How to Create a Successful Mobile App That Users Love

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“How to start up an app” maybe words that you hear a lot but the right answers and everything you need? Those are not things you get to see every day.

In this blog post, we will be discussing the topic and we hope to answer those important questions, including; how do you create apps?

Mobile Phones and Mobile App Statistics

There are over 7 billion people on planet earth and the majority of the population use mobile phones. Bankmycell claims that in 2024, the number of smartphone users is 4.88 billion.

This statistic shows that the number of smart phone users in the world has multiplied up to 6x since the year 2014.

In the stores for app publishing and downloading, Google Play Store has over 3milion apps while App Store has about 1.6 million applications.

What Does this Mean for Businesses?

The widespread of mobile apps means several things. Firstly, there are too many mobile apps out there, including those that may not be relevant to growing business. This means that businesses must make conscious efforts to create a start-up app.

These businesses must first inquire knowledge on the best way to build an app. For example, businesses need to know these three things; their industry/market, their users/customers and their product/services.

This is one of the best knowledge areas that will help your business in creating an app business solution that will meet their demands and drive sales.

Another thing to be aware of is what mobile apps are successful. And the answers are when they are user-centric and business-centric.

Customer Centric Apps

Being customer-centric is important for the success of mobile apps. The qualities to focus on are;

  • The design of the app. Business apps need to be visually appealing with the users in mind.
  • The UI and UX are supposed to be easy, leading the user when using the app.
  • Know the user expectations and include these expectations in the business app.
  • The app should be free from glitches, lagging, and unstable workflows. This will make it reliable.
  • There should be strong security for efficient data protection
  • Easy and quick access are also important qualities of a business app. Especially when reaching customer support.
  • Inclusivity should also be highly considered. This entails accessibility to customers of all kinds. There is no discrimination as users can use the app anytime, anywhere and always.

Business Centric App

The important qualities to include in this are;

  • All updates should be through Over
  • The app should follow a design that promotes business growth and customer retention
  • Business-centric apps need to be responsive, scalable and hitch-free payment processing.
  • Must also be secured with data-protecting tools.
  • Future development and upgrades of the app should be easy to do. Plus, the app should be cost-effective.

Important Steps on How to Start Up an App

Startup mobile app development should follow thoughtful processes for the best result. If you are a business owner, looking for the best answer about the best way to build an app, let’s take a look together.

I. Understanding Your Needs and Goals

Businesses have their needs and goals. Yours maybe a start-up that is looking for how to expand or penetrate the market. It may also be an established business but struggling to retain customers.

So, you did your research and found out you need a mobile app for your business, what to do first? Create your goals and ensure they correlate with your needs.

Here are some important questions to ask at this stage;

  • What problem are you trying to solve with your app?
  • What are your personal and professional goals for this app?
  • How will success look for you (e.g., number of users, positive reviews, solving a specific problem)?

Understanding what your needs and your goals are will help to give you a clearer road map on creating a startup app.

See how you can use React Native to transform your startup mobile app development project.

II. Identifying Your Ideal Users:

After knowing your needs and setting your goals, move to the next step; identify who your audience are. At this point though, you will require expert advice from an expert startup mobile app development company.

Mobile app development companies play essential roles in this step as they can help in identifying your ideal audience. Getting expert assistance will help in the checking of your business potential against market forces.

Also, identifying your target audience is important because this is what shapes your strategy, especially in terms of communication and in app marketing.

Important questions to answer at this stage include;

  • Who is the audience that you trying to help with your app?
  • What are your audience demographics, pain points, and frustrations?
  • What are their tech habits and preferred platforms (iOS, Android, etc.)?

Other things to consider for a successful target audience categorisation is to;

  • Take a critical look at insights and statistics.
  • You can also follow the trends; and see how they evolve and change.
  • Consider qualitative research to build on existing data and make sense out of them.
  • Get user feedback and see how they can shape your mobile app development

Choose a mobile app development company to help with this step and they will go the extra mile to give you more value. For example, we at Prometteur undertake qualitative research and ask relevant questions to give you the best.

Aside all that has been mentioned in this step, we can help you to even collect relevant user data like age, gender and location of users. We take it further by understanding your ideal user behaviours, their motivations and for the startup app development.

III. Designing for User Delight:

This step is where we focus on giving your mobile app a simple and intuitive UX/UI design. Remember, a visually appealing app for business is always appealing to customers. This goes for B2B and B2C business apps.

Here are some of the critical questions to ask in this step;

  • What features would be most helpful and valuable to your users?
  • How can you design a user interface (UI) that is intuitive, easy to navigate, and visually appealing?
  • How can you ensure a smooth and positive user experience (UX) throughout the app?

What we really do is create a visually appealing mobile app for startup that does not obstruct the user when operating the app. We include some elements in their best form that may also serve as enjoyable guides to the users. For example, automation.

Our focus here is to offer you startup add development services will a seamless feel that is also easy to use. Our projects on app development are incredibly good for businesses, given users the best first impressions and converting them to loyal and long-term customers.

See our full blog post on UX/UI graphic design.

IV. Assemble Your Mobile App Development Team

The best way to build an app with top quality and value is to assemble great and passionate teams.

For this; you may explore inhouse mobile app development teams or outsource the mobile app development project.

To strengthen the whole work and process, hire a full-stack development company to oversee the project. A lot of startups and enterprises chose us for their mobile app development project because of our expertise and professionalism.

Our developers have the best skills you can find in the software development industry and their skills are laced with invaluable experience and effective communication.

We take our time, without wasting your time, to understand the scope of your project and the market, and offer you the best.

See how to choose the right mobile app team here.

