5 Best Ways Tech Companies Can Hire the Best International Talent

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If you have been asking the following question;

  • How can I recruit someone from another country? 
  • How do I find and recruit foreign talent? 
  • What exactly is international hiring? 
  • What is the significance of foreign recruitment? 
  • Why do businesses recruit overseas workers?

You have landed in the perfect blog because this article is for you as we have answered your questions in this content. So read on to find out.

After Covid came with its economic crises on a global scale, Technology was one of the few areas that helped grow worldwide employment. As a result, companies were encouraged to think of better ways to hire candidates as the demand for tech talent increased. This paved the way for global hiring.

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What is international hiring?

International hiring entails scouting and hiring the best talent from around the world.

Hiring overseas workers was already common among businesses before 2019. However, with Covid-19 and the development of remote work, development firms began to investigate the merits of recruiting overseas talent. After realizing the many benefits, most firms now take advantage of international recruiting and embrace the global talent pool.

Businesses see diversity, creativity, and innovation as crucial growth indicators. However, this expansion is only feasible if organizations widen their hunt for the appropriate personnel outside national lines.

Some of the largest MNCs, such as Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, and Apple, have recognized that recruiting tech talent is competitive and challenging. As a result, they are employing the most remarkable tech talent worldwide.

Why are IT firms seeking international talent?

Did you know that it takes around 35 days in the United States to recruit a candidate for a developer post and approximately 45 days in Canada? Why is it so difficult to fill a single position? Most businesses restrict their hiring to the local market. As a result, many companies are constrained by geographical restrictions. But when they cast their nets into a global market, such positions are quickly filled as they would have access to a broader talent pool with unique abilities not found in the local market.

The Advantages of International Hiring

  • To save money on recruiting expenses.
  • To make use of an untapped talent pool. People with impairments, those returning to work after a lengthy absence, those unwilling to work full-time, and others are examples.
  • To increase diversity in the workplace to boost productivity and creativity.
  • To reduce and manage the total tax burden since tax rates vary by nation.

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How can technology businesses attract international talent?

1. By offering more pay than the market average in that location

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The Philippines, Brazil, India, Poland, Costa Rica, Argentina, Vietnam, and more prominent nations are going to destinations for hiring foreign talent at reduced prices. Companies may recruit high-quality employees from these nations by paying more than domestic firms. Prometteur Solutions, for example, pays developers more than the market average in most countries.

Here are a few ideas for increasing pay:

Improve your workers’ financial packages. Include medical insurance, internal vacations, bonuses, commissions, dividends, and other benefits in the package. Employees will feel more satisfied if they get fair and competitive perks. This stage will eventually lead to improved recruiting processes and staff retention.

2. By fostering inclusiveness and diversity

According to a recent Deloitte poll, 74% of millennial workers feel that an inclusive culture makes their company more creative. In addition, 47 percent seek diversity and inclusion when considering possible jobs.

Companies with gender-diverse teams outperform others. As a result, diversity and inclusion should be prioritized while screening and choosing individuals throughout the employment process.

3. Creating a solid corporate brand

Attracting and maintaining foreign talent requires strong branding.

According to a Glassdoor poll, an excellent corporate brand reduces the cost per recruit by 50%. Build your brand so that it appeals to the global talent pool.

The ideal strategy is to use movies and blogs to share your brand’s tales and the experiences of current foreign staff. This brand development can give your organization a favorable image among an international audience.

4. Hiring people based on their ability rather than their credentials.

When it comes to recruiting, companies like Prometteur Solutions, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and others in the technology industry value employee talents above educational requirements. Similarly, instead of basing all recruiting choices on resumes, you may concentrate on individuals’ competencies and evaluate them via coding challenges, actual projects, and other exams. This method will assist businesses in attracting a bigger talent pool and vetting the finest individuals.

5. Creating an enticing applicant experience

Companies should have a well-structured recruiting process to make applicants feel at ease. Interviews may be mentally taxing and challenging for interviewees. As a result, organizations should pay close attention to the applicant’s experience and the time they devote to the interview process.

