Which PHP Framework Is Better: Laravel or CodeIgniter?

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Developers may select between CodeIgniter and Laravel based on project needs, framework expertise, use cases, and so on. A full comparison of these two prominent PHP frameworks may assist developers in making the best decision. In this article, we will be asking and answering the following questions;

  • Is Laravel suitable for large projects? 
  • What are the benefits of CodeIgniter? 
  • Laravel or CodeIgniter, which is easier to learn? 
  • Is Laravel a front-end or a back-end framework? 
  • Which PHP framework is the fastest? 
  • This blog will assist you in answering these questions.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that enables the development of strong apps with little code. The Laravel framework, based on the model-view-controller architecture, has an integrated packaging system and a dedicated dependency management.

Applications created using the Laravel framework are extremely scalable and have simple codebases. Among the features of Laravel are a vast library with reusable components, web development tools, command line interfaces, and object-relational mapping.

8 Advantages of the Laravel Framework

You may be wondering why your next website should be developed in Laravel and what benefits it has over other frameworks. To get you started, here are eight reasons why we choose Laravel for your next project:

It’s fast and easy.

As the most popular PHP framework, Laravel is already well-known among web developers, not to mention the variety of built-in templates that make development simpler and easier for developers. This implies that a skilled Laravel developer might create a 5 or 6 page website in a day or two. A short development period equals reduced expenses and faster outcomes for the company.

Security is essential.

Most organizations see security as their top priority. Most websites may easily set up additional security measures in Laravel to improve security and protect them from hackers and cybercriminals. To go technical, Laravel employs a Bcrypt hashing method, which implies that it never stores passwords in the database. In comparison to other PHP frameworks, Laravel includes excellent user authentication and limited access capabilities that are simple to implement. This protects both you and your customers’ data.

improved website performance

Unlike many other frameworks, Laravel enables caching for your website right out of the box, which is helpful for increasing site performance. In addition, laravel offers various speed optimization strategies, such as memory utilization reduction and database indexing, which are very simple to use to further improve your website’s performance. This makes Laravel an ideal option for your company if site performance and SEO friendliness are important to you.

Excellent for dealing with traffic

The number of visitors to your website will increase as your company expands. A Laravel-built website can handle website queries significantly faster than most other frameworks. In addition, laravel has a distinct message queue architecture, allowing you to postpone some website duties, like email sending, until a later date. Controlling time-consuming operations allows your website to complete tasks more quickly. This not only maintains your website’s server healthy, but it might also cut your long-term hosting expenses.

Extremely adaptable

Laravel offers the ability to create a full-fledged eCommerce site as well as a basic and professional B2B site. Thanks to its large pre-installed authorization libraries, it can design and support many complex features for your site, such as password reset and encryption. There are also a plethora of third-party packages available to provide your website with a variety of features and functionality, such as Socialite, which allows visitors to sign in using their social network credentials if you choose to include that option.

Third-party integrations are simple.

Almost every website requires integration with some form of third-party program. This might be a payment system like Stripe or Paypal, or a marketing tool used by your organization. Whatever the connection, Laravel’s straightforward APIs for integration make connecting third-party programs simple. So, whether your website requires a payment system or an automated marketing tool, Laravel is a good choice.

Simple Website Upkeep

Websites designed using Laravel are often simple to maintain over time. So, if you want to add some new functionality to your site (which is already created in Laravel), a new developer may take up where your previous developers have left off. Maintaining a Laravel site over time is simple because of features like clean code, MVC design (which separates functionality and presentation), and OOP concepts.

The price of a Laravel website

In comparison to other frameworks, Laravel is an open-source framework. This means you may use it for free in any project you choose. There is also the expense of hiring a professional Laravel developer to construct your site (especially if you need to learn more about coding). Development expenses are further decreased since the time required to construct and manage a Laravel project is shorter than that of other competing frameworks, making a Laravel project more cost efficient in the long term.


In conclusion, Laravel is an excellent solution for both developers and businesses globally. If you want to upgrade your website or construct a new one, contact our experts to choose the ideal framework for your needs.

