WordPress Website Development Companies In India

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Have you been searching for WordPress website development companies for your project? Would you like to have the best handle on your project?

WordPress is a program or software created in 2003 by Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg. It has various applications, but its major use is to act like a CMS or content management system. That means it a website creation platform. 

WordPress is a self-hosted open source content manager. Which means any company or person, in particular, does not own it. 

WordPress website uses this software as its content manager.  These websites can be accessed from two ends, including the frontend and the backend. 

The front end describes the part of the website that visitors to the site will see and access, while the backend is majorly the part that the owner of the website can edit content at will.

It is sometimes referred to as the creator end. WordPress website is majorly known for its usefulness in creating; blogs, forums, e-learning websites, portfolio websites, and membership websites. 

Understanding CMS 

CMS or content management system is a computer system used to modify and create digital content. They are systems used for storing, revision control, reporting, search and retrieval of data, format management, and data publishing. 

WordPress website

This system helps users to manage information effectively. Moreover, there are three types of CMS, including the open-source type, proprietary CMS, and software as a service CMS. 

Open-source CMS is CMS software with no license or upgrade fee. They include; a single company that manages WordPress, Prestashop, Drupal, etc. proprietary CMS. 

These include the likes of Shopify, Kentico, Pulse, etc. SaaS CMS comprises virtual solutions hosted in clouds. Also, they are referred to as cloud content managers, with the characteristic function of web hosting, technical support, etc.

Furthermore, the advantages of using the WordPress website development option are numerous. The first being is its simplicity. It provides a fast and straightforward way to create websites without learning and coding or any advanced programming language. 

You will find the software very easy to use. Even a beginner will be able to use it effectively. WordPress software is also free to download, as it is open-source software, which is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Another primary reason that attracts people to use this software is its flexibility. Hence, it can be used to create different types of websites and blogs. It can also be used to create online magazines and news outlets. 

The software is also known to be very secure and reliable. WordPress powers over 50 million websites, based on the usage statistics of content management system w3Tech, 2020, and can convert websites into IOS apps.

Different people and companies host many WordPress websites, and they all provide unique services. Word press also permits you to create your website with little stress.

You have the option of using WordPress hosting or a third-party host for your websites. Going with WordPress hosting keeps everything on the WordPress platform.

Features of a WordPress website

WordPress is a viral website used by different people to create dozens of blogs and websites.  It has been known to be used by famous companies like; Disney, Spotify, NBC, CBS, etc., to power their website. WordPress has a lot of features that add to its effectiveness.

SEO which means search engine optimization makes it easier for your content to be accessed from search engines. It also has a media library where multimedia data such as videos and pictures can be added to your websites or blog. 

WordPress website

Plugins; Plugin is a package that you can use to put additional functions, integrations, and new features to your website. Many plugins can be gotten free, and they can improve your user experience. There are a couple of plugins that can be used to build an IOS app.

The WordPress dashboard; this feature enables you to control and monitor your WordPress website quickly. The admin bar also grants you this type of access as well. It also possesses templates that can change the frontend of your side. 

This website has a very easy-to-use interface. Their settings are not difficult to understand and are easily accessible. WordPress also has fascinating themes which are mobile-friendly. Downloading the WordPress software is free, but if you use it to create a website or blog, you will have to purchase your domain name and your web hosting right. If you are not interested in getting your hosting right, you can use another hosted version of the program.

Some other features include; language and user support, Install and upgrade wizard, integrated file manager, etc.

WordPress Themes

WordPress themes are also a vital part of the software. They contain all the display functions of the WordPress website. Functions like page layout, font size, and color, etc. WordPress has a wide variety of themes for you to choose from in creating your website. These WordPress themes are customizable and can be arranged to your suit your pleasure. All aimed at satisfying you. They also work on the software to increase its speed 

WordPress can come with a feature that allows you to add more than one user access to your website. You can also determine the level of access each user has on your WordPress website.

There is a difference between WordPress and a post. The significant difference is that one is static (WordPress page) while the other (WordPress post) is time-sensitive. Word press posts are not meant to remain accessible for an extended period, unlike pages.   

Some features can convert your WordPress website into IOS apps. If you wish to take your website further and make it into an app, there are plugins to employ to help achieve that goal. Creating apps from scratch can be a very time-consuming and expensive venture, but WordPress simplifies that process. 

WordPress Plugins are faster and easier ways to create apps from a website. There are a couple of plugins that can aid this process, and they include; WPmobile. app, Mobiloud, Androapp, etc.

