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Have you been asking and seeking answers to the following questions; What is AWS certification? How much does it cost to get AWS certification? Which AWS certification is considered to be the best? Is the AWS certificate worth it?

The responses to these questions will change based on your anticipated results. Continue reading if you want to learn more.

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services, also known as AWS, is a cloud computing service provider that offers on-demand solutions for private use, commercial usage, and public sector initiatives through paid subscriptions.

You can build large or small applications with the help of web services with the assistance of Amazon Web Services (AWS). These applications give your business access to various capabilities, including analytics, content delivery, messaging, computing, database management, free and paid app services, payments, and mobile networking.

What exactly does it mean to be AWS certified?

Earning a certification from Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one way for an IT worker to demonstrate cloud competency. In addition, AWS provides several certifications to cloud architects, administrators, and engineers.

Your AWS certification will be active for a period of two years. On the other hand, after their specialist accreditation has expired, IT professionals have the option to renew it.

What are the different kinds of AWS certifications that are available?

There are currently 11 different AWS credentials available, including a foundational certification, three associate-level certifications, two professional-level certifications, and five specialty certifications. The foundational certification is the most basic of the AWS certificates.

Why do you need an AWS certification?

AWS certifications have a well-deserved reputation for being comprehensive examinations of cloud skills in the highest demand. Having the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified SysOps Administrator credential proves to employers that you have the highest level of industry-specific cloud expertise and are recognized as such by the foremost authority in the field of cloud computing.

In addition, the scale of Amazon’s cloud is said to be 10 times greater than the combined size of its next 14 competitors. Gartner came to this conclusion. According to this projection, more and more companies are opting to use AWS, which means that if you have your certification in AWS, you will have higher career opportunities.

It is essential to take note that hiring managers will sometimes include details about AWS certification in AWS interview questions. This is because they ask such questions to validate candidates’ competencies.

AWS is a huge company, and it offers a variety of certifications; now that we know this, let’s look at some of the benefits of AWS certification, which are available to AWS-certified professionals and can be obtained by them.

1. The Cloud Is the Way of the Future

In the same way that clouds can be found all over the sky, cloud computing can be found in virtually every workplace today. Nothing can be done in the realm of technology that cannot be done on the cloud. AWS, the industry powerhouse in cloud computing, offers everything from simple website hosting to managing full-fledged data centers. Cloudways is among the most innovative and best-managed cloud hosting providers available today. Although many web hosting businesses offer AWS hosting through their managed platforms, Cloudways is one of the best. Because it possesses a robust feature set, the Cloudways platform is a good option for small and medium-sized organizations that are working within a constrained financial framework.

Cloud computing is a technology that has developed over time and will continue to exist for some time in the future, which is one of the most important reasons for having a cloud certification such as AWS certification. Because technology is becoming more secure, inexpensive, and simple to access, businesses are becoming more and more ready to invest in it. As a result, it is anticipated that cloud computing will become the standard approach, and companies that do not utilize cloud infrastructure will cease to exist. Therefore, if you are enrolled in school or have recently graduated, now is the ideal moment to obtain AWS certification to safeguard your professional future.

2. Need for Skilled AWS Expert

As cloud computing becomes increasingly popular, there will be an increased demand for qualified people who can operate on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS reported revenue of 3.66 billion USD for the first quarter of 2017, representing a 42% increase compared to the 2.57 billion USD reported for the same period in 2016. AWS currently powers hundreds of thousands of enterprises in 190 countries, including 600 government institutions, and has data centers located in 11 different nations. In addition, dozens of different businesses offer solutions based on AWS. Because of this tremendous expansion, there will be a lack of qualified cloud architects, engineers, and developers that can manage massive amounts of work. If you hold an AWS certification, it will prove that you are prepared to tackle the difficult problems associated with AWS.

3. An Asset to Have on Your Resume

Having an AWS certification on your CV will be the first favorable impression you make on the company to whom you submit your application for a job. Even though it might not be able to guarantee you a job, it will undoubtedly help your resume in breaking through many barriers on its way to the interview table. In addition, AWS certification is required for almost all positions related to Amazon Web Services (AWS) because almost all companies that provide AWS solutions require certified AWS architects, developers, and system administrators for various posts.

4. An Increase in One’s Pay

According to research conducted by Global Knowledge in 2017, AWS is regarded as the certification that will earn you the most money. Therefore, one of the things you should do for AWS is get certified if you are interested in pursuing certification. If you have an AWS certification, you can significantly increase your pay, which is impossible if you do not have the certificate. In addition to this, having an AWS certification can give you a competitive advantage over your coworkers who do not have this certification.