What is CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is an open-source PHP framework that assists in the creation of dynamic, fully functioning web pages. CodeIgniter has a plethora of libraries for doing common and repetitive operations. The CodeIgniter framework employs a straightforward interface and logical structure to access library collections.

CodeIgniter applications feature great database and session management. In addition, CodeIgniter features are customizable URL routing, complete page caching, error logging, and form and data validation.

According to statistics, 119,000 websites presently use CodeIgniter, whereas 6,45,000 use Laravel. Popular CodeIgniter websites include Buffer, The Mail & Guardian, Nissan, and Creditflux. Popular Laravel-built websites, on the other hand, include Watchseries, Laracast, Alphacoders, and Barchart, among others.

What are the benefits of Codelgniter?

This section will discuss the multiple advantages of using CodeIgniter for a better web development experience.

1. Bug and error handling

If you want to create faultless websites that provide great functionality and design, you should look into CodeIgniter. A simple user interface is offered to assist in locating any issues or defects that impede the smooth operation of the website and, as a result, harm the user experience.

The faults in the code are revealed accurately and without difficulty. Most developers choose CodeIgniter if they are required to create a bug-free website without sacrificing overall quality. All you need to do is get assistance from a professional who specializes in providing the best web development services.

2. Adaptability

As a developer, you can always change the website to meet their needs, which also saves them time. According to the experts, CodeIgniter is the sole framework that gives simplicity of customization when compared to the various solutions on the market.

The key reasons for relying on CodeIgniter are instant mistake correction and easier file configuration, particularly when looking for potential custom website development services. It would be ideal if you consulted a famous specialist who can assist you in getting things done to align the demands of the organization.

3. Safety

CodeIgniter is an excellent solution for anybody looking for the most secure web development platform! The platform has upgraded security measures that demonstrate the platform’s overall dependability. Because of the many encryption and decryption mechanisms, this platform is much more dependable than any other platform on the market.

Many web developers prefer using CodeIgniter to construct e-commerce websites with payment gateways, which need proper security standards in a website. Deploying a payment gateway on your website is not easy and finally needs significant work, which CodeIgniter does not require. You may have the best experience installing plugins and personalizing your website in a variety of ways.

4. Simple User Interface

The best interface provided by CodeIgniter makes it easy to create a wonderful website. You can always count on CodeIgniter if you are looking for a website with dynamic functionality or a platform that can give you the greatest responsive website experience. You need to focus on selecting the best CodeIgniter web development firm to meet your various business demands.

It would be incorrect to suggest that CodeIgniter provides the flexibility and improved UI that makes it the best solution for all web developers worldwide.

5. No-hassle Migration

When it comes to database changes and migration, CodeIgniter allows users to move from one server to another. Several businesses depend on CodeIgniter just because it offers appropriate migration assistance services.

No matter where your previous data was stored, you can easily migrate it to our platform. If there are any problems, one may obtain adequate help from the large community, which is the finest thing that you can get from a web development platform. Professionals are always accessible to provide you with the best solution to your technical problems.

6. MVC-Based System

The main reason to rely on CodeIgniter is because it is built on MVC (Model View Controller), which increases the platform’s overall dependability. In addition, MVC supports Test-Driven Development, which means the developer can accurately design and test modules based on the requirements.

Apart from that, MVC simplifies development and allows for simple connection with JavaScript frameworks. MVC is also used to enhance the design of CodeIgniter.

7. Rapid Development

Most firms use CodeIgniter for web development because it provides speedy development services that no other framework can match. As a result, if someone expects speedy development services without any headache, it is critical to depend on this strong framework.

Development with CodeIgniter takes less code than development in other platforms, which is a huge advantage for those who want greater functionality on their website with minimum coding. For further information on this, one should contact a reputable CodeIgniter programming business.

8. Improved Search Engine Optimization

Another compelling argument to choose CodeIgniter for business website creation is the possibility to improve the website’s rating. When it comes to increasing traffic, digital marketing specialists favor the CodeIgniter platform for development.

Aside from that, the platform provides a plethora of capabilities that, when combined, aid in the general optimization of the website without altering the layout or other critical parts.

