries and innovations in the tech universe.

A professional react mobile app developer must be well-versed in JavaScript and be able to integrate excellent third-party plugins that will enable a smooth flow of operation of the mobile application.

The professional react native mobile app developer must also be great at rendering ongoing support in case users of your React Native mobile application encounter glitches that must be cleared away as soon as possible.

Most React Native app development companies state the peculiarities of tech expertise in their websites, portfolios, and business profiles. Go and check each one of them out to ensure the expert or team of developers has the required technical know-how to turn your vision and idea into a hugely successful mobile application.

The Developer’s Desire and Potential to Innovate

A proficient and highly dedicated React Native mobile app development company or team should have an in-depth desire to suggest and rapidly implement innovative ideas along with the client paying for the service.

The team of developers must be willing to understand the desire of the client thoroughly and be able to interpret it in the exact way the client wants. But that is not all; the developers must be able to reproduce that idea in the form of the React Native mobile application efficiently.

Great React Native app development companies must be able to instill some special and unique features which will make your mobile app stand out from a competitor’s.

All-round Performance

Building a React Native mobile app is not only about coding but also the overall performance and look of the application. Mobile application development, in most cases, is a complicated process that undergoes several stages, including UI/UX design, coding, UX design research, prototyping, and continuous user testing.

The best React Native app development company should provide a full package of these exclusive services without cutting corners in any way. And in the end, they will provide a smooth mobile app performance and a great app user experience.

There is no denying the fact that React Native is a solid competitor to purely native app development as well as other mobile frameworks. The React Native framework comes with several advantages and only a handful of disadvantages.

React Native can be written in one of the simplest programming languages known as JavaScript and launched on Android and iOS platforms.

So if you are ready to explore new technology for business growth, React Native App is the way to go. Head over to Prometteur Solutions to get started.

React Native App Development Services offered by Prometteur solutions

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  • React Native App UI/UX Design
  • React Native App Maintenance & Support
  • React Native App Integration
  • Independent Testing
  • React Native App Consultation

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