Top things to consider before hiring a React Developer

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Hiring React native developer must be a complex task. You need to be sure that your developers are skilled and they know what you expect from them. You can begin by doing a background check. Understanding the background of your React developer is very crucial for a successful project. Their skills and experience are the best way to determine if they will deliver on what you are looking for. These are also good indicators to determine if you will be working with a good developer.

Who Are React Native Developers?

React is a modern JavaScript library for building user interfaces. The application framework was developed for the web browser by a Facebook engineer named Dave Milinkovich. According to the experts, a React developer is someone who can develop web applications, reusable JavaScript libraries, and also maintain code. The developers will have to work with multiple tools like HTML, CSS, JS, Gulp, JSX, and Node.js.

React Native developers

They also have to be familiar with React code syntax and should have coding experience. Developers who can work independently and deliver quality work for their clients are the most sought-after candidates. React developers have an advantage over other web development candidates who have extensive knowledge in Node.js and HTML5. The competency required of React developers is on-the-job training with constant updates on technologies.

Professional Skills for React Developers

React developers will be required to have an understanding of what people are referring to when they use terms such as ‘ES6’, ‘HTML5’, ‘JavaScript’, ‘XHR’, and so on. They will also need to understand how to code with HTML, CSS, and JS. In addition, they will need to learn, customize and manage a variety of JavaScript frameworks that help them to develop excellent web applications.

What makes React Native developers outstanding developers is their ability to design and build user interfaces and solve complex problems, and create user experiences with ease. However, there are a few basic principles that you must take into consideration when hiring a React developer

How to Make the Most Informed Decision?

There are certain principles that you need to follow when selecting React Native developers to build your website. Here are the top important ones you need to consider while hiring React developers: 

React Native developers

1. Knowing the React Community

Before going through any candidate for your project, you have to be familiar with the React community and the skill sets required of good React Native developers. After being familiar with them, you can easily select the right talent for your project. You should also try to ask questions from your React developer and clarify the solution that they have provided for other clients. You can then go through it with your team members and talk about the requirements they have to fulfill while building your project.

2. What is the level of their JavaScript skills?

React developers need to be proficient in JavaScript to work on projects. That is why they can also sometimes be called JavaScript developers. JavaScript is one of the fastest-growing programming languages and can be used to develop software and React programming language is just like another JavaScript. 

It will enable the developer to develop efficient code. And let’s not forget, it is open source and can be found on GitHub. It is designed to be a faster and cleaner alternative to other JavaScript frameworks and libraries like Angular, Vue, Ember, and Backbone.

3. Do they have knowledge about other programming concepts?

Critical technology has changed the way developers work. Once upon a time, they only used one technology for their needs and left the rest. But now, developers have gained more knowledge on technologies like Node.js, React, Ember, Ember-CLI, and so on. This kind of expertise has helped them build a better product so it will be better if your React Native developers have these other programming skills.

4. Do they know OOP principles?

An OOP (object-oriented programming) framework allows developers to build a web application in a modular way. It lets them make changes and updates without affecting the whole codebase. The perfect choice for React Native developers is those who understand and know how AngularJS and JavaScript frameworks are used for building online solutions.

OOP will be extremely crucial in web application development. So, how much your React Native developers know about this is a very important aspect to consider before hiring. A more adequate web development can be brought about through an understanding of these concepts as having an understanding of frameworks helps developers a lot.

5. Is he passionate about it?

Knowing the OOP principle should be accompanied by a passion for programming and building online solutions. This is very important to know about the React developer. They need to be passionate about their particular domain for many good reasons. How they express this will also be important. 

React Native developers who enjoy working on different projects are an asset to your company and will always deliver the best. It means he is well-rounded and adaptable. Moreover, he will have a great viewpoint about your project and how best to bring your ideas to life.

6. How well do they understand testing frameworks?

Do they have knowledge of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript?

Do they have good experience in building large complex projects?

These are some of the various skill sets you also need to consider when hiring React developers. Knowing how to efficiently use CSS, HTML, and JavaScript as well as building complex projects is very crucial and should be considered by anyone looking to hire React Native developers. 

React is known to be one of the most advanced JavaScript frameworks that aim to improve frontend developer productivity and collaboration. Therefore, if you are hiring React Native developers to work on the project, you need to ensure that they have a basic knowledge of using frameworks like React, Angular, Vue.js, Ember, and React.

