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The year is 2020, and React continues to be one of the most loved and popular front-end (JavaScript) libraries around. This open-source JavaScript library helps users to build React Mobile Apps for React Component Library For 2020. As part of their dream projects with mobile devices and the web as well. Users have access to a massive list of libraries and UI frameworks available for React.

And the one you choose for your next development will depend significantly on your project requirements and its complexity. It also depends on the library and framework that will make your development easier and seamless. There is no doubt that you will love the Best React Component Library for 2020.

The React community is also growing in leaps and bounds as several React packages are created or developed in order to simplify numerous aspects of development with React readily.

React is a robust and fully functional JavaScript library employed by developers to build innovative user interfaces. React is usually used as a base in the development of single-page or React Mobile Apps. React components are reusable and independent snippets of code, created just like JavaScript classes and functions. However, they work in isolation and usually returns HTML via a render function.

React libraries, as mentioned earlier, help in simplifying a few development aspects. It should be noted that not all React component libraries are created equal. The app and web development industry is growing incredibly fast every day, and this can make it pretty difficult or challenging for developers or users to keep up with all the most recent stuff.

This article features the list of the Best React Component Library for 2020, which you can utilize for your development needs. This list is what the Best React Component Library Company employs anytime they build React Mobile Apps for their clients from any part of the world.

If you are ready to take the plunge to learn more about React Library in Mobile Apps, let’s go!


Rebass is one of the most vital components in the Best React Component Library for 2020. This UNI components library is based primarily on the Styled Systems Library and offers an exceptional base for building effective and customizable UI components. This tiny UI components library can be used for creating an assertive set of theme-able UI elements.

What the Best React Component Library Company loves about Rebass is that users don’t have to start from the ground up. You will find a massive bed of codes already written, which you can readily adapts to your needs or requirements.

Some of the key features you will find in this unique library include:

React Component Library For 2020
  • Its ability to provide a simple head start, thus eliminating the need to write a collection of boilerplate code. All you need to do is to import it and start applying the primitive components and also create the ones you require.
  • Its ability to provide an outstanding and impressive developer experience, thanks to its Styled System props.
  • The ability to implement themes as soon as users become used to the syntax and workflow. This ultimately provides a breath-taking level of extensibility and customization to your React Library in Mobile App. The best part is that the theming system is extensively compatible with Theme UI, i.e. it is built having an incredibly robust library as a base which is designed to provide theming to your React Mobile Apps.
  • Mobile-first design as it offers a contemporary and revolutionary design philosophy.
  • Minimal footprint, based on the simple fact that it is a tiny library presently sitting at not more than 4KB.
  • Flexbox layout with the Box and Flex components serving as primitive components for users to utilize for their responsive development needs.

Since the inception of Rebass, it has garnered a lot of attention from developers around the world and presently enjoys up to 130k downloads every month from So, if you do not want to rely entirely on component libraries and have every intention of extending an already existing one during development, look no further than Rebass.


Ant-Design components provide a full-fledged list of enterprise-class UI designed exclusively for web applications. This is in contrast to the minimalistic and basic set of extensible components in Rebass and React Bootstrap (more on this component later in this article).

Ant-Design comes with more than 50 high-quality, out-of-the-box, fully customizable React components – written in TypeScript and with predictable, static types – that users can utilize to build highly stunning React Mobile Apps. The tiny limitation that you may have to work with is the pre-set design language that may force you to work within its framework. The design language created exclusively by the developers of this components library is one of several design philosophies available online. You can also find this design language as a set of Axure files or Vue-based and Angular versions.

It is highly recommended that you review the Design Language philosophy, which basically explains their rationale behind each aspect of the components. It is extraordinarily detailed and explains the reasons behind every design choice, which include text alignment on user input, spacing between components, and so on. Every aspect of Ant-Design is carefully thought-out right down to the smallest detail.

React Component Library For 2020

Ant-Design is specially created for internal desktop apps and is based heavily on several unitary specifications and principles. This React UI library makes prototypes and designs simpler and accessible for everyone. Moreover, Ant-Design, apart from its wide array of development tools and design resources, has internalization support for several languages, thereby making it easy for users to localize React Mobile Apps.

So, if you have no issues with working within those pre-set parameters or limits, then Ant-Design Styling React Components Library is perfect for you. You can use this library to create React Mobile Apps that provide a native feel for your target audience or users.

Ant-Design has more than 6k downloads of the version on this site: which may or may not be out of date. You should always check to confirm its validity before using it.


If you love the mixing and matching styles that come with creating perfect hybrid React Mobile Apps, then Grommet, part of the Best React Component Library for 2020, is ideal for you. Grommet is a React-based framework that offers accessibility, responsiveness, modularity and themes in a clean-cut package. It focuses on making the design as simple as possible while providing a plethora of accessibility features, including screen reader tags, keyboard navigation, and so on.

