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Are you looking for the best Flutter App development company to help you transform your business? Would you like to take advantage of this unique framework to create amazing apps for your business?

I dare say you have made the right decision!

Flutter is Google’s user interface toolkit (SDK) for Google mobile App development, which comes with a complete framework, widgets, and tools that give developers an easy way of building and deploying natively compiled applications for businesses.

It is a visually attractive, fast mobile app that can be used or created on both android and iOS platforms from a single code base.

Big brands have recognized the unique features Flutter offers and have been taking advantage of this for their business transformation. This means that you need not waste any more time and should jump on the success bandwagon and hire flutter app developers right away.

The goal of every business is to have sustainable and profitable growth and embracing this technology will augment your business growth effort.

Flutter is free to use as it is open source. Flutter is based on Dart, which is a fast object-oriented programming language. Flutter also provides its own widgets to enhance the functionality of the App. The architecture of flutter is based on the very popular reactive development which has gained wide usage today. New updates and features are also continuously added and this has given it that unique edge to stand the test of time.

Developers also love working with this framework and will be happy to take on your project as well.

How Flutter App Development Framework Works

Flutter is set up with special features quite different from the way the native Apps are built. With Flutter, it’s all about widgets and delivering a natural feel for users. The Framework is a modern react-style with a 2D rendering for the engine that controls designing, building, testing, and debugging.

The Flutter App development stages can be likened to a cake with several layers. Each layer has an anchor to receive the next layer.

With Flutter Apps, there are three layers which are

  • Framework – this defines the theme of the App as well as the platform on which it is to be built. The option to have an android-based or iOS-based framework is made at this point.
  • Engine – This forms the next layer and is responsible for handling Dart Runtime, Platform Channels, Skia and so on
  • Embedder – This handles the shell as well as the embedder API for the App.
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When the right theme is used for the development of your Flutter app, it would appear just like the native Android or iOS app. When you hire flutter app developers with the right expertise, they know how to work their magic to bring your project to life.

Now we know how it works, what are the possible solutions that you can solve with the Flutter App?

Working with the right Flutter development company can help you with solutions to some of your App development challenges. Flutter can be used to create some of the following:

  • mCommerce solutions
  • Banking solutions
  • Entertainment Apps
  • Taxi booking Apps
  • eLearning or online training Apps
  • Sports and gaming Apps
  • Healthcare websites
  • Educational or knowledge management solutions.

Sometimes, you might be wondering if using Flutter as a solution will be appropriate for your project. The only way to find out is to reach out to the expert developers for a consultation and they will be able to advise you properly.

To get the right solution for your business type, you need to have a detailed outline of what you want your App to do.

Listing out the exact features and functionalities your App should have is a great way to ensure that your Flutter App developer understands exactly what you need.

After your consultation session, you will have a clearer picture of what will work for your peculiar situation.

Benefits of Flutter Mobile App Development

Flutter Apps have been known to have a lot of advantages, especially when compared with other platforms. Here are some of the benefits of using the Flutter framework solution for your App development projects:

1. Faster Code Writing

With the flutter’s hot reload feature, which usually takes milli-seconds, developers can build faster and more dynamic mobile apps. Developers can make changes and see the effect of the changes instantly in the app. This helps to add features, fix bugs, and experiment faster.

Hot reload is also very comfortable in developer-designer cooperation in the case of experimenting with an app’s look and checking effects on the spot. When you have changes to be made with Flutter, you can hot reload, unlike the native app development process which requires the developer to rebuild, and that will consume more time.

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2. One Code for Two Platforms

Flutter does not depend on the platform, because it has its own widget and designs. The developer writes just one codebase for two apps. It means one codebase is used for developing the mobile app for android and iOS devices. This means that the same app on two platforms which helps to cut and or reduce the cost of hiring a developer for android and iOS

3. Less Testing

If you have the same app for two platforms, it means less testing. Because of one codebase, the developer writes automatic tests only once. The Quality Assurance Process can be faster. The Quality Assurance specialist has less work to do because they have only one app to test.

4. High Performance

Flutter apps work in a smooth and fast manner without lagging or hanging or cutting while scrolling. The Flutter team says you can expect to have 60fps (frames per second) constantly, which is the same rate at which you can get smooth and clear pictures with modern screens.

Since any lag in such a frame rate will be immediately noticed by the human eye, developers try to maintain motion at this level

5. Lovable Design

Flutter makes it possible for you to have your own widgets created or you can customize existing widgets to suit your needs.

