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Welcome to our blog post on iOS app testing services.

It’s the third quarter of the year 2023 and the reliance on mobile applications for business and daily living as well as other activities is amazingly increasing.

Did you know that 2022 recorded about 255,000 million mobile app downloads from around the world? Experts are estimating that revenue from mobile apps is expected to exceed 613 billion dollars in 2025.

Statistics show that there are many other mobile apps, waiting to be launched in the market and the number of both published and unpublished apps will skyrocket over time as business increases and modern technologies continue to drive modern innovation.

As business expands, and competitions get stiffer, there is a need to reassess your business strategies and market penetration techniques. A good question to ask is, “now that the world is moving towards mobile applications, how can I key into the trend for the benefit of my business?”

The very best answer to that question is to have a mobile application for your business that will drive home the visibility that you seek for your business.

In doing this, you must strategically think of your users; their online behaviours and their devices. Do they mostly use android or IOS versions? 

The number of iOS users is growing and this is making it more and more  important for businesses to ensure and prioritise quality mobile apps for their businesses.

This alone calls for more attention to  iOS app testing services to make sure they function well and live up to user expectations. Before testing, you should ensure that you are assembling the best automation tools for iOS app testing so as to overcome the challenges of testing and get a quality IOS app for your business.

This blog includes a list of the top 24 iOS testing tools for 2023 that developers can use to make sure their iOS applications are high-quality and functional.

Understanding the Concept of iOS App Testing Services

Mobile app testing services cover several processes that ensure the apps that are being developed meet all the user requirements and the final product is in line with the original design.

Mobile app testing services can be understood as the use of selected mobile app testing tools or mobile app testers (when done manually) to test different features and functionality of the mobile app with the aim of finding and fixing errors that may affect usability, integrations, functionality and others when the app is launched.

Mobile app testing should be a continuous service to keep the app in check and to avoid any breakdown or glitch that will need downtime.

There are basically two types of mobile apps; android and IOS apps testing services. For the sake of this blog post, we shall focus more on IOS app testing.

Simply put, iOS app testing is the process of validating iOS apps for their functionality on Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, or iOS simulators and determining whether they function as intended by the end user.

Additionally, IOS testing is a process that aims at verifying specific user actions which may include installation time, user interface, behaviour functionality, load time, user experience, support for OS versions, and others.

A drive down memory lane reminds us that it was on June 29, 2007 that Apple released its operating system, iOS which does not require any licence for installation on IOS devices but can only be installed on IOS.

Because IOS software and apps can only work on IOS hardware, IOS app testing services have since become a very important aspect of IOS development.

A more relatable reason for the significance of IOS app testing services is the existence of bugs! You know how it goes with mobile app development. No matter how much time developers spend creating iOS apps, some bugs can present significant difficulties for businesses.

Some of them include execution-related application crashes, iOS app compatibility issues with iOS versions, security flaws, and memory leaks. With that said, performing iOS app testing is necessary to overcome these obstacles.

iOS app testing services are usually offered by expert IOS testers to help identify bugs, and glitches as well as finding the best ways of addressing them before they become bigger issues.

IOS app testing services are also aimed at improving the user experience, improving the app’s security features, ensuring the app is in line with certain guidelines and mobile app standards as well as meeting privacy and data protection requirements.

Therefore, we do believe that it will be best for you to get the IOS app testing services, if you are involved in developing iOS apps.

The Best Automation Tools for iOS App Testing Services

As we move on to more interesting aspects of the blog topic – IOS app testing services – we would like to help you get an understanding of what IOS test automation tools are. 

IOS test automation tools can simply be defined as software applications, libraries of frameworks that are designed and created to perform testing functions on IOS applications before and after they have been launched to the users.

It is very important to note that iOS testing automation tools use testing techniques from the unit, integration, acceptance, and functional testing fields to meet the testing goal of validating certain behaviours of the iOS app being tested and making sure that they conform to the expectations and requirements of users.. 

Here are the best Automated testing for iOS apps

XCUITest iOS automation App Testing tool

XCUITest is an automated testing tool for IOS apps and it was created by the tech giant, Apple. 

The XCUITest is an XCTest extension that excellently validates functionalities of specific units of code in iOS apps. It allows you to perform UI as in checking for the functions of certain buttons like the submit button, register, sign up, login, checkout, text fields and menus.

While using the XCUItest tool for iOS app testing services, you can utilize the benefits of several features, especially with the aspect where the tool offers features and functions for UI testing, through UIAccessibility. XCUItest automation tool for IOS is a Swift or Objective-C base software, typically packed in IPA runners. Also, it integrates perfectly with Xcode, frameworks, and third-party tools. Additionally, it integrates with Apple’s IDE for creating iOS apps.

Other benefits of the tool for iOS app testing services include;

  • Provide Xcode integration to make it easier to write test scripts. The test and debugging test Cases can be written using subclasses or assertions.
  • The tool strongly supports CI/CD ( Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) pipeline integration. With this, You can automate the workflow for testing iOS apps and make sure they work properly before going ahead to release for use in the Apple App Store.
  • You can test the functionality of the iOS application even if you are unaware of its internal Design and implementation thanks to its support for “black box” testing.

Kobiton for  iOS app testing services 

Kobiton is a cloud based automated iOS testing tool that is just perfect for offering  the best iOS app testing services.  

Kobiton offers testers with a complete testing environment to support enhanced testing of iOS apps. This is important when testing IOS apps from remote locations but on actual iPhones and iPads. Koiton is also an easy to use testing tool as It interacts with the iOS apps and mimics real user behaviour to help  expert iOS app testing services  in creating the best user-friendly user interface.