Grommet is perfect for those who are not design enthusiasts as well. So, you can utilize the complete icon set and design kit – available in different flavors such as Adobe XD, Sketch for macOS, etc. – it comes with. Grommet’s theming tools enable users to tailor the component library in connection with typography, color, and layout.

Grommet is a React Component Library Company favorite as it helps users build accessible and highly responsive mobile-first projects for the web, thanks to an easy-to-use component library. And one of the best things about Grommet is that users can quickly integrate it with existing projects or when starting with a new one. Boeing, Netflix, etc. are just some of the big names that use Grommet.

And for small-screen smartphones or for wider screen displays (implying that the component library supports all devices), Grommet is the components library to turn to as it helps you to design layouts quickly. Developers love it because it has design patterns, sticker sheets, lots of icons, and app templates. Grommet is currently being downloaded more than 16k times every week.


The original Bootstrap component library was an incredibly powerful tool that was an intoxicating mix of JS files and CSS, which made it astonishingly easier to build or add pre-programmed and pre-styled UI components. This open-source, free CSS framework is aimed for highly responsive, mobile-first front-end web development. It comes with CSS and JavaScript-based design templates for navigation, buttons, forms typography, and other interface components. However, the only thing that is better than this original Bootstrap is none other than React Bootstrap.

React Component Library For 2020

The React Bootstrap Component Library does an excellent job of bridging the gap between the old version and the new by coupling the power of React to the Bootstrap Library, which is an already powerful library. This is why it has qualified to be listed in this article as part of the Best React Component Library for 2020.

What React Bootstrap does is to replace the JavaScript within the regular Bootstrap components with React code. Every React Bootstrap component has been built from the ground up, i.e. from scratch, thereby making them true React components. They are also highly independent of unnecessary dependencies such as jQuery, and so on. This components library is highly intuitive to use due to the number of available bootstrap themes. It is possibly the fastest approach to getting started with building interfaces using Bootstrap and React.

React Bootstrap is one of the oldest React libraries out there and has grown and evolved over the last few years. It is an excellent choice for UI foundations – thanks to its starter kits, themes, and resources all available for use – and considered the most popular front-end components library in the world.

React Bootstrap may have embraced the Bootstrap core as it strives for React compatibility, but it is built with compatibility in mind. React Bootstrap depends heavily on the Bootstrap stylesheet, thereby enabling it to work with different Bootstrap themes.

React Bootstrap is accessible by default and gives users control over the function and form of each component.

And finally, although you may be able to do anything you could when using the original Bootstrap, you will have no choice than to follow the React components pattern. React Bootstrap is being downloaded from more than 470k times per week. That is how formidable it has evolved or grown over the years!


Material UI React Component Library is exclusively based on Google Material Design philosophy. The Material Design language was developed by Google in 2014 and uses responsive transitions and animations, grid-based layouts, depth effects such as lighting and shadows, and padding. What happened here can be likened to what occurred when the developers from Ant-Design created their unique design language on which the React components are based and implemented.

The latest Android apps tend to follow the unusually clean and simple lines of the Material Theme, which also focuses on cards, etc. Users can customize this design language in order to make it more to their liking, thanks to the detailed and thorough documentation it comes with which makes this possible. This is because it is essential for you to fully understand how to use this components library as the more features it packs, the more challenges you may encounter.

React Component Library For 2020

Therefore, having a well thought out and extensive documentation is crucial. If you are facing any challenge with design, you can easily pick from any of the excellent, free themes and then work based on the projects.

Material UI consists of several configurable and accessible UI widgets. The components themselves are self-supporting and will only inject the particular styles they need to display. This could lead to performance enhancements in your React Mobile Apps.

Material UI has a strong community and an active set of maintainers behind it, making it one of the world’s most popular components libraries out there and worthy of being added to this list of the Best React Component Library for 2020.

This components library is also well-loved because it provides user-friendly, simple, and light design and layout that makes building beautiful React Mobile Apps a breeze. And when you use, it is akin to borrowing from the wealth of knowledge from Google’s design team.

So, if you are looking to build a consistent but beautiful, and light interface quickly without sacrificing performance and accessibility, material design will help you to achieve that easily.


The Best React Component Library for 2020 is genuinely massive because of the myriads you can choose from. This is what the Best React Component Library Company uses to create React Mobile Apps for those looking to build functional applications that have all the necessary features required at a pocket-friendly price. Any organization that loves the idea of having a React Library in Mobile App can get in touch with this company for their React Mobile Apps.

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