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SEO marketing, SEO optimization, backlinks, SEO analysis. If your work with Top SEO trends, has anything to do with the digital world of the internet, these are phrases you likely make use of on a daily basis, work with, and at the very least come across.

Bloggers worry about creating backlinks and SEO optimization for their content, digital marketers and influencers are always on the lookout for better SEO marketing strategies, SEO companies are always advertising SEO services for their clients, and the train goes on.

Why all the fuss?

Simple. We want our businesses to be seen by those that require our services. And SEO optimization helps us do this through search engines like Google.

Although some of the very best SEO companies like Prometteur Solutions are always working to give the best SEO services, technology is always changing and new SEO transforming algorithms like BERT from Google is being developed.

With all these transformations taking place in the way searches are conducted over the internet, it is important for the sake of keeping your business alive to stay up-to-date with new SEO trends and developments that would help enhance business visibility.

that would influence the world of SEO services in this new decade.

Employ A Specialized Team:

Quality Analysis should start in-house, with a specialized team of experts in the field of quality analysis.

By employing a team of experts with sufficient experience in handling quality analysis and easily identifying issues that rises or would likely arise in the course of app development, the app has an improved chance of topping the chart in the app market. The specialist team should be able to identify planning requirements as well as bug identification.

Zero-Click Searches is the Latest News:

If you have done any search on Google recently, you would observe that in some cases, you get all the answers to your queries on the SERP (search engine results page) without having to go further into any website.

Welcome to Zero-click Searches.

The concept behind the zero-click search is simply that Google now provides answers to search queries on the SERP(search engine result page). Consequently, users and searchers now don’t have to click on websites to get the knowledge they require.

What does this mean for website owners?

Well, bad news first. Since Google will be providing search results on the SERP, searchers will have no need to click on websites resulting in zero clicks for websites, even some high-ranking sites are not left out of the Google takeover. Of course, the searcher gets a quicker, efficient, and stressless experience. But here’s the good news for the website owners interested in SEO optimization, Google integrates this zero-click search through a feature known as featured snippets. Websites that can learn how to get a featured snippet space are on their way to ranking high on SEO optimization.

Featured And Rich Snippets:

The featured snippet is the summarized answer of a search query displayed on the SERP. It is meant to give the searcher a quick response to queries.

Rich snippets a step further from featured snippets shows information such as prices for products, images, review stars, etc. Although ranking for Rich Snippets isn’t so hard, they bring only lower CTR improvement than featured snippets.

How to rank for featured and rich snippets?

In spite of the constant changes and development of new technologies, when it comes to SEO analysis or SEO optimization, content is still king and Google wishes it to remain that way. Thus putting out Top 2020 SEO trends content that specifically answers the searcher queries would have a higher chance of being on the featured snippets. A strategy would be to use the “people also ask” section to provide In-Depth content on related content.

Hello BERT:

BERT is not a person.

Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers- BERT is the latest algorithm from Google. BERT is the Librarian who having known you enough suggest a book that is best suited for you by considering your reading preferences and skills. In the case of BERT, It delivers search results based on the real intention of search by considering natural language and context.

To get BERT attention, as usual content is the key. Although there’s not much we can do to game the system, you can bet that putting the right content is a starting point.

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