22 Lucrative Website ideas for Your Business Sales

22 Lucrative Website ideas for Your Business Sales

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22 Lucrative Website ideas for Your Side Business  Let’s take a look at each concept individually

An online store 

You can create an online store using a website builder like Elementor and WooCommerce which let you realize your eCommerce website dreams. 

In the last two years, eCommerce has exploded. According to Adobe, the worldwide market will be worth $4.2 trillion by the end of 2021. 

Set up your eCommerce shop using WordPress and WooCommerce to take advantage of this opportunity. You may either expand your existing physical company or create a side hustle. 

While you may think of eCommerce businesses as places where consumers can buy things, that isn’t the only case. You may concentrate on B2B, join the subscription box craze, or pursue white label manufacturing. Your creativity is the only limit to eCommerce. 

For a passive income, you may sell tangible objects you like crafting or digital products like ebooks and printables. While the expenses of starting a business vary depending on the speciality, most businesses need a website and a payment system such as WooCommerce. 


Dropshipping is one of the best website ideas that serve as a good source of income for online business owners. Because of its inexpensive initial costs and simplicity of access, dropshipping has become quite popular. It’s one of the top five internet business strategies for shops making more than $30,000 per year as of 2019. 

You don’t have to store inventory if you offer tangible things. After receiving money from consumers, place orders for merchandise. To save money on shipping, it’s better to start with modest, light things. Popular beauty goods include jade rollers, vitamin C serum, and acne patches. Yoga mats and athleisure clothing have also performed well. 

To operate a dropshipping website, all you need is a sales plugin like WooCommerce and a dropshipping provider. Check to see whether your products have been authorized for sale. Some supplements and medical supplies are not accepted by payment providers. 

Create a personal blog 

The Magazine blog template package from Elementor website builder lets you create entries that are both responsive and aesthetically attractive. 

While the amount of money you may make from a blog is dependent on the topic and affiliate networks you use, blogs are still popular for a reason. If you have the enthusiasm or skill, you can create a blog on anything. 

Some bloggers share personal experiences or tales from their life on their blogs. Some bloggers combine their professional job with their personal brands to gain a following. You may also blog about a pastime or interest you share with others if you don’t want to write about your personal life. 

You may get to the first pages of search engines using search engine optimization (SEO) and subjects that people are interested in. You may then make money by participating in ad systems like Google Adsense or via affiliate marketing. 

If your blog grows in popularity, you may turn it into a membership site with courses and ebooks. In other words, a personal blog allows you to expand and personalise your content.  

Website for Consultation 

Use a consulting website to promote your services.  A consultation website is appealing if you prefer to provide recommendations relevant to your job or experiences in your favourite activity. 

Include a CV and emphasize your expertise so that people may come to know and trust you. Use a testimonial carousel and case studies to demonstrate social evidence. You have the option of consulting in person or online. You might also sell premium content like self-help courses or ebooks. 

Food/Recipe Website 

After the epidemic, did you start cooking more? More than half of those polled indicated they’ve been eating more at home since the outbreak started, and many said they’ll keep doing so. 

A food blog where you can share your new favourites and family favourites is a terrific way to interact with people all around the world. Alternatively, you might capitalize on the current trend of better eating and greater spice use by building a culinary website around these areas. 

You may make money by joining affiliate networks for specialized diets or dropshipping culinary items. It’s also possible to complement your income with an electronic cookbook. 

The portfolio widget in Elementor Website Builder

If you’re a photographer, you’ll need a portfolio website to expand your business. It allows you to show off your work and network with future customers. 

To show off your creative abilities, utilize Elementor’s portfolio widget. Include your contact information to attract local clients, as well as connections to your social media accounts to garner global followers. 

Website for Online Courses/Workshops 

You may offer courses as a side hustle if you have teaching experience or competence in a popular skill. Pre-recorded videos might help you earn money in the long run. You may also provide one-on-one instruction. 

An about page, an overview for each course provided, a pricing table, and information about the subscription service you provide are all required for a course website. This is one of the best website ideas out there.

Depending on the course you want to teach, you may additionally need specialized equipment. For a better teaching experience, you’ll need a good video camera and microphone. Consider if you’ll need additional assistance with filming or demonstrations. 

Dating Website 

People are constantly on the lookout for new methods to connect, and a dating website may help them do so. Users on dating platforms are increasingly seeking for someone who shares their interests and ambitions. 

Making a dating website isn’t as difficult as you would assume. You may simply construct a service that people will pay to join using categories Elementor and a plugin like BuddyPress. 

Affiliate Website

Affiliate marketing has previously been suggested. But it doesn’t have to be a minor aspect of your website; it may be the main attraction. Many profitable affiliate marketing websites offer items to a certain niche and profit from the sales. 

A main page and postings regarding affiliate items and prospective clients’ pain areas are required for affiliate websites. If you’ve joined an affiliate network for a clothing company, for example, talk about your favourite clothes that are now on sale. 


With Elementor builder, you can create a website for your podcast. 

Podcast ad revenue is expected to exceed $1 billion in 2021, according to PwC. Podcasts cover a wide range of topics and reach millions of people. 

You may also build a podcast website to share your knowledge on a certain subject. Finance, real crime, education, and fiction are all popular categories. 

To get started, you’ll need a microphone, a computer, speakers, and editing software, like Audacity, which is sometimes free. Upload your show to a host like Podbean and distribute it to major applications like Spotify and Apple Podcasts after you’ve recorded and edited it. 

For the last year, the employment market has been unpredictable and shows little indication of returning to normalcy. Do you have a lot of experience looking for work? Or are you a company owner who knows what to look for in a candidate? You could be a good match for a job-searching website. 

