iOS App Development Costs in 2024: Things to Consider

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Did you know that over five billion people in the world use mobile apps every day for different tasks? Out of this number, iOS app users amount to over 1.4 billion people. This has led to a surge in the demand for iOS app development services.

iOS mobile app development is the ideal digital solution for many businesses as it has a wide range of reach, engagement and reliable monetisation packages. However, one of the major challenges of implementing the solution for your business is the iOS app development costs.

You may even face uncertainties in determining the budget required for your dream iOS app, making it difficult to pinpoint an exact figure upfront.

In this blog, we will be discussing the crucial factors influencing iOS app development costs, including some valuable insights to sharpen your decision-making on budgeting.

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What are the Key Factors Influencing iOS App Development Costs?

there are several influencing factors on iOS app development cost. In this section, we decided to group them into two broad categories; the mobile iOS app complexity and iOS app development companies.

1.   Influencing Factors for iOS App Development Costs: The Mobile App Complexity

Be it custom iOS app development services or custom Android app development, the complexities of the mobile influences the cost of your mobile app development. These can be;

  • Simple Apps with Basic Features:

Simple apps have a few features and functionalities. A typical example of simple apps are the popular to-do list apps and single-function utility apps.

The mobile app development team only have to focus on the essential functionalities of the app which does not cost much. Such types of apps are excellent for start-ups and small businesses.

The iOS app development cost for such apps is between $16,000 and $30,000

  • Moderately Complex Apps with Multiple Features:

For the moderate complex iOS mobile apps, require multiple features, a bit more than those of simple apps. This happens to be the dominant influential cost of development.

Typical examples of these types of iOS apps are social media apps and e-commerce apps with basic shopping functionalities.

The iOS app development cost for these types of apps falls within $30,000 – $48,000

  • Highly Complex Apps with Advanced Features

This is the highest mobile app quality to consider. It is also the most expensive and comes with more features and functionalities.

Typical examples of highly complex apps include; gaming apps with 3D graphics and augmented reality apps.

For the best results, hire a custom iOS app development company to handle such projects for you.

The iOS app development costs for highly complex apps can be from $70,000 and above.

2.   Influencing Factors for iOS App Development Costs: Building Your Team Structure

The second broad influential iOS app development services cost is the app development team and structure. These include; in-house teams, Outsourced iOS app development agencies

and freelance mobile app developers.

iOS App Development Costs When Building an In-house Development Team

Building or setting up an in-house iOS app development team has several benefits but it comes with its price. And the price can be heavy or too expensive to cover, especially for start-ups and small businesses.

Building an in-house team for the best custom iOS app development services can cost between $40,000 to USD 180,000.

Aside, from that, you will also spend a lot of time shortlisting, interviewing and finally hiring the right talents. You will also need some good resources to manage your team.

You will need to plan the following;

  • HR Cost will be between $5000 and $30,000 per-anum
  • iOS app developer salary can be from $7,000 to $12,000 every month
  • Cost of iOS app development tools – hardware devices only will cost about $5000 to $8000, depending on the size of your team.
  • The cost of QA and mobile app testing is between $2000 to $5000

If the in-house iOS app development price looks too expensive for you, an ideal alternative would be to consider outsourcing to any reliable iOS app development service provider.

iOS app Development Costs When Outsourcing to a Freelance Developer

Outsourcing your iOS app development services is not as expensive as going with the in-house option.

But don’t get us wrong, it can still be an expensive option, depending on your budget and resource allocation. It can go from $15,000 to $70,000.

Here is an estimate of what you are expected to spend when outsourcing.

  • The cost of building your external team can be between $4,000 to $15,000
  • HR activities, research and negotiation costs should also be taken into consideration. This does not have a minimum or maximum amount and is highly dependent on the complexity of your project.
  • The cost of iOS app testing for all platforms may range from $2000 to $5000.

Remember, the most important things to consider when going for an alternative to an iOS app development company, such as freelance iOS developers include, experience, location, and hourly rates.

Learn ore on why outsourcing is important.

Partnering with an iOS App Development Agency

Another alternative to the two upper options is to strike strong partnership with iOS app development companies. With this, you can access professional custom iOS app development services that will meet your project needs.

 Importantly, ensure you understand your project scope, research on the agency’s level of expertise and confirm their locations.

We cannot say for sure what the cost of hiring or collaborating with an iOS development agency. However, you can use our app development cost calculator to get an estimate of the cost.

iOS App Development Price and Some Additional Costs Factors to Consider

There are also some additional determining factors as regards the cost of iOS app development for your business. let us discuss them in this section.

How Do App Design and User Interface (UI/UX) Impact iOS App Development Costs?

The impact of custom UI/UX design on iOS app development costs.