V. Coordinate Your Mobile App Development Team

Assembling your mobile app development does not stop there. You also need to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Everyone must share the same goal, and see the same picture of the app and project in mind.

This is no easy job as you will need some high-level creating thinking to pull this off, but you can. At least with the help of an enterprise mobile app development expert, this is very possible.

Another thing to try to achieve here is to ensure you have a team of developers who choose their tools based on the priority features of the app and target audience.

A plus here is when all team members have great understanding of the problem the product intends solving, how it should work and the nature of the users.

At Pormetteur, we only assemble a team of developers who are passionate about their work. Skilled professionals who are passionate about building the best problem-solving digital solutions for businesses.

Working with such app developers is inspiring as ideas will flourish and the process of app creation will be creative.

See how we can offer you the best mobile app development services.

VI. Ensure Best Practices and Performance

Do not settle for less but for the best of the best. Your business deserves it and you should go for it every time. Trust us when we tell you, you do not want to create an app that will only last 30 days on your customer devices.

Create an app that people will enjoy and want to always use. To this end, you must ensure your app has an excellent user experience, with the best UI elements. Perform routine checks and tests for bugs, glitches and vulnerabilities.

Don’t forget, users can leave you negative feedback which will destroy the reputation of your brand, and business and may even lead to the removal of your app from Google Play Stores and iOS App Stores.

VII. Building and Testing with Users:

On this particular important step on how to start up an app development process till launch, we deploy the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) method.

Using relevant data and insights, we deploy an MVP with the important features of the app. These are features that are good enough to attract new and early users or adopters.

The essence of this is to allow users to test and validate the idea of the product in the early stage of the mobile app development lifecycle.

This technique works well for us every time because it enables us to get some real time feedbacks on the product and we make relevant improvements.

For gathering of feedback, we may use surveys, polls, interviews, and usability testing. From here, most of the improvement in the mobile app will be based on user feedback.

Make Sure Security is at its Best

Without having serious security for your mobile app, your customers and your business will not enjoy privacy and protection. Cyber threat is on the increase on a daily basis and you owe your customers the duty and obligation of protecting their data. ]

Ensure to always observe the following mobile app security best practices;

Data Encryption.

Ensure there is proper encryption of your mobile app and communication channels. This will leave no room for hackers to explore and steal important and private data.

Cryptographic Keys

Use cryptographic keys and passwords for vital information

Implement token validation on every device in the office. Do not go for devices with the same expiration deadlines.

Implement and use safe communication channels for your business. This is important in the avoidance of any leaked (social media) documents, images and videos.

See our iOS app security blog for more.

Token Validation

This is a security measure that allows you to assign a token to each device. They have their session expiration times too. This reduces the occurrence of hacking and sealing of important data.

Implement Safe Communication Channels

Use HTTPS for advanced security.

Know the OWASP Checklist and do the Needful

Learn extensively about the OWASP mobile security checklist and implement the right preventive strategies to boost your mobile app security.

VIII. Launching and Growing with Your Users:

you have come a long way if you tick all the aforementioned points. Now it’s time to launch your app and grow your business. you will need to publish your mobile app on the Google Play Store and App Store if required.

In creating a startup app, you can create an android app, iOS app or hybrid app.

You will also need to invest in mobile app marketing and email marketing. Also, introduce discounts and publish engaging content in the app for users. These are the few, among many things that will keep users engaged and loyal to your app.

Ensure you listen to customer complaints and attend to them as fast as possible.

Here are some important lists of things to do here;

  • Develop a marketing strategy that reaches your target audience and effectively communicates your app’s value.
  • Encourage user engagement through in-app features, loyalty programs, and community building.
  • Continuously monitor user feedback and data to identify areas for improvement and new features.

Examples of Successful Mobile Apps

Uber App, bet365 App, Airbnb App, TikTok App, etc. are examples of successful apps that are dominating their industry. These apps come with cutting-edge technologies, features and functionalities that make them competitive in the market.

There are some important factors, features and functions that make apps successful, they include;

  • Collecting and managing customer insights.
  • Streamlining business processes.
  • Automating administrative tasks.
  • Improving marketing content.
  • Boosting of sales and revenue.
  • Well-designed user interface (UI)
  • Fast loading time
  • Strong data protection
  • Excellent user support
  • Built-in integrations

If you are still thinking of the best app development company to help you with your “how to start up an app” challenge, feel free to reach out to us and we will offer you the best.

Common FAQs on How to Start Up an App

The first step is creating an app business solution with all the right features and functionalities. It must be visually appealing and secure as well.

Secondly, after launching your mobile, engage with your users, get feedback and use the feedback to make improvements.

Then invest in the marketing and promotion of your mobile app. You can use influencers and celebrities to do this. You can also use SEO for rankings and link your mobile app download links with SEO blogs.

Another effective option is to utilise the use of discounts and rewards for frequent users, welcome bonuses for new users etc.

What makes a mobile app successful?

As we highlighted in the blog, here are some important factors that make mobile apps successful;

  • Collecting and managing customer insights.
  • Streamlining business processes.
  • Automating administrative tasks.
  • Improving marketing content.
  • Boosting of sales and revenue.
  • Well-designed user interface (UI)
  • Fast loading time
  • Strong data protection
  • Excellent user support
  • Built-in integrations

How do you make a profitable mobile app?

For wider audience and usage, go for android development while for monetising your app and reaping some good rewards, go for iOS app development. You can also introduce premium packages in the app, like membership and VIPs.

But in most cases, app owners monetise their apps by enabling ads and using click baits to earn.

How do I make my app user-friendly?

There are many ways to make your mobile app user-friendly. However, you will need the services and expertise of mobile app developers or mobile app development companies to help you.

You can reach out to us so we can discuss your project to see how best we can help your business app creation.

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