Betting App White Label Costs: Analyzing the Key Factors and Considerations

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The sports betting industry has seen explosive growth in recent years as regulations open up in new markets globally. This has led to a surge of betting apps from major operators and startups looking to capitalize on the opportunities. Also, so many factors influence betting app white label costs, including development time, betting features, app designs, etc.

For new entrants planning a betting app launch, white-label solutions have become a viable shortcut by providing a ready platform to build on. But an important question remains – how much does a betting app white label cost?

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What Does This Betting App White Label Cost Blog Cover?

In this article, we analyze the key considerations that impact the cost of a betting app white-label solution when opting for a white label platform. Factors like features, design, customization, marketing, and more can significantly influence the final quoted pricing from providers.

By understanding these cost drivers, operators can optimize their budget and requirements when licensing a white-label betting app solution.

We will cover how development time, features, design and marketing choices affect overall costs. Other considerations like platform compatibility and legal overheads will also be discussed.

Taking stock of these factors empowers operators to make informed decisions and control expenses when planning a white label betting app product.

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Let’s get into the details.

Development Time Impacts on Betting App White Label Cost

The time taken to develop a tailored white label betting app is a major factor influencing cost. Commonly, more complex apps with extensive customization will naturally take longer to develop.

Here are key drivers of development time that in turn affect the pricing of betting app white label solutions:

  • Integration complexity

How many third-party services need integration? The answer to this question adds to development timelines and costs. Integrating payments, KYC, geo-blocking etc. raises complexity.

So, the more features and functionalities, the more the development time and the more the cost of the betting app white label solution.

  • Custom feature development

Unique features like fancy bets, gamification, custom pools and bonus programs increase development time over out-of-the-box functionality.

  • UX/UI customization depth

Heavily customized workflows, themes and branded designs take longer than lightly branded templated sites. When your betting app has deep UX/UI personalization, it will raise the costs.

  • Performance needs

If the product requires building in high scalability for heavy traffic and load, it adds development overhead. Also, white label apps with very high performance will lead to an increase in costs.

  • Timeline urgency

When a project comes as an emergency or requires rush-hour deliveries the cost goes up. In such cases, projects with compressed timelines often require overtime and additional resources. To reduce high betting app white label costs, avoid short timeframes.

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Development time is one of the most important factors that affect the cost of betting app white label solutions. In other words, betting apps requiring more custom development due to integrations, tailored features, branding needs, and performance requirements will have higher build costs and timelines. However, you can manage to minimize the cost by setting reasonable expectations.

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Betting Features and How They Affect Betting App White Label Cost

The depth and complexity of betting product features substantially impact the overall pricing of betting app white-label solutions. This includes the cost of launching and operating a betting app. More functionality and customization means higher licensing fees, development costs, and operational overheads.

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Number of sports/leagues/events offered

The number of sports, leagues, and betting markets directly influences betting app white label cost. Covering 15-20 sports with thousands of leagues will have much higher licensing fees to data providers compared to a niche app with one sport.

Bet types

Here are factors that affect the cost of betting app white label solutions.

Supporting numerous bet types like spreads, over/under, props, futures, and exotics dramatically increase development complexity versus basic win/loss betting only.

The provider must put in extensive work to enable and integrate advanced bet functionality.

Live/in-play betting

Offering live, in-play betting significantly raises betting app white label cost over just pre-match odds. In-play betting requires rapidly updating odds, quicker betting decisions, and additional server load capabilities.

This functionality adds development expenses and operational bandwidth needs.

Live streaming

Integrating live video streams for events adds licensing costs and infrastructure expenses. Video streaming requires high bandwidth, CDN distribution, and continuous monitoring.

Casino games

Adding online casino games and live dealer operations substantially increases the scope. The provider takes on the costs to build, integrate and run a full online casino suite alongside the sportsbook.


Supporting multiple languages increases translation expenses across the platform and operations like customer support. Localization requires translating all text content and adjusting for regional formats. This also pushes the betting app white label cost a bit further.

Payment options

More payment methods mean more integration work per provider. The development team must enable each payment option with APIs, configs, and testing.

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Bonuses & promotions

Complex bonus systems and customized promotions have higher build costs than basic sign-up offers. Detailed backend tracking and intricate rules raise development time.

