Monetization Strategies for a Sports Betting Exchange App: Exploring the Best

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Are you looking for a comprehensive blog on monetization strategies for a sports betting exchange app? If yes, then you are on the right page.

This blog delves into the world of sports betting exchange apps, offering readers a detailed exploration of effective monetization strategies. The blog divides the monetisation strategies into two categories:

  1. The main monetization strategies for a sports betting exchange app
  2. Other monetization strategies.

We design the blog to cover important areas/aspects of generating income from a betting exchange app.

So, this content helps you optimise your app’s profitability. It also helps you to gain a deeper understanding of monetization in the context of sports betting exchanges.

Understanding Monetization Strategies for Sports Betting Exchange Apps

The concept of monetization, according to Investopedia, is to turn something into a revenue-generating business. In the context of mobile apps, it is simply how apps make money through various methods and strategies.

Sports betting exchanges work differently than traditional sportsbooks.  In a traditional sportsbook, the house sets the odds and takes bets.  But with a sports betting exchange, the users bet against each other. The exchange is the one that facilitates the bets and takes a commission on the winning bets. This is, however, only one of its effective monetization strategies for betting apps.


Main Monetization Strategies for a Sports Betting Exchange App

Monetization in the context of sports betting exchange apps works in different ways;

Commissions on Winnings

Generating Income from a betting exchange app is very common in the sports betting industry. It occurs only when a better wins a bet using the exchange app. During withdrawals, the exchange may deduct their share which is based on percentage.

For example, most betting exchange apps deduct between 1 to 3% from winnings on bet exchanges. This means, if a customer wins about $100 and your betting exchange charges 5%, the expectation should be about $95

Monetization Charges

Advertising is also one of the most effective effective monetization strategies for betting apps. It follows the process of selling ads via the ad space in app to businesses who are seeking innovative ways to reach their target audience.

For example, a sports betting exchange app can sell ad space to sportsbook vendors or a sports betting website. Exchanges can also sell ad spaces to sports betting exchange app development companies and developers.

Subscription Fees

Another reliable revenue model for P2P betting platforms is through the method of subscription fees. Exchanges can implement different subscription packages that require users to pay some fees to access them.

This may include membership fees to premium packages like the VIP status and others. The enticing this here is that there are some hidden features or enhanced odds that can only be accessed by such members. Subscription fees can last up to a month or on a yearly basis.


Exchanges need a lot of users betting on both sides of an event to function well. This is called liquidity.  Exchanges offer a few ways to encourage liquidity:

  • Matching fees: A small fee is applied to bets that are successfully matched with another user’s bet.
  • Maker-taker fees: This is a two-tier fee structure that rewards users who add liquidity (makers) with a lower fee than users who remove liquidity (takers).

So, these are the most common and most effective monetization strategies for a sports betting exchange app. You can explore them for the best results.


Other Monetization Strategies for a Sports Betting Exchange App

By the end of 2024, the global market for sports betting will be way over $80 billion, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 12%. This means the industry will grow and expand more, with even more money pouring in.

Let us see how you can utilise other effective monetization strategies for betting apps to boost your sports betting profits.

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing has been able to creep into the list of revenue models for P2P betting platforms. In fact, it is a smart monetisation strategy for generating revenue in this modern times.

It opens up room for rewarding partnership with online bookmakers whereby you may get some payments for each new user. You will however, need a unique link by which the new users sign up on those platforms.

Offer Smart Tips and Strategies for a Fee

Sports betting exchange app monetisation strategy can be expanded into the content generation area.

For example, betting exchange apps may create subscription fee or package whereby the user may get smart tips and betting strategies for a small fee. This can also be on a subscription basis.

Smart tips and strategies may not even be all about the money as it can play essential roles in building loyal customers.

Sell Extra Stuff Using In-app Purchasing Features

You can create an in-app shop where you sell extra stuff in your betting exchange app. This stuff should, of course, be related to betting. For example, you can sell betting codes for the day/week/month.

