Betting App White Label Features: A Well-Rounded Perspective

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Hey, welcome to our blog post on betting app white label features.

The online sports betting industry has exploded in recent years. Today, we are experiencing more jurisdictions legalizing and regulating gambling activities.

This has led to a proliferation of sports betting apps that allow customers to conveniently place wagers on their mobile devices. For operators looking to launch a betting app, white label solutions have become an attractive option.

White label betting apps come with pre-built features and functionality that enable quick time-to-market. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the key betting app white label features. These are important features that operators should look for in a well-rounded white-label solution.

It covers must-have betting app white label features like; design customization, payment options, sports markets, live streaming, analytics, and regulatory compliance. 

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What is a White Label Solution?

According to Dorik, white label solutions are simply any prebuilt product, software or even service that is developed by a company. but that is not all. The company also rebrands and sells to another company. the new company may decide to go by the old brand or maintain the same.

But most importantly, white label solutions is designed to enable businesses to easily and qu

ickly create their products, in their brands without investing too much in external white label developers.


What is a White Label Betting Software?

A white label betting software refers to a turnkey software platform built by a B2B provider. It contains all the basic modules and features that a sports betting app requires to be successful.

Operators can license these solutions to launch betting products under their own brand across the web and mobile, without having to develop an app from scratch.

Now let’s explore the top must-have betting app features that contribute to an end-to-end white label betting app product.

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How do White Label Solutions Work in the Betting App Industry?

Step 1: Find a Reliable White Label Provider:

This is the first step and it requires you to choose the best white label sports betting platform provider.  In most cases, white label sportsbook solution providers also offer their clients different sportsbook packages and options.

Step 2: Choose Your White Label Package:

After choosing your preferred white label solution provider, choose your features and functionalities. Here are some important and common features and services to consider;

  • Sports betting platform
  • Technical support
  • Risk management tools
  • Sports betting markets
  • Odds
  • Bonus systems
  • Web hosting
  • Back office support
  • Mobile compatibility

Step 3: Branding and Customization:

The next step that follows is the branding and customisation. Feel free to personalise they whit label betting app platform using your logo, colours, and other important design and brand identity.

Step 4: Focus on Marketing and Player Acquisition:

Following branding and customisation, consider a shift from the app functionalities and prioritise marketing and attracting new players. Part of your marketing should include content creation; one that sends your message and product to the ideal target audience.

Step 5: Maintain Your Betting Business:

Working with the ideal white label betting app solution provider is needed for areas of management and support, post launch. For example, your white label provider may decide to take the hassle of daily operations and licensing.

Part of also managing the white-label betting app solution is also to include the best content creators to bring the app into limelight.


Advantages of Using White Label Solutions for Betting Apps

There are so many white label betting and gaming solution providers out there. These companies boost of offering the best white label sports betting software services. Also, many of them can create mobile apps and websites that are good enough to attract millions of users, especially those with interest in sports betting.

Here are some common benefits of considering having white-label sports betting software:

  • Quick Development and Very Fast Market Time
  • The final product/solution is usually safe as well as secure
  • You can customise for No revenue share (in certain cases)
  • They are visually appealing and have strong and scalable resolution
  • The apps and websites have this visually appealing, slick feel ser-friendly interface

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Essential Betting App White Label Features

Betting App White Label Features and Customizable Design/Branding

One of the most important betting app white label features is the ability to customize the design and branding elements. The major aim of these is to match the client’s unique brand identity. 

Here are some key reasons why custom branding capability is an essential betting app feature:

  • Provides consistency across web and mobile apps to bolster brand recognition

A cohesive brand experience across all platforms strengthens brand awareness and recall for users. Custom fonts, colours, and themes align web and mobile apps to the brand style guide.

  • Allows modifying visual elements to match the brand style guide

White label solutions enable configuring colours, fonts, themes, and component styling to match the brand style guide and persona. Consistent UI/UX conveys brand ethos.

  • Logo, icon and imagery can align with brand values

Proper brand asset placement builds familiarity. Logos, custom imagery, and iconography should reflect brand values and persona when customizing the platform.

  • Boosts trust by conveying brand ethos through UI/UX elements

Users engage more with apps reflecting a brand’s personality via UI visuals, micro-interactions, transitions, and animations designed to the brand style guide.

For instance, leading sports betting brands like Bet365, DraftKings and FanDuel have consistent branding across the web and mobile apps. Their logo, color scheme and graphics align tightly with their brand persona.

The ability to re-skin the entire betting app white label with the operator’s visual identity is very important and useful. It is crucial for brand consistency and engaging user experience.

It is undoubtedly a must-have betting app feature.

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Betting App White Label Features and Multiple Payment Options

An expansive range of secure payment options is a non-negotiable essential betting app feature in any white-label solution.

Here’s why varied payment methods are indispensable:

  • Caters to user preferences for convenience and security
  • Boosts transaction conversion rates and overall revenue
  • Methods like e-wallets, and mobile payments provide a smooth user experience
  • Region-specific methods necessary for the global user base
  • Secure payment processors like Stripe build user trust

For example, top-betting apps integrate multiple options like credit cards, debit cards, Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, direct bank transfers and more.

By including major international and local payment methods, operators can significantly improve customer acquisition and transaction volumes.

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Betting App White Label Features and Wide Range of Sports and Markets

A quality betting app white label solution comes pre-loaded with odds and markets for various major and niche sports.

