AngularJs Vs VueJs – Which Is the Best for Your Mobile App

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Mobile applications have seen substantial modifications as a result of technological advancements. In the previous several years, front-end development has made a huge difference. Over the years, advanced frameworks and tools come and gone, but the JavaScript programming language is here to stay! Millions of people love this amazing technology since it can be utilized on the front-end and back-end, as well as on mobile apps and PCs.

This language has the capacity to create amazing apps right out of the gate, and its widespread use makes it both marketable and intriguing for beginners. However, it should be emphasized that relying on technology may be costly, as mastering JavaScript is a difficult process owing to its complexity. This article focuses on two JavaScript frameworks; AngularJs vs VueJs in order to figure out which is best for your mobile app development projects.

Angular Js and Vue js are popular JavaScript frameworks that can be used to build web and mobile apps. AngularJs is an old framework that was launched in 2009, while Vue js.js is a newer framework that was launched in 2014.

AngularJs has a steep learning curve for beginners, but it has the advantage of being powerful with data binding, directives, templating, routing, build systems, and dependency injection. VueJs on the other hand provides an easier learning curve with lesser complexity but lacks features like two-way data binding or dependency injection.

While deciding which one to use for your mobile app you should take into consideration all your requirements for the type of app you are building. The type of application you are developing should be the primary deciding factor as to which framework you use as they all have their own strengths and weaknesses. Angular Js will suit your needs best if you need advanced features like routing or templating.

AngularJs : A Powerful but Complex Framework

If you want to build a complex based project then this is the framework for you. The platform supports routing, data binding, directives, form validations, array manipulation, and dependency injection. The framework offers a lot of extensibility via the Angular js UI CLI.

This is a non-trivial project that you can be part of and also find a career path after this. It has a developer community that is active and ever-growing. For now, it is limited to AngularJS 2. x, however, a beta is expected in 2019.

In terms of syntax and understanding of AngularJS, I would highly recommend being familiar with Angular js before this. In addition, for Vue js.

Advantages of AngularJs

Back-end assistance

This framework has a lot of back-end capabilities that help the front-end website load faster. It has a structure that is SEO-friendly, which is a bonus.

AngularJs Vs VueJs

Data Binding in Two Directions

Users will be able to transfer data from the component to the view and vice versa with the aid of this functionality. It will help to establish two-way communication. There is no need to develop separate code for data binding because HTML controls can handle it for you.

App Testing and Upkeep

This framework provides various high-tech debugging and refactoring capabilities, assisting app developers with app testing and maintenance. It can also use a single testing tool, such as Karma, Jasmine, or Protractor, to analyze the entire project. It also makes it easier for developers to get super-efficient results.

Google created it

Of course, with Google on its side, it has to be the greatest. There’s nothing more to be concerned about because it’s supported and maintained by a reputable corporation like Google. App developers trust the Angularjs Framework because of its vast community and ability to swiftly resolve issues; it has earned the trust of many.

MVC (Model View Controller)

The model view controller model, which is followed by this framework, aids in the separation of concerns. It gradually leads to faster and cleaner growth.

The CLI (Command Line Interface)

Top app developers may quickly and simply download and utilize CLI to render mobility with more efficient commands and testing tools. You can upgrade all of the app aspects with the help of numerous platforms and app developers. It also includes parts that make use of third-party APIs and libraries.

A Wide Range of Tools

This framework provides a variety of tools and capabilities for creating more efficient and effective development environments. Lazy loading, virtual scrolling, Node 10, and many more capabilities are supported by these features.

Angular js has made a significant contribution to the creation of mobile and online apps. Angular js frameworks are used by well-known organizations, and numerous mobile apps are built with them. Prominent among these are Udacity, YouTube, and Mixer.

Vue js: A Simple but Less Powerful Framework

This new framework does not have the support of a large business like Angular. Despite this, Vue js has performed exceptionally well in recent years, particularly since the release of version 3.0, and is posing a serious threat to the Angular js and React frameworks.

This is another open-source framework that can handle Angular js and React problems. When it comes to creating a single-page web app, it is in high demand. This progressive structure was built from the ground up to be gradually adopted.

Furthermore, when paired with supporting libraries and contemporary tools, this new framework is capable of powering sophisticated Single-Page Applications.