Responsible gambling

Although this sounds simple, it is one of the factors that affect the cost of betting app white label solutions. Advanced responsible gambling features like loss limits, cool-off periods, and self-exclusion add provider costs over basic age and identity verification.


Highly customized UI/UX design and bespoke feature requests drive up costs significantly compared to an off-the-shelf turnkey platform.

Operators should thoughtfully balance required and optional capabilities to optimize expenses. Providers can suggest phasing in features over time to spread out upfront costs. Clear requirements are key for the provider to deliver a tailored solution at a reasonable price point.

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How Design Choices Affect Betting App White Label Cost

The overall visual design and user experience flows can substantially impact development costs and pricing of betting app white-label solutions. More visually customized and bespoke designs require greater effort and therefore higher expenses compared to templated experiences.

Branding customization depth

The depth of branding personalization makes a big betting app white label cost difference. Apps that heavily incorporate an operator’s colours, fonts, themes and logos throughout will have premiums over solutions with lighter branding touches.

Deep brand integration necessitates custom visual assets.

Visual asset creation

Original illustration, custom photography and infographics raise production costs over using stock visuals. Unique visual assets take greater creative effort to conceptualize and execute.

Animation and micro-interactions

Complex animations, transitions and micro-interaction effects increase design and development time compared to standard interactions. Each motion or state change requires thoughtful behaviour design and engineering work. To reduce the cost of the betting app white label solution, go for simple flows.

Device-specific optimization

Supporting multiple device form factors like mobile, tablet and desktop significantly raises cost of betting app white label solution design costs. The only way to reduce this cost is to go for a single web-only experience which may not fit into your goals or strategy.

Significant visual customization and bespoke user experience optimizations require greater investment in design resources. Simpler designs leveraging templates and libraries cost less. Operators should focus design scope on visual priorities and ideal workflows. Carefully balancing branding needs and experience quality contains costs.

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Marketing Choices Moving the Needle on Costs Include

One of the ways to answer the question, how much does it cost to develop a betting app white label solution? Is by looking at the marketing choices. When the app has been created, how will the marketing go and what are the strategies?

Using paid advertising channels involves significant ongoing ad spend to achieve user acquisition targets. Ramping up budgets on platforms like Facebook, Google, TikTok and more gets expensive fast as volumes scale. Things, like paid social, PPC, and native ads quickly, add up.


Bringing on affiliate marketing partners that drive users to the betting app in exchange for revenue share also incurs costs. The more affiliates signed up to broaden reach, the greater the overall betting app white label cost.

We encourage you to spend wisely while managing affiliates.


Offering free bets, boosted odds, bet credits, refunds and other promotional offers to incentivize and engage users comes at a cost as customers take advantage of them. Generous, frequent new user and retention promotions can get very expensive at scale when claimed by a large customer base.


Similarly, incentivizing referrals and building loyalty programs with credit rewards encourages engagement. However, it results in an accrued cost of the betting app white label solution over time. The more successful the referral plan, the higher the expenses from credited bets.

Referral programs are good investments though as long-term benefits typically outweigh costs.

Brand Marketing

Big brand awareness marketing campaigns across channels like TV, out-of-home, sponsorships and more have significant budgets but yield good results. Ensure to always weigh investment against performance marketing as this is crucial.

Overall, this is part of brand building and it usually attracts more customers. However, such adverts can be very high, to this end, brand marketing affects betting app white label costs.

Operators should model projected volumes and costs for each marketing channel and promotional tactic. Doing so avoids surprises once users start engaging offers. Marketing can be a significant betting app white-label cost factor to deal with.

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Other Factors That Affect the Cost of Betting App White Label Solution.

Beyond the major drivers like product features, design, and marketing, there are a few other considerations that influence the overall betting app white label cost. Let us take a quick look.

Platform Compatibility Impacts the Betting App White Label Cost

An app that supports multiple platforms like iOS, Android and the web adds complexity compared to single OS apps will require higher payments. More environments mean expanded testing efforts, platform-specific development, and multiple app store submissions. All of these add up in the answer to “How much does it cost to develop a betting app white label solution”?