5. More Opportunities

There will be an increase in the number of job opportunities available for AWS professionals as more and more companies migrate their operations to the cloud. Employers apart from experience also demand certification from candidates. If you have done AWS certification, no of jobs you can apply can increase from 5 to 10. If you looking for a job at a company which is working on AWS projects then there is a minimal probability of acquiring that job if you don’t have necessary AWS certification

6. A Plus for Freelancer

Freelancers equipped with AWS certification can get more online jobs as AWS certification can satisfy their clients’ largest anxiety of whether a freelancer is capable enough of working on AWS technology.

AWS supplies you with digital badges, these digital badges are valid as long as your certification is valid. These badges are consistent with open badges standard. You may publish these on your social networking sites and also use them as signatures. This will assist you sell yourself online to folks looking for internet resources.

7. Advantages for the Business Owner

A company can become a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN) if it has employees who have earned their AWS certification. This membership comes with a variety of advantages, including discounts on training and assistance with using AWS, amongst other things. APN can be considered a form of accreditation for a firm, and businesses that have it are more likely to win the confidence of clients looking to work with AWS.

Companies that are working on projects that are related to AWS require professionals that are AWS certified because this is the best approach available to determine someone’s capacity to tackle complicated industry-related cloud problems. Companies that are working on AWS-related projects.

These are just a few benefits you could obtain if you were to become AWS certified; however, AWS is already a full-fledged business, and it is unclear where it will end.

There is no doubt that investing your time and money in obtaining an AWS certification is worthwhile. These certificates can provide you with several benefits, not only for yourself as an individual but also for your employer and your employees. Furthermore, you have achieved AWS Certification demonstrates that you have dedicated time and resources to learn about this technology and take it seriously. In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, you will quickly become obsolete if you choose to ignore this exciting business.

How can I get certified by Amazon Web Services?

The following are the most strategically defined measures you can take to obtain certified by Amazon Web Services (AWS), even though there are no explicit methods:

  • Register for the Amazon Web Services certification today.
  • Prepare for the test using the Amazon Web Services resource center, videos found on YouTube, online or offline tutors, and online discussion groups.
  • Make sure that you keep up with the latest AWS whitepapers.
  • Discover on your own more about the AWS cloud platform.
  • Gain experience in the real world through the various projects offered by the industry.
  • Make an appointment for the exam once you have completed your training.
  • How much time does it take to get certified by Amazon Web Services?
  • The response that one gives to this inquiry will vary from person to person. Concentrated study time for an AWS certification exam can range from as few as 100 hours to as many as several years, depending on how complex the exam is.

What is the typical compensation for someone with an AWS certification?

AWS certificates are among the highest-paying qualifications currently accessible; holders of these certificates typically earn an annual salary greater than $100,000.

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification at the associate level might result in an average salary between $80,000 and $149,446.

LinkedIn said the average starting salary for cloud engineers in March 2021 was $117,668.

According to CBRE, the average remuneration for professionals who specialize in cloud computing is $153,500.

How should one prepare for the examinations required for AWS certification?

Suppose you are planning to take an AWS certification test in the near future. In that case, the AWS resource center is the best place to begin your preparations.

Candidates for the AWS certification are required to answer 60 questions within 80 minutes and earn a score of at least 65 percent to receive the AWS certification, as stated on the AWS website.

How may one submit their approval for AWS certification?

Openly showing your AWS certification can provide you with significant additional professional options. The steps mentioned above should be followed to demonstrate to a potential employer that you have achieved AWS Certification.

The following are the steps to share your consent for AWS certification:

  • First, log into APN Partner Central with your credentials.
  •  Go to the home page and clickView My Profile

 to see your profile. 

  • Select the Edit menu option.
  • Give the email address that you used to register for your AWS certification.
  • Mark the box indicating that you consent to certification.


Most businesses are moving toward using cloud technology, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a well-known name in the cloud service providers market. Therefore, getting certified in AWS to improve one’s employment prospects makes perfect sense.

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What is AWS? 

AWS is a cloud computing service provider that delivers on-demand solutions for private, commercial, and public sector enterprises. 

What’s AWS certification? 

IT workers can demonstrate cloud proficiency by earning AWS certification. In addition, AWS offers cloud architect, administrator, and engineer credentials. 

Why get AWS-certified? 

AWS certifications are known for thoroughly testing in-demand cloud abilities. Employers will know you have the most fantastic industry-specific cloud experience if you have the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified SysOps Administrator credential.

What are the advantages of becoming an AWS cloud practitioner certified professional?

The AWS Cloud Practitioner exam is the primary certification test that can be taken with Amazon Web Services (AWS). With the assistance of this exam, you will be able to acquire a fundamental understanding of AWS and cloud computing.

What are the advantages of obtaining certification as an AWS Solution Architect?

The AWS Solutions Architect certification is the most prestigious and expensive of all the AWS qualifications. It is also one of the most difficult to obtain. However, having this qualification demonstrates that you have the skills necessary to perform the duties of project designers and architects.

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