UI/UX mobile app design impact the cost of iOS app development when it is well thought out and implemented.

This is because only when it follows an excellent execution plan can it streamline the development process as well as reducing costs. Also, it saves a lot of time for back and forth as well as resources.

If you get your UI/UX as you should, you will be reducing the complexities of your mobile apps and smoothen the mobile app development process.

Meanwhile, if your UI/UX designs are not up to par, there will be need for too many revisions and even reworkings. This leads to extra costs and longer development processes.

How Do Third-Party Integrations (APIs) Impact iOS App Development Costs?

The cost of iOS app development services also adds up if your app will need a third-party integration. For example, payment gateways, interactive maps, social media marketing tools, integration, and authorisations.

Also, third-party integration may need or use extensive time to complete which may be a lot of time for you.

· App Maintenance and Updates

The importance of budgeting for ongoing maintenance and updates.

When creating your ideal iOS app for business, ensure you hire an iOS app development agency with extensive experience. This will help you get good and reliable updates and upgraded but so form fee.

6 Important Benefits Of iOS App Development Over Android

iOS App Development Service Offers Faster Development

First of all, in iOS app development, you do not see too many delays from issues related to device fragmentation like in Android app development. This means, the complexities are lesser and the testing is faster.

Also, iOS uses the Swift programming language which is easy to learn. Swift programming for iOS apps is close to the human type of language. It also has a simple syntax.

With the Swift programming, developers have a better focus and can easily improve their speed, accuracy and performance.

When it comes to finding and fixing bugs, Swift for iOS development is also better because the software deploys the error handling mechanism for fast error fixing.

iOS App Development Services Offer Lesser Device Fragmentation

In comparison, iOS apps have lesser issues of device fragmentation than Android apps. This is because Android is largely open-source and makes room for adaptation. However, this comes with a disadvantage device variation in the market.

iOS apps do not have so much issues on device fragmentation and so iOS developers and users do not have to worry much. This is due to the iOS closed ecosystem, leading to fewer issues than what Android users experience.

Also, Apple has a much more tightly controlled system than Android which allows for easy updating. In fact, over 80% of Apple users operate updated devices and software. Easy updating makes it easier for Apple new feature and functional releases to reach existing users.

iOS App Development Services Offer Greater User Experience

there are also some important benefits of iOS app development in terms of user experience.

Firstly, the devices come with aesthetic looks and the displays are visually appealing to users. It is an iOS development best practice to keep this mind when building any app solution for the OS.

Furthermore, Apple has this Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) which are like a set of principles for all its designs. This is the basis for its engaging, intuitive and straight froward user design.

The Human Interface Guidelines covers important user design concepts and tools like the layouts, colouring, branding, Icons, typographies and animation.

The Human Interface Guidelines helps the iOS ecosystem to create iOS mobile apps with best user experience and designs. It ensures consistency in designs and pushes the concept of keeping things simple, straightforward and clear enough.

iOS App Development Services Offer Stronger Data Security

One of the unique standouts of iOS application is in its tight security. Compared to Android, it is safer and more secure from cyberthreats and attacks.

As the Apple company roll out new versions and models of their devices, they ensure to improve on their security features too.

Another benefits of iOS app development is that users and developers only have few vulnerabilities to deal with. The security flaws are minimal and so you can trust your data safety to a great extent.

For example, areas where iOS show stiff resistance, Android shows weakness. These areas are typical in, malware attacks, resource abuse, service attacks, data loss, and data integrity attacks.

The high level of data security in iOS app development can be linked with its closed ecosystem, faster updates and security patches. According to Toni Vujevic, iOS also uses “Data Protection technology (as part of the APFS or Apple File System) that encrypts everything”.

iOS Has a Large Customer Bases

Although Android development has a larger customer base, iOS users have great numbers and demonstrate more loyalty. Most iOS users are unlikely to switch to Android but many Android users will love to switch to App devices if they can afford to.

With such level of loyalty, coupled with the fact that most iOS users are either members of the middle or higher class in different societies, your mobile app has a better and higher chance of giving you good ROI.

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What affects iOS mobile application costs?

Here are the most important influencing factors that affect iOS app development cost.

  • App complexity (simple, moderate, complex)
  • team structure (in-house, outsourced, freelance)
  • design/UI/UX
  • third-party integrations
  • maintenance/updates.

How much would it cost to develop an iOS app?

Simple app: $16,000 – $30,000

Moderate app: $30,000 – $48,000

Complex app: $70,000+

However, you wouldn’t be sure of how much it cost that is why you should use our cost calculator to see the price.

Why choose iPhone apps for business?

  • Large customer base
  • strong data security
  • better user experience
  • faster development
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