Application Challenges: Biggest Challenges in Mobile App Development

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Have you ever downloaded a mobile application to do something urgent and important only to meet a slow, confusing or just plain interface? Perhaps, your cases were different application challenges, but, all the same; frustrating. The experience is very displeasing.

However, have you ever stopped to think, “What challenges do mobile app developers go through?”. Even in your favourite apps or the world’s greatest apps, challenges are inevitable.

So what do these challenges mean for mobile app development projects and having a great app? The answer is simple, these challenges pave the way for the creation of the great mobile apps that we enjoy today.

In this blog post, we will uncover the biggest challenges in mobile app development.

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What are the Biggest Application Challenges?

Issues of Battery Consumption and App Performance are Serious Application Challenges

Mobile app solutions do not have any business with being slow, lagging when loading or having users wait to view the results of their commands. These apps also need to not consume too much energy when in use.

Now this is not a thing in app development that most developers or even app development companies do. Some of them just build you an app and launch it in the market.

It has grown to become one of the serious application challenges in development. Can your developer make your app faster without sacrificing any app feature or function? Can they also improve your mobile app by allowing it to affect the app’s performance?

At Promettuer, we deal with this challenge in a very efficient way. First of all, our mobile app developers are experts in the field. They have built lots of several successful mobile apps for clients in different parts of the world.

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So, what do we do?

We simply begin with a beta version of your mobile app. Release this version to users and collect relevant feedback. Next, we keep making the best improvements until the app is as fast as it should be and the performance is at its best.

We do not even end it here as we also look out for these during the mobile app testing phase of development. Right before we launch your mobile app.

Application Challenges in Creating World-Class Apps

The mobile app development industry boasts of having so many apps and more are still under development.

However, not every app ticks the boxes of successful apps and building such apps can follow very tough and rough processes. These are the mobile app development challenges and you need a top-ranking mobile app development company to help you navigate through the challenges.

For example, at Prometteur, when we have a project of building a challenging app, one that is very unique and its kind has not been built before, we ensure the following are in place;

  • Intuitive design with visually appealing sights and colouring
  • We also ensure the mobile app has usable features that the ideal customers yearn for
  • We design and build the app solution with graphics and animation that serve a wonderful experience for the users.


The Challenges of Marketing Mobile Apps

There are many web development challenges when it has to do with marketing. Not many mobile app development experts know how to deal with the stress and many do not want to venture into marketing.

However, the success of mobile apps is highly dependent on marketing. Experts claim that, marketing accounts for over 90% of the success of mobile apps.

Therefore, you need to hire an expert mobile app development firm to help you implement the best marketing techniques for your mobile app.

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Choosing the Right Development Tools

Not every developer knows how to choose the best development stack for your app. Also, not all developers even know which tools are best for your project.

To overcome this application challenge in development, hire an expert app development firm for the job and let them handle the project.

Mobile app developers will review your project, needs and requirements and advise you accordingly. They will also help you identify the type of mobile app development to go with. This may be hybrid app development, cross-platform app development, or native app development.

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Delivering a Simple and Straightforward Mobile App Solution

When creating mobile apps, you have to be able to tell the story of the business. The app also needs to be free from too many confusing elements and complexities. This does not sound as difficult as it is to implement, hence a serious application challenge.

Ensure that the users of the app easily understand the app and can navigate through it without hassle.

How do we achieve this?

At Prometteur, our methods for app development are top-notch and designed for the best results. For example, one of the ways that we deal with such challenges of mobile app development is to use a simple app structure at the early stages.

But sometimes, some mobile apps cannot be entirely simple, in such cases, we add tutorials and instructions.

Cross-platform apps

When it comes to cross-platform app solutions, people tend to think of only screen sizes and operating systems. but there are other important things. To overcome this application challenge, go for responsive designs right from scratch.

Examples of cross-platform apps are;

  • McDonald’s
  • Netflix
  • Forbes
  • 9GAG
  • Cash App
  • Philips

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Interactive Apps as an Application Challenge

Although creating interactive apps for mobile users and businesses is crucial for success, the process can be very challenging. Not every mobile app developer can handle the complexities of building the app.

At Prometteur, what we do is focus on the features, functions and complexities of the app from the design phase. This way we can create the ideal app with all the interactivity features required.

Application Challenges from End Users

Mobile application development should always produce the best solutions. In most cases, these apps need to be interactive to attract users. This may require sensors, analytic tools and other modern technologies.

It may be somewhat difficult to work with these new technologies and finding top developers with the right skills is not an easy job either.

Like we do with the interactivity nature of the app solution, we put all these factors in mind early enough. These are always part of the mobile app development plan and it is from the designing stage that it begins to take shape.

Security Challenges in Mobile App Development

Mobile development challenges cannot be talked about without mentioning issues of security. Issues of mobile app security are serious and should be handled by professionals; and security experts.

Here at Promettuer, when creating mobile apps, we ensure to include expert cybersecurity specialists on the team. These specialists handle all issues related to security for a robust, secure and protected app solution.

Conclusion on Application Challenges

So, in conclusion, there are many challenges in the mobile app development industry. These challenges can slow or destroy your project’s success if not handled properly and early enough.

It is very important to identify these challenges and address them using some preventive measures from the planning and design stage of your mobile app. This will enable you to have the best solution for your business and the development process will be satisfying.

But more importantly, ensure to have the best mobile app development team on your project. Hire people who will come with their A-game and are very passionate about using digital solutions to solve real-life problems.


Common FAQs of Mobile App Development Challenges

Here are some of the questions that most people ask about mobile app development challenges.

What are the challenges when doing mobile development?

The answer to this question includes device compatibility, screen sizes, app security and marketing.

If you can get these things right with your mobile app, you will have a successful app solution.

However, you must know that getting them right will not be easy, so it is best to prepare and include them in your app design and structure.

What are the major challenges faced by Android app developers?

  • Knowing the programming language to use.
  • How to handle software and hardware fragmentation
  • Creating a user interface that works well.
  • Finding ways to optimize app performance.
  • Ensuring compatibility with third-party APIs.
  • Managing ever-present security concerns.


What challenges have you encountered when designing mobile apps?

For us, one of the toughest challenges so far is device compatibility and screen sizes. This is because people change their mobile devices a lot and will need an app that can stretch to adjust to these changes.

What are the constraints of mobile development?

For us here, we can the answer revolves around app performance, battery consumption, memory and storage, and the mobile app adaptation.

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