7. Are they well-conversant with JavaScript build tools?

While building web applications, you can build multiple configurations for each project you work on. Each development task has certain scope, time frame, and result requirements. While the demands differ from project to project, your React developers will need to have the required skills to perform and solve the tasks at hand. Hiring React Native developers who have the required build tools skills will ensure that the project requirements are met on time. Apart from that, this attribute can also ensure a high production rate, eliminating unexpected problems, and may guarantee strong support afterward.

8. Version control system experience

If you are hiring React developers, you are required to consider their experience in using different version control systems. If your team is not following version control systems, then the new talent you are trying to hire will probably not have enough experience with these systems to work in your organization. 

Knowing about CVS, SVN, git, and more would come in handy for you if you are working on your project with the help of a senior developer. You should also consider the operating systems they are familiar with.

9. Do they have experience working with ReactJS workflows?

Are they proficient with ReactJS Stack?

Are they comfortable building component-based applications?

Do they have a working knowledge of ReactJS, Angular, NodeJS, and DOM?

Are they familiar with related frameworks like Axios, Express, jQuery, and many more?

Do they know the “hot spots” of your application?

What kind of coding standards do they follow?

They should be aware of web development standards and know-how to maintain and develop apps using them.

10. Do they have in-depth knowledge of React fundamentals & styling strategies?

React Native developers

Do they have the relevant projects/real-life projects belt?

Can they adapt quickly to changes in your project? They should be able and willing to adapt to rapid changes during the stages of building the project. Flexibility is very important for any programmer to deliver an excellent job.

What tools do they have under their belt to shorten development cycles and maximize productivity? You should ask about all the tools that they work with and know how those tools will shorten the development period of the project.

11. How flexible is their learning curve?

Your React project requires you to manage multiple technologies from a single developer. Most of the React Native developers have worked with JavaScript or the Backbone framework. This makes them knowledgeable about JavaScript. They will help you in developing apps that are more responsive and easily maintainable.

If they haven’t worked with any of these frameworks before, you should look for someone with a more flexible learning curve. You will be able to save time and money if you get someone with the capability of building a web application that has multiple technologies. This will also help your project become an amazing feat.

12. Are they proven for leadership?

When we want to hire experts for web development, we rely on their track record and expertise. We also look for employees who are good at teamwork and who are prepared to take responsibility for their part of the team. In case you are looking for the best React Native developers for your product, make sure that the person is a hands-on leader who can work in small and large teams. This will allow you to pick the right person for your project.

13. Compatible with Latest Technologies

Each and every IT platform has different features, interfaces, and languages. Not all of them are compatible with the existing tools. This is why you need to hire experienced React developers who are aware of the new technologies that may be introduced in the near future. It is also recommended to choose developers who are good at working with different platforms and are capable of building a website that works on all devices.

You cannot expect the React developers to be familiar with all the platforms. Even though React runs on different browsers, these developers should be open to using new, cutting-edge platforms. No matter the project your team is working on, your React Native developers should be able to build it.

These developers should know the latest technologies and should have complete knowledge about these platforms. If you find out that the candidates cannot use new features or cannot work on multiple projects, then they might be unsuitable to be the React developer for your project.

Some FAQ for React developers

Here are some important questions you must answer to hire the right React developers: 

  • Are they comfortable building component-based applications?
  • Do they have working knowledge of ReactJS, Angular, NodeJS and DOM?
  • Are they familiar with related frameworks like Axios, Express, jQuery and many more?
  • Do they know the “hot spots” of your application?
  • What kind of coding standards do they follow?
  • They should be aware of web development standards and know how to maintain and develop apps using them.
  • What are the development skills and experience required for the React? 
  • What are the development skills and experience required for React? 
  • What are the technologies they need to understand before they start working? 
  • How often do they need to be updated with the latest developments in React? 
  • What are the projects they have worked on previously? 
  • Do they have the experience of working in an Agile process? 
  • What is their experience in delivering maintainable projects? 
  • How should I find the right React Native developers? 


Having the ability to run a successful project involves a great amount of work and in the process, you are required to consider a lot of things. But there are some important steps that will help you to hire React Native developers for your web development project. The points raised in this article should be able to help you to plan and run a successful project in the process.

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