Rather than competing with major platforms, concentrate on smaller sectors and organizations. There are several websites specialized to assist certain job searchers. If you have contacts in the business, make use of them to post hard-to-find positions. 

To make navigation simpler, divide your job page into various categories. Also, go through the legal criteria to prevent being held liable for applicants who are acting in bad faith. 

Website Review 

Do you like shopping? With reviews of your favourite goods, you may assist other customers. 

Before making a purchase, over 90% of customers read a review. As a result, this is a popular speciality. To seem knowledgeable, stick to one or two comparable areas, such as skincare and make-up or electronics and gaming. Each review should include many images of the item in issue as well as candid comments that are beneficial to the purchasers. 

To stand out and boost traffic, consider using videos in your reviews in addition to images. Consumers want to see more videos from companies, according to 54%. Vlogging gives you a personal touch and helps you connect with your audience. 

This is a fantastic way to make money via affiliate marketing and ad revenue. You could even get some of your favourite things for free to review. 

Travel Website 

Whether you like travelling the world or are an expert in one location, travel is one of the best website ideas for generating income. In 2022, travel blogs are expected to make a return. Trips scheduled in January 2022 are twice as long as those booked throughout the remainder of 2021, according to Val Anthony of Tripadvisor. 

While travel blogs need a time and energy commitment, you might give them a try if you have any upcoming trip plans. This is a fantastic approach to at least attempt to pay part of your trip costs. 

You may write about new eateries that have opened or local attractions you’ve visited, or you can share your group’s experiences. Include a lot of photographs and movies to make the experience more immersive. Also, broaden your audience by using social media. 

You may also stand out by providing up-to-date information that takes into account the most recent post-pandemic rules. You may advise visitors on the best methods to comply with the new regulations. 

Coupon Website 

Assisting people in saving money might be a lucrative side hustle. Coupon websites are popular because they are inexpensive to establish and provide a lot of flexibility. You just choose the industry you wish to work in and begin exploring for opportunities. 

Some individuals engage directly with firms to negotiate bargains, while others use coupon networks like Sivan Social to give offers more quickly. For the purchase, you and the customer are compensated, and the concerned firm receives adverts from your website. 

Portfolio of Design 

Designing may be your thing if you like an internet side business. In this area, a decent portfolio is just as crucial as a CV, whether you’re into web design, graphics, or UX. 

You may create an art-focused website that displays your portfolio, sells your work and accepts visitor commissions. Your website design ideas might range from gaming to fashion, as long as you emphasize your business and make it simple for customers to contact you. 

The website of many designers serves as an extension of their brand. You may include hand-drawn writing into the menus or headings if you want to. If you have a good sense of colour, make sure your website reflects that. 

Website for breaking news 

Do you like staying up to date on current events and local news? Starting a news website is a great way to get your name out there. You may start with only a home page, contact information, and a report submission form. A simple website can allow users to write – showcase news

Make up interesting issues that will appeal to a larger audience. Also, establish yourself as a trustworthy news source in order to get frequent user-submitted material. You may make money by selling ads or by creating premium, subscription-based content. 

How-Tos or Tutorials 

Websites that provide tutorials assist novices in learning new abilities. If you are skilled in a certain area, you may offer your knowledge via how-tos on your website. 

This kind of website needs high-resolution photographs that depict each stage of the procedure. Supplementary videos may be required for a more difficult assignment. As a result, a good camera and microphone will help you offer quality material. 

Event Website 

Every event, whether it’s a concert or a birthday celebration, is deserving of a website. 

While the event website may be used to assist with logistics such as RSVPs, it can also be used to earn money. Ticketleap, for example, can help you monetise your event by selling tickets. You can either seek sponsorship or sell event merchandise. 

It’s critical to be functional. A countdown timer or an attached map with instructions might help visitors get ready. Consider using a landing page for large events. 

A website dedicated to fitness 

To make money in this market, you may attempt anything from membership-only videos to tailored fitness regimens are given right to your customers’ inboxes. Have specific terms and conditions when creating a fitness website to prevent responsibility if someone is hurt while following your program. Make your rates clear and provide some example movies with your consumers to assist them understand what you’re selling. 

The weight reduction and wellness industries are also closely related and provide additional revenue opportunities. Step-by-step diet regimens or booklets might assist you in swiftly appearing in search results. 

Wedding Website 

A wedding website may help you stay prepared while also earning money. 

While a wedding website may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of money-making website ideas, it may create revenue while also assisting couples in their wedding plans. 

You may also create a website that focuses on wedding invitations, registry creation, dress purchasing, and bachelor and bachelorette parties. To earn money, they all have referral programs and affiliate programs. 

Service of Delivery 

As the year 2021 comes to a close, website delivery services are expanding. Since 2017, the number of people ordering meals online has almost doubled.  Set a geographic region and a specialization for yourself and go to work. You may extend it as you develop by just supplying new areas. While meal delivery is the most prevalent service, you may also attempt grocery shopping and conducting errands outside the house. 

On your website, create different areas for business and customers. And use images and extensive pieces to address their challenges and pain spots. 

Show the delivery costs, whether they’re a %, a flat fee, or a time-based quotation. To prevent any liability, terms of service should also be displayed. 

Dog Walking and Sitting 

Do you like spending time with animals? By keeping an eye on their dogs or other furry friends while they are away, you may help pet owners relax. 

Having your own website with testimonials, rates, and qualifications can help you stand out from the competition in your region. A picture carousel showing you caring for pets may be included. List various contact forms and use social media to spread the message. 

If you wish to build a profitable website for your hustle business, feel free to reach out to us and we will help you create the best solution.

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