5 Things to Know When Hiring International Talent

According to CEMS research, over half of HR managers need help to locate and attract top worldwide personnel.

Why is this the case?

Employers encounter several challenges when employing overseas personnel, such as locating qualified candidates, adhering to strict deadlines, needing more appropriate resources, complex visa regulations, etc. This is why, when recruiting overseas talent, you must have a sound recruitment plan in place.

Here are a few things you should be aware of.

  • What’s the deal?
  • Create a worldwide talent brand.
  • Begin employing global talent at the appropriate moment.
  • Consult an attorney.
  • Consider the requirements of international staff.

1. Establish a worldwide talent brand

It would help if you first established a strong employer brand to recruit top international talent in today’s saturated market. According to statistics, 75% of prospects will research your company’s reputation before applying for a job.

To begin, you must develop an excellent multi-channel recruiting plan. Begin by creating your website.

Consider what a candidate should see when they arrive at your website. To begin, you must work on its design. Choose colors, typefaces, and logos that are pleasing to the eye. Many distracting adverts, auto-play material, and links will only irritate a visitor and cause them to leave quickly.

Your website should also be responsive and user-friendly regardless of the device used by visitors. For example, make your contact information and social media icons prominent. You should also test your contact forms to ensure that they function correctly.

Create a descriptive “About Us” or “Our Mission” page in which you describe who you are, what you do, and how you differ from competitors. Highlight your organization’s fundamental beliefs and missions that drive it and unite its members. You should also have a website devoted to your workers, where you can share their tales and testimonials, teach visitors about your training programs, explain employee perks, and provide job ads to create trust with your audiences.

Provide a comprehensive FAQ page and live chat assistance so that potential applicants may ask questions and obtain answers quickly.

Remember to optimize your site for search engines. Combining SEO and PPC may help you raise brand recognition and expand your reach in the competitive SERPs. In addition, implementing a few recruitment marketing methods can assist you in increasing your web exposure.

Next, make use of social media platforms. It would be best if you established your employer brand on LinkedIn and published your job posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is the most extensive professional network, exposing you to thousands of applicants. Share practical material, professionally answer consumers’ queries, and join relevant groups to expand your reach and establish yourself as an authoritative resource.

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2. Begin employing global talent at the appropriate moment.

Many company owners decide to begin employing global talent immediately. However, if you’ve just founded a firm and want to hire overseas employees, you need to reconsider your approach for many reasons.

To begin hiring global workers, you must first start at home. Your objective should be to recruit locals while also investing in your company’s inclusiveness and diversity. Candidates’ country, religion, age, or gender should not be a worry as long as their talents suit your firm’s demands.

Investigate previously underutilized talent sources, such as workers with impairments. The disabled, no matter how determined, experienced, or knowledgeable they are, often struggle to find meaningful and lucrative employment. To begin, you may collaborate with a disability employment group.

It would help if you addressed global employees’ demands and expectations. You’re asking a foreign employee to leave their present position and relocate to a different nation (or even continent) to work for you. To give them the necessary circumstances and tools, you must first have a wholly formed organizational structure, experience, and a sound strategy in place.

3. Speak with a lawyer

When recruiting overseas workers, you should first study the employment laws in their respective nations. Most of these legal factors differ across countries, so make sure everyone is on the same page.

Consider the at-will employment arrangement. This legislation indicates that an organization and a person in the United States may instantly end the employment connection. Before making an offer to an employee and sending them an employment contract, investigate the employment legislation in their country and the conditions for terminating the job relationship. Take your time explaining the distinctions to your applicant.

You should seek the advice of a legal professional to assist you in comprehending the changes in employment legislation. In addition, hiring an immigration attorney is usually wise since they will provide you with invaluable information and identify potential issues when hiring overseas employees.

