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Mobile apps are presently one of the most dynamic business tools in today’s world. Businesses looking to create the most impact in the lives of their target audiences need hybrid application development companies to achieve this aim. If that is your primary goal as well, you should work with the best hybrid mobile app development company, too.

Native Apps vs. Mobile Web Apps vs. Hybrid Mobile Apps

As more and more business enterprises spring up every day, adopting the mobile-first tactic is a winning strategy. And to do this effectively, businesses have to choose the best Hybrid Application Development Company platforms to reach their goals after evaluating the technical requirements.

Mobile applications are available in three main formats: Native apps, Mobile Web app, and Hybrid applications.

Native apps are usually designed for a specific platform. For instance, Twitter has separate and distinct applications for iPhone and Android users.

Mobile Web applications, on the other hand, are websites that are optimized for mobile uses. And Hybrid mobile apps are intuitive blends of both Native and Mobile Web technologies. Hybrid apps are the best for businesses looking for cost-effective solutions and also readily satisfy cross-platform requirements.

It should come as no surprise when you begin to notice the proliferation of hybrid app development across various industries and platforms.

Hybrid Application Development Company

Why You Should Go for Hybrid Mobile App Development

A survey conducted by Ionic Developer back in 2017 has revealed that up to 32.7 percent of developers among the more than 13,000 active developers had entirely abandoned native mobile app development.

This number of developers had instead focused their time and attention on hybrid mobile app development. And why is that, you may ask? The immense benefits that hybrid applications offer are much more than their counterparts.

Moreover, the use of hybrid applications provides a radically distinctive avenue for businesses that require a mobile application that works on multiple platforms and devices with the primary goal of expanding their operations.

Hybrid mobile applications, when done well, are practically impossible to differentiate from native mobile apps. That is why you can across a native app and hybrid app without being able to tell the difference. Hybrid applications also work on Android, iPhone, and Windows platforms incredibly well.

Hybrid apps also provide tons of excellent options for businesses or firms and are a perfect representation in the mobile app world, any time, any day. This means that a well-written hybrid application offers the same user experience and lovely navigation that native applications offer.

Benefits of Hybrid App Development

  • A hybrid application makes use of web technologies such as HTML5, Javascript, and CSS3. Moreover, it can also have seamless access to distinct features from native platforms. What this means is that hybrid mobile apps can access the camera, contacts, GPS, etc. and can run smoothly on both iOS and Android platforms.
  • A hybrid application is basically a native web app that is wrapped up within a native app. Technically, hybrid apps are written using Javascript, CSS3, and HTML5. And when they are completed, they are compiled into a native Android, iOS or other mobile platforms using what is referred to as a “wrapper technology,” e.g. PhoneGap or Cordova.
  • Hybrid mobile apps provide incredible support for offline features like local storage capacity since it also supports SQLite database.
Hybrid Application Development Company

Additional Advantages of a Hybrid Mobile App Development

Code Duplication and Reusability

A hybrid application employs the same HTML content across all platforms. Therefore, it leverages appropriate server-side components. This is different from native apps where codes have to be rewritten to conform to each platform.

This is why native apps require a lot of code duplication which hybrid apps do not.

Multi-platform Support 

A hybrid application can run on multiple mobile platforms. The only thing is that a specific native module or container must be developed for every platform. This development could be pretty challenging for old web browsers since they don’t support ample HTML features.

However, hybrid apps can utilize a device detection technique to adjust the feature for low-end mobile devices.

Usage Analytics

Usage logging becomes easier when you work with a hybrid application as usage statistics of the existing server-side/web applications can be utilized as such. This implies that there is no need for additional storage space for the collection of data as a result of the analytics performed.

Hybrid applications avoid the need for purging and data archival tasks which is unlike native apps.


Hybrid apps are not specific to a particular platform, and so it doesn’t require long-term testing or certification before hitting the market, unlike native apps. This means Hybrid Application Development Company and deployment saves a lot of time.

Security Features

Since most enterprise applications are virtually exposed all over the Web, they are vulnerable to data thefts. But hybrid apps employ HTTPS protocol and ensure no sensitive data is kept or stored on the mobile device.

Hybrid Application Development Company

Future Improvements

To improvise existing features in hybrid applications is far easier than doing the same on native apps. And the #1 reason for this is because client application distribution is not required.