The design appears as beautiful as the traditional native Apps and this gives it an appealing appearance.

6. The Same App User Interface on Older Devices

New apps will look the same on both old and newer versions of android and iOS devices. You will not incur additional costs to get support for older devices. Flutter runs on Android 3.0 and newer as well as iOS 8 and newer.

7. Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Flutter will be perfect if you want a Minimum Viable Product for your app to show to investors in cases where there are time constraints.

8. Internationalization and Accessibility

Google is an advocate for diversity and inclusivity, Flutter provides built-in opportunities to make your apps accessible to a wider range of users.

Usually, when you want your app to run in different languages and be used in different regions, you need to prepare your code so that it’s ready for localized content which is typically created later. This process is called internationalization.

Flutter natively provides widgets based on Dart International Package that simplifies this process. Today it supports 24 languages.

Flutter also web accessibility and supports these three components

  • Large fonts – adjust font sizes to a user-specified setting for the particular OS settings
  • Screen readers – provides spoken feedbacks on UI elements
  • Sufficient Contrast – makes texts easier to read.
flutter app development company

Flutter technology has revolutionized the mobile app development market. The reason being most of the businesses prefer making their apps in Flutter is nothing else but the intuitive design and cross-platform developmental features it offers.

When looking to hire a Flutter app development company for your business, certain criteria need to be checked. These criteria are as follows.

Tools and technology being used

Getting to know the type of software the Flutter Development Company will use is key. This will help you decide if they have the capability to handle your project. There are updates being released regularly and keeping up with these updates is vital. For example, would they be using other technology stacks like Java, Angular, or ReactJS for Web or Redis MongoDB and Mysql for the database?

Vision and mission of the company

The mission and vision of the company should be in agreement with your core values. It should define clearly who they are and what they stand for. The vision should guide you to see their future plans and how they will support you and your business even after the delivery of your app is completed.

This vision should be aligned to help you achieve the goal of getting the Flutter App developed for you.

The client reviews and testimonials

Customer satisfaction measures the satisfaction derived from a product or service rendered to a customer. A highly rated customer service shows that the company is doing something right and gaining the confidence of its customers. Having a large number of positive reviews from customers is an indication that the Flutter App Development Company is doing something right and can be relied upon to deliver your project.

The top brands and past clients of the company

A Flutter app development company’s portfolio includes the collection of projects and products that the company has executed, how it handled those projects. A business portfolio rightly describes a company’s strength and helps the company to exploit the most attractive business opportunities.

Analyzing the portfolio will help you decide if you should work with the company and have them execute your next project or if you should look elsewhere. This can be a good criterion for selecting a good Flutter App development company in India or any other part of the word

The total number of flutter projects

This gives you a feel for the level of experience. If the company has successfully completed a large number of projects, then it becomes easier to handle more projects easily. They will be able to troubleshoot and offer advanced solutions as well.

flutter app development company

Overall certifications and awards

Knowing that the Flutter App developer you will be working with belongs to a team that is qualified to handle your project. The right certifications and possible awards for outstanding performance are of the essence here. You will feel more comfortable handing over your project if it’s all good.

Privacy And Secrecy

When giving out your project to a Flutter App development company, you want to be sure that they can keep your intellectual property safe. This means that the company must be willing to sign a Non-disclosure agreement to help you protect your idea and project

Availability Of demos

As your project progresses, your excitement builds on a daily basis because you are eager to see the final App. However, before your project is handed over, you should be able to see a pre-release demo so that you can make any corrections if necessary.

At this stage, you can have the actual feel of what your final App will look like to satisfy your curiosity.

Flutter App Development Services offered by Prometteur solutions

Finding a suitable Flutter App development company in India can be challenging but with Prometteur you have nothing to worry about. Prometteur covers quite a number of services and these are not limited to:

  • Flutter App Development
  • Flutter App UI/UX Design
  • Flutter App Maintenance & Support
  • FlutterApp Integration
  • Independent Testing
  • Flutter App Consultation

Why work with Prometteur Solutions For Your App development?

Prometteur is a one-of-a-kind solution provider in India that takes your request and transforms it into exceptional Apps. Our team of developers is thorough and pays close attention to details to ensure that you get only the best.

We will work with you to bring your idea to life and give your App users a seamless experience. With years of designing and developing Flutter Apps, we understand the trends and possible challenges it brings and we ensure that you get a smooth running with our team. Get in touch with us today and let us transform your idea into a brilliant App.

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