Some key reasons this is a best betting app feature include:

  • Caters to diverse user interests in sports like football, tennis, basketball etc.
  • Niche sports appeal to enthusiasts and boosts overall engagement
  • Wider event coverage provides more opportunities for users to bet
  • Markets like money line, spread, totals, and props appeal to betting experts
  • Casual bettors prefer simpler markets like matchwinners

You may have experienced that popular betting apps cover 30+ sports. These include motorsports, rugby, MMA, and cycling among others alongside major sports. Hundreds of betting markets across upcoming and live events are provided.

This variety enables operators to engage both casual punters and serious bettors seeking depth in markets. It is one of the essential betting app’s white label features.

Harness the power of white label solutions to create your own customized betting app effortlessly.

Betting App White Label Features and Live Streaming and In-Play Betting

The ability to live stream events in real-time alongside in-play betting markets is a hugely popular user-centric betting app white label feature. With this feature,

  • Users can watch events unfold and bet simultaneously
  • Real-time odds shifts and betting appeals to engaged users
  • Fast-paced and exciting avenue for further monetization
  • Applies to countless events beyond just major sports
  • Complements outrights, futures and pre-match markets well

Apps like FanDuel offer live streaming for NBA, MLB, NFL among others. In-play odds for outcomes like point spreads, totals, props are available for engaging gameplay.

Live streaming and in-play betting provides the interactive, real-time experience that users seek today. It is an immensely valued must-have betting app white label feature.

Betting App White Label Features and Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Sophisticated analytics and detailed reporting tools are invaluable betting app white label features that empower operators with data-driven insights.

Let us explore more on this feature by taking a deeper look at why advanced analytics are must-have betting app features

  • Digital performance metrics for business health

Track KPIs like active players, turnover, GGR, ROI, LTV to gauge product-market fit, growth trends, and revenue health. Measure marketing analytics for acquisition and channel efficacy.

  • User metrics to fine-tune product

Analyze crucial metrics like new signups, retention rate, churn rate, reactivation rate, and platform usage. Allows optimizing user experience and engagement features based on data.

  • Identify profitable customer segments

Cohort analysis to segment users by traits like activity level, profitability, platform preference. Target and customize experiences for high-value customers.

  • Popular sports and bet types analysis

Identify winning sports, leagues, bet types like props, totals etc. to tailor promotions and boost specific categories.

  • Real-time dashboards

Live data visualizations give instant insights into daily operations. Quickly detect issues, anomalies and opportunities.

  • Custom reporting

Generate reports on operational metrics, user stats, geography, devices, and more. Schedule for automated delivery to stakeholders.

  • Data integrations and warehouses

Collect, process and store large datasets for historical analysis, machine learning and business intelligence needs.

By integrating leading analytics and BI solutions, operators gain a competitive edge through actionable data. This means robust analytics and reporting capabilities are clearly best betting app features within white label platforms.

Tools like revenue analytics, location analytics, domain analytics, and affiliate network stats empower operators with data-driven decision making capabilities.

The ability to track KPIs across all platforms provides invaluable visibility into performance. Hence, compelling analytics tools are non-negotiable best betting app features required in white label solutions.

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Betting App White Label Features for Regulatory Compliance and Security

Regulatory compliance and stringent security measures are perhaps the most vital betting app white label features. These features are so precious that reputable providers will never compromise on them.

Let us look at why compliance and security capabilities are must-have betting app features:

  • Ensures adherence to licensing norms in regulated markets

The platform should ensure compliance with all guidelines and protocols mandated by gaming regulatory bodies in target markets. This includes licensing requirements, application fees, terms of operation, and responsible gambling policies.

  • Critical for maintaining user trust and loyalty

By following regulated standards, operators build credibility and gain the trust of users who can reliably enjoy betting in a lawful, fair environment. This drives loyalty and retention.

  • Protects user data through encryption and cybersecurity

Robust cybersecurity protections like SSL/TLS encryption, penetration testing, infrastructure monitoring, and regular audits are a must. Operator credentials and user data must be protected through best data security practices.

  • Restricts underage access and problem gaming

Solutions like age verification, self-exclusion options, deposit limits, cool-off periods, and links to help organizations proactively curb issues like underage betting and problem gambling.

  • Supports KYC, geo-blocking and responsible gaming mandates

The software should enable ID verification, geo-IP blocking, deposit limits, game time-outs, and self-exclusion as per jurisdiction-specific regulations.

  • Adaptable to changing regulatory mandates – An agile solution that can quickly incorporate new security protocols, policies, and guidelines as and when regulators update industry rules.

Therefore, partnering with vendors that are well-versed in compliance. This is because they help operators gain the solutions needed to create a lawful, trustworthy environment. Regulatory technology and security protections are the foundational essential betting app features in white label platforms.

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In closing, a truly well-rounded betting app white label solution requires a holistic set of features to; engage users, empower operators with insights, and foster trust through compliance.

Key features like custom branding, multiple payment options, extensive sports markets, live streaming, robust analytics and strict security are essentials that add immense value.

By opting for a trusted white label partner rather than attempting to build in-house, operators can launch market-ready sports betting apps faster and cost-efficiently.

The outlined betting app white label features in this article provide a blueprint of the capabilities to demand from providers.

With these features in place, operators gain the technology stack to thrive in the dynamic digital betting space. The time and cost savings of white label solutions give operators the edge to focus on acquiring users and maximizing revenue.

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