This feature helps users to continue making use of the app, especially in cases of application updates. Moreover, users will be prevented from having to contend with the threats of security patches.

Examples of Hybrid Mobile Apps

In case you are still in the dark about hybrid applications, the following are great examples of hybrid mobile apps include BaseCamp, Instagram, Uber, Yelp, etc.

A hybrid app framework is a technology that is widely used in hybrid app development. The most common ones in use today by numerous hybrid mobile app development companies include:

  • Ionic
  • React Native
  • Xamarin
  • PhoneGap
  • Onsen UI
  • Apache Cordova

Hybrid app development remains the go-to option to choose for many businesses; however, this choice depends on several factors. For instance, you should consider the impact and functional benefits of the selected approach, challenges, implementation methods, etc.

Other crucial factors that must be considered include:

  • Development
  • Cost
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Time-to-market
  • Usability

The most significant advantage of a hybrid approach is that this shared code can be deployed across several platforms. This will save not only a lot of time but also the cost of application development.

How to Select the Best Hybrid App Development Company

Now that you know the factors, benefits, or advantages of using hybrid apps and hybrid application development, you may have decided to go for a hybrid mobile application for your business.

But when it comes to selecting the best hybrid application development company, you need to be careful. You do not want to hire a sub-par mobile app.

The following factors, however, have to be considered in order to help you make an informed choice:

Technical Expertise

This, of course, is quite obvious, but a team of highly skilled, certified developers is essential when it comes to developing a hybrid application for your business. So, you need to work with a company that has a certified and knowledgeable team of proficient developers who will handle your hybrid app project.

The hybrid app developers should be able to create several blueprints of application design that perfectly interpret your concept or ideas while keeping your requirements and buyer’s persona in mind.

You need to ensure that the coding proficiency of these experts must also conform to industry standards. They should not only painstakingly assess your requirements but also be up to date with the prevailing market trends within the industry in order to design a user-friendly, highly riveting, and intuitive hybrid app that meets all your business requirements while satisfying the needs of your customers for the long term.

It is crucial so that you do not end up with a disappointing hybrid application that will be of no use at all to you or anyone but a waste of resources and time.

Hybrid Application Development Company


When searching for a hybrid development company, make sure you pay attention to every company’s portfolio. What is their involvement in the field of hybrid application development? Are they conversant with any particular hybrid app framework that you will like to be used in developing your firm’s mobile application?

And how long have they been in the mobile application development field? If they have been in the field for years, they must be doing something right.

You should also check out client reviews and testimonials while taking note of their past deployed mobile app projects. If the company has worked on hybrid mobile apps and successfully deployed them, then you can get in touch with them to establish a working relationship.


Transparent and crystal-clear communication is vital when it comes to hybrid application development. This is essential for a mutual understanding between you and the Hybrid Application Development Company.

So, when checking out the qualities of a hybrid mobile app development company, find out whether or not they possess communication skills.

You should find out whether or not it is permissible to have scheduled meetings with the project management team so that you can be in the know about what is going on with your hybrid app development.

The communication skills of the expert developers matter a lot since they should be able to correctly interpret your suggestions, ideas or concepts, and provide clear-cut feedback without any room for confusion.

You can also contact their old clients to ascertain this highly crucial aspect of communication. Their past clients will be able to fill you in on what to expect as regards communication with this particular team of hybrid application developers.

Maintenance and Post-deployment Support

This is another highly crucial factor that must be considered and kept in mind when searching for the best hybrid app development company. The warranty period and after-sales support are vital in the mobile application development universe. The hallmark of a good and reputable hybrid mobile app development company is the one that continues to help you or your firm after deploying your mobile application.

You don’t want to work with a hybrid app that suddenly stops working soon after it has been deployed. This could have irreparable damaging effects on the overall reputation of your company and damage control may almost be impossible.

So, be on the lookout for a hybrid mobile app development company that happily and readily provides its clients with after-sales support, general maintenance, and warranty period.

This means that you won’t have to worry or bother about maintenance or post-deployment support in the long run.

Getting a suitable and intuitive mobile application for your business is not a walk in the park. But if you follow these clear steps outlined here in your search for the best hybrid application development company, you will end up with a mobile app that will significantly increase your profit, make your customers happy, and generally boost your reputation within your industry.

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