Even if you are not legally required to provide relocation benefits, it will assist you in attracting foreign talent. This is because moving expenditures are the most common kind of relocation aid.

5. Attend to the demands of international staff

Hiring a foreign employee is a difficult task. To win over the individual, you must display your passion and indicate that you are serious about recruiting them.

For example, demonstrate your willingness to go through the whole employment procedure to hire them. Foreign workers are aware of this stage’s significance in their life, and most of them will prepare for the interview. They are well-versed in their responsibilities and tasks but also well-versed in what is expected of you as an employer throughout the recruiting process.

Discuss with a candidate the documentation that will be required, as well as the appropriate employment laws and regulations that they should be aware of. Then, introduce them to your immigration attorney, who will answer all of their legal concerns and assist them in making an informed choice. Establishing open and honest connections with employees from the start is critical.

Also, always appreciate the time and effort required for a foreign employee to adjust to a new culture and workplace. To begin, you must understand most international workers’ stages. First and foremost, they are ecstatic about discovering new ways of life, learning more about different cultures, and meeting new people. However, when the euphoria wears off, a foreign worker may experience culture shock and feel adrift. In such cases, an employee may resign and return to work.

This is where you, as an employer, come into play. You aim to prepare an employee and make the relocation process as simple as possible for them.

To begin, before even asking them to relocate, you should define your company culture to them and provide them with a plethora of documents that will assist them in understanding the location to which they are going. Next, encourage the applicant to come to you if at all feasible. This is how you and your team will get more acquainted with them. Most significantly, you will evaluate their capacity to integrate into their new culture, both within and outside of the office.

Your task, however, continues after you recruit an employee. This is the time to back them up. It would help if you learned about their culture, in addition to preparing them for a new society. First, learn about their nation and its culture and traditions. Then, address any noticeable cultural differences that may immediately cause an issue. Remember that workplace cooperation, dispute resolution, employee feedback, employee loyalty, and other comparable characteristics may be influenced by the employee’s culture.

Only by close coordination between your business and your international staff will you be able to assist them in overcoming this emotional stage.

The Difficulties of Relocating

When relocating to a new nation, relocates confront several problems. Consider how you may aid your staff in acclimating quicker or in finding a new home.

Now it’s your turn.

When employing international personnel, you must consider various aspects, ranging from legal requirements to the well-being of the foreign staff. If done correctly, attracting global talent can help your company on several levels. It will assist you in closing talent gaps, improving your company’s diversity and inclusion strategy, and, most importantly, creating distinctive and inventive teams.

Make a strategy, contact an expert attorney, and study applicable rules and visa requirements before making such a significant move. Ascertain that your organization is prepared to hire global employees. To begin, employ locally and concentrate on developing a diverse workforce. Finally, remember that it all boils down to making your staff happy. Prepare them for relocation, educate them on their new culture, and make them feel like they are a part of your culture.


Recruiting overseas personnel gives employers access to a bigger talent pool, speeds up the hiring process, increases workplace diversity, and lowers hiring costs. So, use the advice above to acquire your organization’s most significant foreign personnel.

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What is international talent-hiring?

International hiring is looking for and employing the most extraordinary people from around the world.

Is it legal to higher international talents?

Yes, it is correct. However, there are some legal conditions you must check with. Let us help you with this.

Can International Talents Perform in a foreign company?

Yes, they can, but you have to hire the right ones. So, again, reach out to us for more on how to go about this.

Why should you recruit foreign talent?

Here are some of the advantages of recruiting global talent:

To get access to a broader talent pool with distinct talents

  • To save money on recruiting expenses
  • to tap into an underused talent pool
  • To increase diversity within the organization
  • To reduce and control total tax obligation

How do you find international talent?

The following are some of the finest strategies to recruit foreign talent:

  • By offering more pay than the market average
  • By fostering diversity and inclusion
  • Establishing a strong corporate identity
  • By selecting individuals based on their ability rather than their credentials.
  • By providing an enticing candidate experience
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