Vue js is a lightweight framework that provides very few features to an inexperienced developer. The template files and HTML/JS syntax are very simple and also supported by TypeScript. The components have no dependencies and a single page app can be created in seconds. AngularJS: A Powerful Yet Complex Framework

Angular js is an enterprise-grade framework that has been proven to be highly productive in building complex applications with strong component libraries. The HTML JS syntax is complex and using native clients isn’t an option. It also has a steep learning curve for beginners.

Other than the obvious differences, AngularJS and Vue js have some key similarities. They have the same HTML/JS syntax, event-driven model, two-way data binding, directive, and template engines.

Advantages of Vue js


Anyone can use Vue js since it is written in JS and has clear scripts that are easy to read and comprehend while developing a mobile app.

AngularJs Vs VueJs

Simple Integration

Developers use Vue js for developing single-page apps from the ground up and adding rich components since it facilitates the integration process.


Vue js is known for its small size of 18 to 21 KB, which allows users to install the framework in the shortest amount of time feasible. Furthermore, the page’s loading time is one of the key reasons it is the finest. Vue js has a competitive advantage as a result, and it appeals to both developers and digital marketers.


Developers want scalability and flexibility with new technology in this ever-changing environment where technologies are always changing. Vue js supports a variety of third-party libraries and components, allowing developers to integrate new technologies into existing apps while saving programmers time in keeping the apps up to date with the newest trends.


Vue JS, according to some experts, is extremely easy, even for beginners. It can be used with most editors, and knowledge of HTML and JavaScript is sufficient to learn Vue JS.

It also offers up-to-date and comprehensive documentation, which is why it has risen to the top of the list for people looking to get into the development sector.

Widespread Community Support

If that’s a problem, this framework isn’t exactly fresh on the market. It is backed up by a large number of high-end developers that assist in answering your questions.

Data Binding in Both Directions

Vue js’s MVVM design allows for two-way communication. That is, any changes you make to your UI will be reflected in the data, and vice versa.

Back-end Support 

Vue js also provides server-side support, which is a huge benefit. This improves the front-end page functionality’s performance, resulting in a better user experience.

Unlike Angular, creating an app using this framework is straightforward with the aid of their documentation/guides. As mentioned in the advantages section, this framework does not necessitate the usage of an expert; anybody may use it. Because of its versatility in developing and running mobile applications and websites, this framework has been adopted by a number of well-known app development businesses. Some of these include Grammarly, Gitlab, and Laravel.

Which is the best framework for you AngularJs Vs VueJs?

Both are web application frameworks (or MVAs) that deal with the data flow in an application and they both also add to the advantages of mobile app development. The main difference between Angular Js and Vue js.js is the way they deal with the data flow. 

AngularJs Vs VueJs

This means that AngularJS doesn’t have a data binding layer in the back-end, and Vue js.js has a data binding layer in the back-end. So AngularJs has a declarative view layer where data flows in without interfering with the view layer, whereas Vue js.js has a presenter layer and data in the view layer that works together.

If you’re looking for a new and easier framework, Vue js is the way to go. Choose Vue js for any of the reasons below,

  • If you like a code that is easy to understand.
  • If you want to create a single-page app that is lightweight.
  • If you want to get in on the ground floor of the market.
  • If you’d want to create a small-scale app.
  • If you need top-notch performance and lightning-fast speeds.

If you want to use Angular, you should do so because:

  • You want to create a real-time app, such as a chat app or a prompt message app.
  • You’ll be in charge of a huge, dynamic, and complicated app project.
  • Learning TypeScript before starting your development process is a viable option.
  • You want scalability that is both dependable and simple.
  • You prefer object-oriented programming to procedural programming.

Final Thoughts

With a steep learning curve and higher complexity, AngularJs means a lot of time and money spent to master the programming language. On the other hand, Vue js.js offers an easier learning curve with lower complexity but lacks features that would be useful in a business setting such as two-way dynamic data bindings or routing capability. 

Depending on the type of app or website you want to create, both of these technologies are excellent. Vue js is still a little new, but it’s promising and used by well-known companies. Angular js is supported by Google, and Vue js is still a bit new, but it’s promising and used by well-known brands. As a result, depending on your app needs, you can give them a shot.

If you’ve read this article attentively, you should have a good idea of what you’ll need for your mobile app or website. If you’re still undecided about which framework to employ, feel free to contact our experienced staff, who will be able to assist you correctly.

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