Geolocation Services Impacts the Betting App White Label Cost

Accurately blocking excluded geographies requires integration with geo-location providers. This incurs costs for services and ongoing usage fees based on traffic volumes.

Multi-Country Launch Impacts the Betting App White Label Cost

Adapting the app for compliance across multiple regulated jurisdictions raises overheads. Localized legal/regulatory rigor, translations and marketing make for complex multi-market launches.

Higher Risk Features Impacts Betting App White Label Cost

In many regions, integrating certain features like online casinos or advanced deposit options increases licensing costs and compliance efforts. This is not an aspect to ignore as regulations aim to limit risk.

Faster Payment Options Impacts Betting App White Label Cost

Enabling instant payouts through e-wallets, crypto and other methods adds more provider integrations versus simpler batched payout processes. As you may already know, when there Is convenience, the betting app white label costs are higher.

Reporting and Analytics

Sophisticated analytics integrations and business intelligence tools improve insights. However, they add the development cost of the betting app white label solution, especially the APIs and dashboards.

Once target markets are defined, operators should identify which additional capabilities are essential at launch versus optional extras to be added later. Clarifying platform requirements early optimizes costs for white-label betting app setup.

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Advantages of White Label Betting Apps Integration

  • Get in the Game Faster:

one of the advantages of integrating white-label betting apps is quick time to market. This method eliminates taking too many times to launch your app because it makes a ready-made product available for launch in a record time. This means you can focus on working on other important areas of your business.


  • Save Big on Development Costs:

Aside from the quick time-to-market advantage, white label development helps to save cost in development. Remember, it is more expensive to build from scratch.  White label development also takes care of other investments, including upfront payments on licensing.


  • Brand It Your Way:

More goodies come with the white label betting app solution as it allows you to customise it to your taste. In other words, you may redesign it to your brand and showcase your business identity. This improves the feeling of your customers towards your brand and would even make them feel at home.


  • Scale Up as You Win:

Sports betting app platforms are gaining traction all over the world and it will not be good to launch an app with too many limitations. This is where the significance of white label betting solutions comes in. It has strong support for scalability, integrates with different technologies and can accommodate increasing users.


Additional Considerations Before White Label Betting Apps Integration

  • Play by the Sports Betting Rules:  Sports betting is an industry that has come a long way. Today, a lot of it is regulated with laws guiding its operation. Ensure to understand, state and federal laws and play by them. Also, ensure that you are licensed before launching and operating your app.


  • Fort Knox Security: Security and privacy are two very important parts of sports betting apps. You must therefore, prioritise them and go by the best practices will protect your customers’ data and financial transactions.  We will advise that you choose the ideal white label betting solution provider for the best security and conforming to industry standards.


  • Choose Your White Label Betting Solution Provider: White-label betting app solution providers come with different experiences and skills. Understand this and choose the one that can deliver your project. Ensure you go for a solution provider with a history of delivering similar projects as well as building long term relationship and partnership with relevant stakeholders.

Conclusion on Betting App White Label Cost

Estimating the true betting app white label cost requires analyzing a variety of interconnected factors. Elements like required features, design complexity, development timelines, customization needs and marketing goals significantly sway costs. Being aware of these cost drivers allows operators to budget realistically and optimize expenses.

While white labels accelerate speed to market, operators should still align partner expectations with long-term business plans.

Setting phased goals for platform enhancements balances short-term thriftiness and ambitious visions.

Incorporating the factors that affect the cost of betting app white-label solution considerations covered here allows for making informed decisions on tech investments.



Is white label betting software legal?

Yes, it is legal and a good business practice. White label sports betting software allows for the reselling of product, rebranding and releasing to customers.


What is white label sports betting?

A white label sportsbook solution offers fully packaged sportsbook functions that suits your branding, tools, data and feeds as well as payment solutions. It also offers some technical support and top risk management tools.


How do white label apps work?

White label apps are simply generic apps from a white label development company specially made for reselling and rebranding purposes by other businesses. In other words, sports white label app solutions can be purchased and rebranded with a different ownership.

White label betting software allows you to have your own sports book with minimal costs.


What is a white label sportsbook?

With a white label sportsbook, you can customize and rebrand the operations, while considering your target audience and market.

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