Advantages of using WordPress 

WordPress has gained wide usage among users and has become popular for the following reasons:

  1. This software optimizes your content for easy search from search engines 
  2. it reduces the cost you will spend on maintaining a website 
  3. WordPress saves you from the stress of developing a web site from scratch
  4. it creates an avenue to store your contents for future use 
  5. customizing  your website to meet your personal or business needs  becomes easier 
  6. it removed the need for web designers and web developers for simple content change 
  7. WordPress website makes it possible for you to integrate your website with other applications thereby, improving content management.

WordPress Companies In India

WordPress can be used by anyone from individuals with basic computer knowledge to web developers. In India, there are a couple of WordPress website development companies.

WordPress website

These companies also major in web design, app development, etc. some of these app developer company or companies include:

1. Multidot

This Company has a large team of web developers who will work to make you are your WordPress website suits your needs. They have been known to handle time-critical projects. They also have access to a wide range of resources. Multidot has expertise in WordPress development, WordPress migration, media, and publishing, etc. 

Multidot is also a VIP WordPress website development partner. Hence they can handle your critical mission projects effectively. They are also skilled at CMS platforms to WordPress. Examples of such platforms include; Squarespace, Django, and Wix. 

They also have contact points in the US. Multidot as a company has been in existence for over eleven years. These years of experience will enable them to give you the best of services if hired. They have worked with companies like; Careerhub, Sneakersnews, Premier tipster, etc. 

2. Uplers

This Company is an award-winning company that was founded in 2012. Uplers is notable mainly for its frontend development and has a qualified team who seek to improve these services. They have worked with notable firms like; Facebook, Disney, Amazon, etc. they are specialists in programs like HTML, CSS, and WordPress.

Uplers are also experts at UI/UX design, search engine optimization, and marketing, HubSpot development, WordPress website development, etc. They are also one of the largest, globally recognized outsourcing agencies in the industry. They also have offices in other nations like; The US, Australia, Netherlands, etc. 

3. Prometteur Solutions

This is one of the leading companies in WordPress website development. It is a privately owned company with no affiliation with other companies. They are very effective and will handle your project with serious professionalism. 

4. CCSChopper

CSSChopper is specialized in web development, custom software development, e-commerce development, CMS integration, etc. they offer interactive websites with SEO codes. They have more than 10 years of experience in this field and have worked with companies like; Intel, HP, CISCO, Coca-cola, etc. They have worked on up to 9000 projects and offer a guarantee on their services.

5. Unitech info

Unitech info is a technology company based in New York but has offices in India. They are known for improving on projects. They have worked with notable clients like NBC Universal, Bit market, 1day track, etc. 

Unitech also handles little projects as well. Digital consulting, custom software, mobile app solutions, and UX/UI Design are their specialty. They also conduct market research and analysis. This makes it possible for them to attend to your personal or business needs. 

6. Pixlogix

This Company mainly handles small projects. They are experts in frontend design, web development, AutoCAD. Pixlogix has worked with some e-commerce industry and educational blogs. They have also worked with some entertainment industries and provide innovative IT services. Their prices are very affordable and they have been known to be good partners 

7. Capital Numbers

Capital Numbers is an award-winning company that also deals with WordPress website development. They have over 300 employees. They provide services to small businesses and enterprises and also mid-market businesses. Their services are offered to different organizations such as marketing advertising and finical institution.

8. Yarddiant

Yarddiant majorly specializes in WordPress development. They create a website with a high SEO ranking. Yarddiant manages word press development services by converting PSD to high-quality WordPress website themes. Also, they are experts at redesigning word press themes. 

Their services also include maintenance and security for your website or blogs. The Company focuses on web development based on market trends and also combines creative ideas.

9. Web Logos Hub

Web Logos Hub is a digital marketing company specializing in using WordPress software in social media marketing, SEO, and e-commerce solutions. They also design logos for different companies and upgrade the UX/UI of the site to improve user retention. Former clients include; CRY USA, CRY INDIA, and NG NUTRA, etc.

10. Evince Development

This Company specializes in mobile and e-commerce development. Hence, they can convert your websites into IOS apps and provide cloud services. Evince development is known to have reasonable admin control and is also cost-effective. They offer you more control over your website 

Now that you are better informed about the WordPress website development companies out there you can have your WordPress site developed and start giving your customers a beautiful interface and amazing experience.

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