9. Support from the Community

When it comes to CodeIgniter community help, one may be certain that they will get hassle-free answers to their problems. A large number of competent individuals are accessible to provide you with best-in-class help, particularly if you are experiencing problems with sophisticated development services.

One may also get source codes that can be reused with few alterations, which proves to be highly useful for increased development with no work. When they anticipate improved design and functionality, most users prefer reusing scripts with just modest changes.

10. Test Driven Development (TDD)

CodeIgniter is the only platform that supports test-driven development, allowing developers to employ a step-by-step testing technique while creating a website. The website’s speed or operation may be easily assessed.

Every phase of development may be examined using a step-by-step method, and comprehensive testing of each phase can be expected.

Laravel vs Dodelgniter

1. Unit Testing in Laravel vs. CodeIgniter

PHPUnit is a built-in unit testing capability in Laravel. PHPUnit enables developers to test application code extensively.

There is no built-in unit testing capability in CodeIgniter. As a result, CodeIgniter framework developers must employ third-party unit testing tools to ensure code quality and application functionality.

2. Learning Curve of Laravel vs. CodeIgniter

Because the CodeIgniter framework has a short learning curve, it is easy for developers to learn and practice with it.

The Laravel framework has a high learning curve; therefore developers should devote some time to studying and practicing with Laravel.

3. Authentication in Laravel vs. CodeIgniter

Developers in CodeIgniter must create custom CodeIgniter extensions for user authentication and permission. Laravel, on the other hand, provides the authentication class functionality for performing authentication and authorisation for online applications.

4. HTTP routes in Laravel vs. CodeIgniter

Developers may construct custom HTTP routes by utilizing the Laravel framework. Developers may also provide a unique URL for each HTTP route. To create HTTP routes, CodeIgniter uses the response and request mechanism. Developers must create paths to permit data transfer.

5. Laravel vs. CodeIgniter: DBMS compatibility

Among the databases supported by the Laravel framework are Oracle, IBM, DB2, PostgreSQL OrientDB, JDBC, and MYSQL. CodeIgniter also supports the aforementioned database management systems, with the exception of IBM and JDBC. The CodeIgniter framework also supports Microsoft BI and MongoDB.

6. Modularity aspects of Laravel versus CodeIgniter

Laravel has modules that enable developers to break down large projects into smaller modules. Developers may work on them individually this way. Unlike Laravel, the CodeIgniter framework lacks built-in modules. To construct and manage distinct modules, developers must utilize extensions.


Laravel was released five years after the CodeIgniter framework. Laravel is a sophisticated PHP framework that allows for easy upgrades and integration. Laravel has the advantage over CodeIgniter in the Laravel versus CodeIgniter match because of the sleek and sophisticated features it offers.

However, developers must choose their PHP framework based on the needs of the project. Furthermore, in order to make an educated selection, users must thoroughly analyze the benefits and downsides of each PHP framework. Contact Prometteur Solutions so we can help you make the best decisions based on the type of project and goals intended to achieve.


What is CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is an open-source PHP framework that assists in creating dynamic, fully functioning web pages.

What are the benefits of Laravel?

  • Documentation is essential.
  • Connection to postal services
  • fewer monotonous duties
  • The product development cycle is short.
  • Outstanding maneuverability
  • Painless database migration
  • Integration of a cache
  • High degree of protection
  • Rapid debugging
  • Test automation

What are the benefits of CodeIgniter?

  • Configuration in an instant
  • Platform security
  • An easy-to-use interface
  • Services for migration assistance
  • Community Assistance
  • Development via testing
  • Error-handling
  • Customization of a website
  • Lightweight framework
  • Other significant distinctions between Laravel and CodeIgniter

Is Laravel suitable for large projects?

Laravel is a versatile PHP framework that provides a wide variety of functionality to help you effectively build large projects.

Is Laravel a front-end or a back-end framework?

Laravel is a PHP framework for building modern websites and apps.

Is it simple to learn CodeIgniter?

Yes, CodeIgniter is simple for developers to learn.

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