You may also sell virtual items or even special betting features. To make it more interesting and attractive, create the in-app purchase feature in the gaming form. People will love it.

Play Fantasy Sports

You may introduce fantasy sports in your betting exchange app to give it that feature-rich look where players can compete with others. Do it in the form of a paid membership. Once you make it as fun as possible, people will be willing to pay to join.

Work with other Brands and Promote their Stuff

Do not relax with your traditional monetization strategies. Try to explore more options like striking partnership deals with other brands, to enable you to promote their stuff on your app in exchange for payments. Ensure you mostly promote betting-related stuff.

You can also get payment to write about other brands and their upcoming events. Another method of exploring this option is to get paid to make videos or animations about other brands and advertise them on your app.

Choosing the ideal sports betting app development company will make all of these easier for you.

Create a Pay-to-Join Conversation Club

You can have a separate section in-app where people pay to join and listen to you discuss their favourite games, clubs, betting odds, betting strategies, etc.

Interestingly, you can decide to go on multiple breaks, and in between these, you get the chance to still show ads which are also paid for.

Use White-Label Sports Betting Exchange App Solution

White-label sports betting apps are now like the go-to solution for quick-to-market betting exchange apps. You may invest in such solutions and allow people to pay a subscription fee to access the full features of the betting app or to allow them to customise the software to suit their needs.

Ensure to include these monetization strategies for a sports betting exchange app during the exchange development process.

Micro-betting and In-Play Betting:

  • Increased Transaction Volume: These faster-paced bets could lead to a higher frequency of transactions on the exchange, generating more commission on winning bets.
  • Targeted Advertising: Exchanges could offer highly targeted ads within the app based on the specific micro-bet or in-play market a user is interested in, potentially attracting more relevant advertisers willing to pay a premium.

Focus on Data and Personalization:

  • Subscription Model Boost: Personalized recommendations and insights could incentivize users to subscribe for premium features like access to exclusive data or bet tracking tools, generating recurring revenue.
  • Targeted Advertising: Data-driven user profiles can lead to more effective advertising within the app, attracting advertisers willing to pay more for targeted campaigns.

Integration with Other Platforms:

  • Increased User Acquisition: Being integrated with popular sports platforms or social media could expose the exchange to a wider audience, potentially leading to a surge in new users.
  • Frictionless Betting Experience: Integration can create a seamless user experience where users can bet directly from another platform, increasing engagement and potentially leading to more bets placed.

Focus on Responsible Gambling:

  • Builds User Trust: Demonstrating a commitment to responsible gambling through features like deposit limits can build user trust and loyalty, leading to a more sustainable user base.
  • Reduces Chargebacks and Fraud: Responsible gambling tools might help users manage their bankrolls more effectively, potentially reducing chargebacks and fraud attempts.

Cryptocurrency Integration:

Attract New Users: Catering to the crypto-savvy user base can attract a new segment of potential customers, expanding the exchange’s reach.

Faster Transactions: Cryptocurrency transactions can be faster and cheaper compared to traditional methods, potentially leading to a smoother user experience and faster bet settlements.

Focus on Emerging Markets:

  • New Revenue Streams: Expanding into new markets with evolving regulations can open up new revenue opportunities.
  • Localized Strategies: Tailoring features and marketing messages to specific regions can lead to higher user engagement and potentially higher commission on winning bets.

It’s important to remember that these are just potential benefits, and the effectiveness of these trends will depend on their implementation and user adoption. However, by embracing these trends and focusing on creating a valuable and responsible user experience, sports betting exchanges can position themselves for continued growth and a more secure financial future.


Monetization strategies for a sports betting exchange app are one of the important trends that you must not ignore in 2024, especially the main strategy. But, it also, does well to complement the main strategies with the other ones for best results. Some amazing future trends in sports betting exchange app monetization prove to be more promising but only those with full implementation plans will reap the benefits.

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