The key features of the tools include the following

  • Kobiton is excellent for  iOS app testing services because it supports manual and automation testing
  • It is a tool that is built on the Appium framework and it supports different versions of IOS devices and versions without any script modifications.
  • Using the Kobiton iOS app testing services allow testers access to activity logs, commands, screenshots, and metadata to help them locate and quickly fix iOS app issues.

TestSigma for  iOS app testing services 

TestSigma ranks amongst the best automation tools for offering iOS app testing services because of its user- friendly and robust feature that testers enjoy working with. The IOS app testing tool also comes with great flexibility for both testing and debugging which is also fast and time saving.

With the TestSigma tool, you can easily perform IOS app testing on different IOS devices like on  iphones and ipads  with various screen sizes, resolutions, and OS versions. Also, the tool is good for offering iOS app testing services as it allows testers to create automated tests for iOS apps using its automation engine, which includes functional scenarios like user flows, error handling, and data validation.

TestSigma has some useful features like other top IOS app testing tools;

TestSigma supports the utilization of user simulation, especially how they interact with iOS apps (such as tapping buttons, navigating through screens, and typing text, test scripts can be created). Plus, when using the tool to offer iOS app testing services, testers can measure the response time of iOS apps, simulate heavy user loads, and identify resource usage bottlenecks using Testsigma.

Since testers can use the IOS test automation tool for conducting practical user interaction tests and providing useful insights into user behaviour, Testsigma allows you to evaluate the usability of iOS apps. And because of its straightforward interface, the tool further makes managing and the creation and execution of test cases very easy too . Additionally, it offers test case libraries, reusable parts, and test parameterization, all of which help you create tests more quickly.

TestSigma is one of the best automation tools for offering satisfactory  iOS app testing services as it integrates with issue-tracking programmes like Jira and Trello to help you stay organised and work with the team.

Appium testing tool for iOS apps

Appium is an open source mobile UI testing framework that is available for free. Appium supports automation testing on both physical devices and emulators or simulators, as well as native, hybrid, and web applications. Appium offers support for major programming languages like Java, Objective-C, JavaScript with Node.js, PHP, Ruby, Python, and C#.

It provides cross-platform application testing, meaning that a single API can be used by test scripts for both the Android and iOS platforms.

It is NOT reliant on the mobile operating system. Due to the fact that APPIUM has a framework or wrapper that, depending on the device type, translates Selenium Webdriver commands into UIAutomation (iOS) or UIAutomator (Android) commands.

Things to Consider When Choosing the best iOS Automation Testing Tools

There are several things to consider when choosing the best automation tools for iOS app testing. We shall be looking at these considerations in this section.

Support for Various Programing Languages

Naturally, the programming language you choose will depend on a number of things, including your team’s expertise, target audience, and budget. But also of importance is that when choosing the most suitable IOS app testing tools, consider their support for various programming languages, especially the major programming languages like Python, Java, Ruby and C.

Priyal Mangla observes that, you should be able to assess your product under various circumstances using a mobile app testing tool. If it is supported by the most well-liked programming languages, that would be awesome.

Support for different testing techniques

Mobile app testing services follow the use of different techniques. This is good for flexibility and enhanced testing results. Ensure that the iOS app testing tools you are settling for allows you to perform your test using different testing techniques. A typical example is to find an IOS app testing tool that supports low code or no code testing techniques. 

Support for different testing techniques is crucial because your iOS app quality assurance team members or others who might want to test the application you created might not have the same technical background as you and your developers. In other words, while they might be excellent testers, they might not necessarily possess coding skills.

Cross-platform testing capabilities

The advantages of offering iOS app testing services with cross platform testing tools are substantial. Before making an app available to users, thorough testing enables you to find and fix any potential problems, giving users the best experience. There are some mobile app testing services that require you to use tools with cross platform features because the apps work on different devices and Android and IOS operating systems. 

In such cases, cross platform iOS app testing tools will best serve your testing needs.

Continuous testing capabilities

Software development design plans should include continuous testing as testing is done at different stages of development and at the post launch stage of the mobile app. and of course, continuous testing will require some technicalities, resources and time. 

The software development and continuous testing procedures are frequently much more adaptable. That implies that programmers produce code, deliver it, test it, deploy it, and repeat the process. In this way, software is developed quickly, and users receive updates and new features quickly.

Consider how you will meet up with all the demands and requirements for continuous testing.

Detailed reporting capabilities

When experts render IOS app testing services, detailed reporting capabilities of the iOS app testing tools need to be put into consideration. Reports are very important for a lot of reasons and they should capture the main aspects of the test and issues to be addressed to enhance the mobile app. 

Reporting helps the issues that were encountered be resolved more quickly. Therefore, iOS app testing tools should be able to produce thorough reports with all the data required for developers to understand what occurred, why it did, and under what conditions.

It’s difficult to fix a bug without a thorough report without going through the entire code and manually inspecting every part of the application.

Strong data security

Consider the data security level of your preferred iOS app testing tools before settling to use them. You do not want a situation where useful data will be exposed to threats and attacks from hackers and in the end would land you and your business in big trouble with the government and the law.

Tools for offering iOS app testing services ought to have strong security safeguards. Without them, unauthorized users might access data while the app is being tested, harming the company’s reputation and having an effect on users.

Without strong security measures, sensitive information, such as the source code for the app, the email IDs of the staff, or the private information of your users, could be compromised during the testing process.


We hope you enjoyed our blog post on iOS app testing services and that you have learnt a lot on the best tools for iOS app testing services. 

If you need help or have needs for iOS app testing services, feel free to contact us and we will offer you the best.

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